Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 371
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by TVutappessthikqussunnooiveh-
tunkquohy a word that would puz-
zle a Demosthenes to pronounce,
without an extra*pebble stone in his
mouth. Mr. Eliot was remarkable
for his indefatigable labors and
charities; be endured hardship as-
a good soldier of Jesus Christ, and
went to his reward in 1690, aged

This was the birth place and
residence of the patriot
Dr. Warren was born
in 1740. He graduated at Harvard
college in 1759. He was an ardent
lover of his country, and sensibly
felt the weight of her oppressions.
Four days previous to the battle
of “Bunker Hill,” be received a'
commission in the army of Major
General. lie was within the en-
trenchment, and was slain on that
hallowed spot, just at. the com-
mencement of the retreat. Dr.
Warren was an able statesman, an
eloquent orator, a man of uncom-
promising integrity and undaunt-
ed bravery. General Warren was
the first officer of rank that fell in
that glorious • contest for liberty.
His death shed a gloom throughout
the country: be was exceedingly
beloved for tbe mildness- and affa-
bility of his deportment, and for
the virtues of his private life.

Roxbury, Ct.

Litchfield co. Roxbury was tak-
en from Woodbury and incorpora-
ted in 1801. It lies 32 miles- N. W.
from New Haven, 46 W. S. W. from
Hartford, and 15 S. by W. from
Litchfield. Population, 1830,1,122.

The town is diversified with bills
and vales. The soil is a gravelly
loam, interspersed with some small
tracts of sandy loam. ' It is water-
ed by the Shepaug, a branch of the
Housatonick. In digging for sil-
ver, a species of iron ore, called
steel ore, was discovered.

Royalston, Mass.

Worcester co. Royalston is a
pleasant town, and is well watered
by Miller’s river, a beautiful mill
stream. The surface of the town
is uneven, but the soil is -generally
rich and productive. There are
two woolen mills, and manufactures
of boots, shoes, leather, chairs,
cabinet ware., paim-l.eaf hats and
mats, wooden ware. &c. First
settled, 1762. Incorporated, 1765.
It lies 70 miles W. N. W. from
Boston, and 38 N. W. from Wor-
cester. -Population, 1537, 1,629.

Royalton, Vt.

Windsor co. The surface of this
town is somewhat rough and moun-
tainous, but the soil is good, partic-
ularly on the banks of White river,
by which it is watered.

. This town was first settled in
1771, and for many years endured
great suffering from Indian hostili-
ty. This is an excellent township
for grazing, and its agricultural
products are considerable. It has a
pleasant village and an academy.

Royalton is 30 miles S. from
Montpelier, and 25 N. N. W. from
Windsor. Population, in 1830,

Romford, Me.

Oxford co.. Rumford is a town-
ship of valuable land, 51 miles W.
N. W. from Augusta, and 20 N.
by W. from Paris. It lies on the
northwestern, bank of the Andros-
coggin, and enjoys a great water
power. Mills of various kinds are
already ereeted, and manufactures
on a large scale are contemplated.
White Cap mountain, rising 500
feet above the level of the surround-
ing country, and Glass-face, about
400 feet, present beautiful views
from theirt summits. . Population,
1837, 1,382. Wheat crop, same
year, 4,385 bushels. Incorporated,

Rumney, N. H.

Grafton co. Rumney is 8 miles
N. N. W. from Plymouth, 47 N. by


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