Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 350
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Pownal lies 30 miles W. by S. from
Bratftehorough, and 8 S. from Ben-
nington. The surface is broken and
hilly, but the soil is strong and re-
markably well adapted for grass,
producing all the varieties of the dai-
ry in great abundance and of an ex-
cellent quality. The number of
sheep kept in this town is about

8,000.- Pownal is watered by Hoo-
sack and Walloomsac rivers, which
produce a good water power. The
village is very pleasant.

Powow River.

Powow river has its principal
source in Great and Country ponds
in Kingston, N. H., and passes over
the S. W. part of East Kingston in-
to South Hampton; thence into
Amesbury, Mass., where it turns
E. into South Hampton again, and
returns into Amesbury, falling into
the Merrimack between Salisbury
and Amesbury. There are several
falls in tbis river; those.in Ames-
bury being the most remarkable, the
water falling 100 feet in the dis-
tance of 50 r
9ds, and presenting,
with the variety of machinery and
dams, houses and scenery on the
falls, one of the most interesting
views in the country.

Prescott, Mass. -

Hampshire co. The surface of
this town is rough and hilly. The
principal manufacture consists of
palm-leaf hats, of which about

50,000 are annually made. The
soil is better for grazing than tillage.
Prescott lies 76 miles W. from Bos-
ton, and 16 N. E. from Northamp-
ton. Taken from Pelham in 1822.
Population, 1837, 788.

Preston, Ct.

New London co. This is an ir-
regular, uneven, rocky town, of a
pretty good soil for corn and grazing.
It is bounded W. and N. by the
Thames and Quinnebaug rivers : 44
miles E. S. E. from Hartford. First
settled, 1686. Population, 1830,
1,935. Poquetannuck, an ancient
village, lies partly in Preston and
partly in Ledyard. It has a water
power, and small vessels pass within
a short distance of it. Many of the
inhabitants are employed in naviga-
tion, and considerable sbip timber
is taken from there down the river.
Preston City lies in the eastern
part of the town, 5 miles E. from
Poquetannuck, and 6 E. from Nor-
wich. Near tbis village is “Amos
lake,” a handsome sheet 'of water,
and a. place of resort for parties of

Presumpscut River, Me.

This is the outlet of Sebago lake.
It passes through parts of Gorham
and Westbrook, and falls into Casco
bay at Falmouth, 6 miles N. from

Princeton, 3Ie.

Washington co. Population, in
1837, 207. See “Down East.”

Princeton, Mass.

Worcester co. This town, the
Warfiusett, is pleasantly
situated at the base of the moun-
tain of that name, 45 miles W. by
N. from Boston, and 16 N. by W.
from Worcester. Incorporated,175S.
Population, 1837, 1,267. This is a
township of good land, and produces
considerable quantities of beef,
butter, cheese, &c. It is watered
by a branch of the Nashua, and has
some manufactures. Wachusett is
2,990 feet in height; it is the high-
est land in the county, and presents
a landscape exceedingly variegated
and beautiful. It is a place much
frequented in summer months.

The. manufactures of the town
consist of shoes, leather, palm-leaf
hats, chairs, and cabinet ware : an-
nual amount, about $50,000.

Prospect, Me.

Waldo co. This is a beautiful
town, of good soil, on the west side
of Penobscot river. It is bounded


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