Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 425
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Surry, N. H1

Cheshire co. This town lies 54
miles S. W. from Concord, and 6
N, W. from Keene. It is watered
hy Ashuelot river, on which there
is a tract of valuable meadow
land,-extending almost the whole
length of the town.' On the east
side-of Ashuelot river is a steep
and high mountain, on the summit
of which is a pond of about 3 acres
in extent, and about 25 feet depth
of water.

er, DO mllfes. W. from Boston, and
9 S. by E. from Greenfield. It was
taken from Hadley in 1718. Pop-
ulation, 1837,729- The settlement
in this town is principally on a
street running parallel with the
river. Between the street'and the
river is a tract of fertile meadow :
on the other side of the village is a
more elevated plain, and back of
that, Mount Toby rears its lofty
front. This mountain is composed,
of pudding stone, and the small
stones within it are rolind and
smooth as though washed by the
ocean; they are of various sizes,
and of every color. On one side is
a cavern 60 feet deep
; and many
other ruptures seem to indicate some
great change in this mountain since
its formation. This village is very
pleasant, and the scenery around It
is of a fascinating character. The
people here are good farmers, and
are noted for their good schools and
philanthropic disposition. *    .    *

Sunkliaze, Me*

Sunkhaze stream meets the Pe-
nobscot, from the east, about 15
miles above Old Town village, in
Orono. The
plantation of Sunk-
haze lies on this stream, 82 miles
N. E. from Augusta. The popula-
tion of the plantation, in 1830, was

Surry, Me.

Hancock co. 'Surry lies on the
W. side of Union river, 6 miles S.
from Ellsworth, and 87 E. by N.
from Augusta.

This town is accommodated with
navigable privileges, and water
power of superior excellence.—
There are some manufactures in
the town, but the inhabitants are
generally independent farmers.—
Many of the farms are rendered
very fertile by an inexhaustible bed
of shell marl, of a very fine qual-
ity. Incorporated, 1S03. Popula-
tion, 1830, 561; 1837, 735.    j

Surry was originally a part of
Gilsum and Westmoreland. It was
incorporated in 1769, deriving its
name from
Surry in England. The
first settlement was made in 1764,
by Peter Hayward. Population,
1830, 539.

. Sutton, N. H.

.M*errimack co. This town lies
25 miles W. N, W. from Concord.
The southerly and largest branch
of Warner river enters this town on
the south, runs a short distance,
and passes off into Warner again.
The northerly branch of this river
runs nearly through the centre of
the town from north to south, and
affords several good mill seats. Ste-
'veils* brook," another considerable
branch of Warner river, has its
source on the W. side of Kearsarge,
and runs about 4 miles in this town,
'in a S. E. direction. There is also
a large branch of Blackwater riv-
er, which has its source about the
western confines of Kearsarge, and
flows through this town in a N.
E. course about 3 miles. On the
margin of this stream, there is some
rich meadow and intervale land.
There are several ponds, the most
important of which are Kezar’s
pond, situated towards the N. part
of the town, which- is about 190
rods square; and Long pond, situa-
ted at the south part of the town.

! Kearsarge mountain extends more
than half the length of Sutton on


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