Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 343
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ister, and Thackers History of

Plymouth, Ct.

. Li chfield co. Plymouth lies 22
miles W. S. W. from Hartford, 31
N. by W. from New Haven, and
12 S'. E. from Litchfield. Taken
from Waterbury in 1795. Popula-
tion, 1830,-2,064. The surface of
the town is rough and hilly, with a
strong, gravelly soil, well adapted
for grazing. The Naugatuck affords
an ample water power, which is
improved for the -manufacture of
cotton goods, clocks, &.c.

The manufacture of small wood-
en clocks, it is believed, originated
with Mr. Terry; of this town, about
20 year
3 ago ; since that period, the
manufacture of wooden clocks has
been widely extended, and forms a
very important branch of the man-
ufactures in this part of the state.

Plymptan, Mass.

Plymouth co. This town is wa-
tered by a branch of Taunton river.
It lies 82 miles S. E. by S. from
Boston, and
8 W.,from Plymouth.*
Incorporated, 1707. Population,
1S37, S35. The manufactures of
the town consist of cotton and wool-
en goods, nails, shovels, spades,
hoes, forks, hoop rivets, shoes,.leath-
er, palm-leaf hats, chairs and cabi-
net ware; annual amount about
$100,000. The Indian name of
Plymplon was

A noble white oak was cut in this
town a few years ago. It contain-
ed seven tons and seven feet* of ship
timber, and two cords of firewood.

Poge^Cnpe, Mass.

This cape forms the northern ex-
tremity of Chappequiddic island, a
part of
Pukes county.

Poland, Me.

Cumberland co. Poland is situ-
ated on Little Androscoggin river,

6 miles above Lewiston falls. It is
44 miles'S. W. from Augusta, and
26 N. from Portland. Incorporated,

1795. Population, .1837, 2,251.—
Wheat crop, same year, 3,965 bush-
els. This is an excellent .farming
town with good mill privileges, sev-
eral ponds, and a pleasant village.

A family consisting of about 70
of that curious people denomina-
ted “ Shakers,” reside in Poland.
They possess* about 600- acres of
choice land. They are attached to
the society at New Gloucester,
about a mile distant. Their village
is on a beautiful eminence. To
say that .their village is neat and
handsome, and that their lands and
gardens are well improved, would
be superfluous. See
j\r, H.

Pomfret, Vt.

Windsor co. First settled, 1770.
Population, 1830, 1,867. Pomfret
lies 45 miles N. by E. from Mont-
pelier and 20 N. N. W. from Wind-
sor. Thetown is watered by White
and Queechy rivers. The surface
is hilly, but the soil is .generally
good, particularly for grazing :—it
pastures about 8000 sheep. Pom-
fret contains a mineral substance,
said to prove a good substitute for

,Pomfrct, Ct.

‘ Windham co. Pomfret was first
settled in 16S6. Incorporated,1713.
Its Indian name was
The surface of the town is pleasantly
diversified by hillsandvalleys: from
some of the elevations, delightful
views are obtained. The soil is
deep, strong and fertile) and, al-
though somewhat stony, is very
productive, and exceedingly well
adapted for grazing. A considera-
ble amount of the productions of the
dairy are sent to market. The
Quinnebaug and several of its
branches water the town, and flour-
ishing manufacturing establish-
ments of cotton and other materials
are springing up within its borders.
Pomfret ties 40 miles E. by N. from


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