Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 428
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Wheat crop, same year, 2,556 bush-

Sweden, Me.

Oxford co. The waters from Ke-
zer pond in Lovell, pass through
this town, and give it mill privi-
leges. Sweden lies 9 -miles N. E.
from Fryeburg, 19 S.W. from Paris,
and 62 W. S. W. from Augusta.
Incorporated, 1813.-* Population, in
1837, 621. Wheat crop, same year,
1,485 bushels-. ' ;

Swift Rivers.

Swift river, in .Maine, is a branch
of the Androscoggin, from the N.
These rivers unite at Mexico.

Swift river, in New Hampshire,
rises among, the mountains in the
ungranted lands N. W. of Albany,
and passes through the town from
west to east with great rapidity, and
falls into the Saco in Conway. Its
whole course is rapid, and in one
place it falls 30,feet in tbe distance
of 6 rods, through a channel in'the
solid rock of about 12 feet wide—
the sides being from 10 to 310 feet
perpendicular height. At the up-
per part of these falls, are found'
several circular holes worn perpen-
dicularly into the rock, several feet
in depth and from 6 inches to 2 feet
in diameter. There is another small
river* in Tamworth of the same

Swift river, in Massachusetts,
rises in a pond in New Salem; it
passes through the towns of Pres*"
cott, Greenwich and Belchertown,
and joins the Chickopee at Palmer.

Tamworth, N. H.

Strafford co. This town is situa-
ted on the post road from Concord
to Portland, about 58 miles from
each, and 30 N. from Gilford.

There is no mountain situated
wholly in this town. On the N.
are the mountains of Albany, and
the S. the line crosses a part of Os-
sipee mountain. The mountains to
the N. have a romantic and pictur-
esque appearance. The town lies
in. ridges and valleys,, generally
rocky and fertile. The prinoipal
rivers are Bearcamp, which passes
through the town in an easterly di-
rection, and discharges its waters
into Ossipee lake.; Swift river,
which'rises near the N. W. corner
of the town, .and passing through
its centre, mingles its waters with
the Bearcamp; and Conway river, - •
proceeding from Conway pond, near
Albany; and crossing the S. line
of Tamworth, near the S. E. corner
of the town, near which it empties
into Bearcamp river. ‘By these
rivers, and other small streams, the
town is uncommonly wejl watered.

On these streams is a grfeat number. •
of excellent mill privileges. Tam-
worth was granted in 1766, and
was settled in 1771. Population,

1S30, 1,554.    -

Tarifiville, Ct.

See Simsbury.

Tansmkaimic Mountains.. . .


This range of mountains skirt the
western border of New England,
and- separate ^the waters of the
Housatonick and Hudson. -

Taunton River..

•    VV    i|.y    «

This river rises in*the county of '
Plymouth, Mass., and falls into
Mount*Hope Bay. The Tau^tqn
'and its^brapchps, water the towns
of Abington, Hansoi£ Hdlifax, and
Plymp’ton, jtll the Bridgew-aters,
Raynham,Taunton, Berkley, Digh-
ton, Freetown, Fall river, Somer-
set and Swanzey, •* tit is navigable
to Taunton, for small vessels,-and
with ‘its contemplated improve-
ments, steam boats will be enabled
to run'to Taunton^ and thus become
another channel of^eonveyance be-
tween Boston and New York. This
rivef is celebrated for the great and
widdly distributed? water power it
produces, and for the multitude of
alewivesr within* its waters.


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