Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 312
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pleasant villages and mills of vari-
ous kinds are erected. Northum-
berland was incorporated in 1779.
First settled, 1767. Population,
1830, 352.

Near the river a small fort was
erected during the revolutionary-
war, and placed in the command of
Capt. Jeremiah Eames, afterwards
well known for his usefulness, wit
and pleasantry.

Northwood, N. H.

Rockingham co. There are a num-
ber of ponds in this town, and ex-
cellent fishing. Suncook pond,
750 rods long, 100 wide ; Jenness'
pond, 300 rods long, 150 wide ; Long
pond, about 300 rods long, 50 wide;
Harvey’s pond, 200 rods long, from
40 to 80 wide ;
a part of Great Bow
pond is also in this town, and a part
of North river pond ; Pleasant pond,
and Little Bow pond. The north
branch of Lamprey river has its
rise in this town near Saddleback
mountain, a high ridge between
this town and Deerfield. On the E.
side of this ridge are found crystals
and crystalline spars of various col-
ors atid sizes. This town has an
elevated site,and commands a distant
and varied prospect. The waters
flowing from the farm of the late
Jonathan Clarke, Esq., one of the
first settlers, fall into three different
rivers, the-Suncook, Lamprey and
Isinglass. The soil of this town is
generally moist, and well suited to
grazing. Northwood was original-
ly a part of Nottingham, and was
settled in 1763. Northwood is 20
miles E. from Concord, 20 N. W.
from Exeter, and ajx)ut the same
distance W. from Dover. Popula-
tion, 1830, 1,342.

Nortli Yarmouth, 31c.

Cumberland co. Thisisapleasant
town on Casco bay, 10 miles N. from
Portland, and 42 S. E. from Augus-
ta. Population. 1837, 2,782. The
town was first settled in 1640. In
1687 it was attacked by th'e Indians,
and deserted by the whites; and
was not re-settled by them until
1725. It was incorporated in 1713.
About 4000 tons of navigation is
owned here, employed in the trans-
portation of lumber and the fishery.
There is a fine stream of water in
the town, on which are a paper and
saw mills, and other manufactories.
The academy in North Yarmouth
is well founded and is in a flourish-
ing condition.
See Register.

Norton, Mass.

Bristol co. Norton was taken
from Taunton in 1771. It lies 30
miles S. from Boston, 17 N. E. from
Providence, and 8 N-. W*. from
Taunton. Population, 1837, 1,530.
It is well watered by Rumford, Co-
casset and Canoe rivers, which
empty into the Taunton. The manu-
factures of the town consist of sheet
copper and copper bolts, cotton
goods, boots, shoes, leather, iron
castings, ploughs, shuttles, straw
bonnets and baskets:—total value,
the year ending April 1, 1837,

Winnicuonit pond, in this town,
was a great resort for the Indians,
some of whom resided in natural
caves, on its shores, and lived on lish
and clams.

Norwalk, Ct.

Fairfield co. This pleasant town
lies on Long Island Sound, 32miles
W. S. W. from New Haven, 22 S.
from Danbury, and 48 N. E. from
New York. Population, 1S30,

Norwalk originally included part
of the present towns of New Cana-
an and Wilton, and part of West-
port. In the ancient record, the
bounds arc stated to be “ from Nor-
walk river to Sauhatuck river, from
sea, Indian one day walk into tbe
country.” For this tract the fol-
lowing articles were given, viz; “ 8
fathom wampum, 6 coats, 10 hatch-
ets, 10 hoes, 10 knives, 10 scissors,
lOjewsharps, 10 fathom tobacco, 3


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