Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 401
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pleasantly situated on the west side
of Kennebec river, and watered by
a large and beautiful pond lying in
this town and Belgrade. It is
bounded N. by Waterville, and is
12 miles N. from Augusta. Incor-
porated, 1792. Population, 1837,
2,346. Wheat crop, same year,
6,569 bushels.

Simsbury, Ct.

Hartford co. The territory of
this town was formerly a part of
Windsor: its Indian name was
sacoe, and was incorporated in 1670.
The surface of the town is greatly
diversified by hills and valleys : a
range of mountains pass through
the town, and there is some level
and good land within its limits
on Farmington river. Population,

Tariffville, a flourishing village,
is situated at the northeastern ex-
tremity of this town, on the west<
hank of the Farmington river,which
at this place passes south, at the
base of a range of mountains,which
divides this part of the State from
the great valley of Connecticut
river. This place is a carpet man-
ufacturing village, owned principal-
ly by a company called the “ New
England Carpet Company;” they
employ 175 hands, and manufacture
yearly about 132,000 yards of car-
peting. This flourishing village is
between three and four miles south
of Simsbury mines, in Granby,near
the New Haven and Northampton
canal, and 12 miles N.W. from Hart-

Skitticook River, Me.

This is the most northern and
eastern branch of the Matawam-

Skootum. Lake, Me.

A sheet of water of considerable
size, the outlet of which passes
through Kilmarnock.

Skowhegan, Me.

Somerset co. This town was for-
merly called Milhurn : it took the
Indian name of the place in 1836.
It is situated on the N. side of Ken-
nebec river, ?it Skowbegan Falls.
The river runs here in an eastern
direction. The local situation of
Skowhegan, its admirable water
power, and the fertility of the adja-
cent country, united with the en-
terprise of its inhabitants, has ren-
dered the place, but recently a wil-
derness, one of the best cultivated
townships in the state, the site of
a great number of mills, and a mart
of an extensive trade. There is much
delightful scenery about Skowhe-
gan ; the village is neatly built,and
its beauty is much enhanced by the
whiteness of the houses contrasted
with the blue and green of the riv-
er and its banks. Between Skow-
hegan and Bloomfield is a small isl-
and in the river. Across this isl-
and are noble bridges uniting the
towns. This place lies 5 miles be-
low Norridgewock and 33 N. from
Augusta. Population, 1830,1,006;
1837, 1,433.

Slaterville, R. I.

We regret to state that no ac-
count of the manufactures of this
interesting manufacturing village
has been received.
See Smithfield.

Small, Cape, Me.

The eastern boundary of Casco

Smithfield, R. I.

Providence co. This is a large
town, containing an area of about
10 by 6 miles, and a great variety
of surface and soil.

Smithfield has generally an un-
dulating surface, presenting an
agreeable diversity of moderate em-
inences and gentle declivities; but
in some sections it is considerably
rough and broken.


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