Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 397
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Scotland, Minister of The Breth-
ren’s Church among the Indians.
Depart’d 1749.”

This town took an active part in
favor of the liberties of the coun-

“The approach of a large British
army from Canada, under General
Burgoyne, and the expedition up
the North River, under General
Vaughan, in 1777, filled the whole
country with terror and desponden-
cy, and created strong fears' and
doubts as to the issue of the con-
troversy : the firmness and confi-
dence of Parson Smith, however,
remained unbroken, and his efforts
to revive the drooping spirits of his
oeople were unremitted. In the
month of October, he preached a
sermon from these words: “ Watch-
man, what of the night? The
Watchman saith, the morning com-
eth.” In this discourse he dwelt
much upon the indications, which
the dealings of Providence afford-
ed, that a bright and glorious morn-
ing was about to dawn upon along
night of defeat and disaster. He
told the congregation, that he be-
lieved they would soon hear of a
signal victory crowning the arms of
America; and he exhorted them Jo
trust with an unshaken and fearless
confidence in that God, who,, he
believed, would yet crown with
success the efforts of the friends of
liberty in this country. Before the
congregation was dismissed, a mes-
senger arrived, with the intelli-
gence of the surrender of Bur-
goyne’s army. Parson Smith read
the letter, conveying the intelli-
gence, from the pulpit, and a flood
of joy and gratitude burst from the

Shawsheen River, Mass.

This river rises in Lexington and
Bedford. It passes Billerica, Wil-
mington and Tukesbury, and falls
into the Merrimack, at Andover,
20 miles N. by W. from Boston.

Sheepscot River and Bay, Me.

The head waters of this river
are derived from ponds in Palermo.
Its course,is south through the towns
of Whitefield and Aina. It meets
the tide water between Wiscasset
and New Castle, and proceeds to a
bay of the same name. The length
of the river from its source to the
bay is about 35 miles. This river
is valuable on account of its hy-
draulic power and navigable facili-

Sheepscot Bay sets up from the
sea between Boothbay and George-
town, and receives the waters of
the rive.r. It is about 3 miles wide
at its mouth, and extends about 10
miles north. The whole of these
waters are often called “ Sheepscot
River.” The mouth of this bay
or river bears about N. E., 6 miles,
from Seguin Light, at the mouth
©f Kennebec river.

Sheffield, Vt.

Caledonia co. This town is 35
miles N. E. from Montpelier, and
16 N. from Danville. First settled,

1792. Population, 1830, 720.

This town lies on the height of
land between Connecticut river
and Memphremagog lake. Branch-
es of Passumpsic and Barton rivers
both rise here. It is watered by
several ponds. The lands are gen-
erally broken and not very produc-

Sheffield, Mass.

Berkshire co. This is a very
pleasant town, on both sides of the
Housatonick. The river meanders
circuitously and slowly through the
town, and forms large tracts of rich
alluvial meadow. In large fresh-
ets the river overflows its banks to
a great extent, and forms the ap-
pearance of a large lake. The vil-
lage is neat; situated in a beauti-
ful valley, surrounded by hills, one
of which is 3,000 feet in Height,
and presents a great variety of de-


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