Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 369
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water. Massabesick pond or lake
is principally in Chester, and is
picturesque from its numerous isl-
ands and the surrounding eleva-
tions. The other principal po'nds,
are Islandy, in Hamsptead, Coun-
try, in Kingston, and Pleasant in

The soil of this county having
been longer cultivated than that of
any other county in the slate, is
very productive; and agricultural
pursuits have been ;very success-
ful. In 1837, there were 23,333
sheep in the county. > The popula-
tion, in 1820, was 40,526; and in
in 1830, 44,552. Population to a
square mile, 64.

RocKingliam, Vt.

Windham co. This town is beau-
tifully situated on the west side of
Connecticut river, and at tbe cele-
brated “ Bellows Falls,” -noted uiir
devJValpole N. H. The water pow-
er afforded by-these falls, with that
of Williams and Saxton's rivers,
which pass through the town, are
of vast extent ; it cannot fail of be-
coming exceedingly useful, and of
rendering this town .and vicinity
the site of immense manufacturing
operations. . Large and expensive
manufacturing establishments have
recently been commenced; an ac-
count of which may be expected
in the
Register.    ■    ■

This place lies on a navigable
river, 65 miles above Northampton,
and 85 above Springfield, Mass.,
Ill above.Hartford, Ct., and 23 be-
low IVindsor, Vt. It is 85 miles
S. from Montpelier, and 18 N. E.
from Newfane. First settled in
1753. Population, 1330, 2,272.

The surface of-the town is une-
ven ; but the soil is generally
strong, warm and productive. Its
agricultural products are consider-
able : in 1837, it pastured 12,600

The location of Rockingham
renders it a mart of much interi-
or trade, and has caused the erec-
tion of a number of pleasant villa-
ges. The scenery around the falls,
in Rockingham, is of a sublime
character, and perhaps no section
of New England possesses a great-
er variety of minerals than are found
in this vicinity.

Rome, Me.

Franklin co. This is a beautiful
farming town, watered by several
large ponds. It lies 19 miles N.
N. W. from Augusta, and 13 E. S.
E. from Farmington. It contains a
pleasajit and flourishing village.
Incorporated in 1804. Population,
1837, 1,074. Wheat crop, same
year, 4,177. bushels.

Rowe, Mass.

Franklin co. This town con-
tains tbe site of old fort Pelham,
erected, in 1744. The township is
elevated, and in some parts moun-
tainous, but the -soil is adapted for
grazing. Considerable wool is pro-
duced; and there are manufactures
in the town of woolen goods, boots,
shoes, leather, and wooden ware.

Rowe is the source of a branch
of Deerfield river, and lies 130
miles N. W. from Boston, and 22
W. by N. from Greenfield. Incor-
porated, 1785. Population, 1837,

Rowley, Mass.

Essex co. This town was first set-
tled by a party of industrious and pi-
ous persons from Yorkshire, Eng. in
1639. They erected the first full-
ing mill in New England, and man-
ufactured the first cloth in North
America. There are a great vari-
ety of soils in the town; a large
partis salt meadow, and. the resi-
due is fertile and productive. It
comprises ia part of Plum island,
and large tracts of wood land. It
is watered by Rowley river, which
rises from several ponds in Boxford.
This river affords a water power,
and before its junction with Plum
Island Sound, forms a harbor for


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