Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 442
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last Wednesday of March, and meet on the first Wednesday of June fol-
lowing. Their duties are, to inquire if the constitution has been viola-
ted ; if the legislature, &c. have performed their duty; if the taxes have
been justly levied and collected ; and if the laws have been obeyed.
They may pass public censures; Order impeachments ; recommend the re-
peal of laws ; propose amendments in the* constitution, and call conven-
tions to act on them. Their power expires in one year aftel* their election.

Succession of Governors.

Thomas Chittenden, 1791—1798. Isaac Tichenor, 1797—1806. Isra-
el Smith, 1807. IsaacTichenor, 1S08. Jonas Galusha, 1509—1812. M.
Chittenden, 1818, 1814. Jonas Galusha, 1815—1819. Richard Skinner,
1820—1822. C. P. Van Ness, 1823—1825. Ezra Butler, 1826, 1827.
Samuel C. Crafts, 1828—1830, William A. Palmer, 1831—1835. Si-
las H. Jenison, 1836—

Succession of Chief Justices.

Samuel Knight, 1791—1793. Isaac Tichenor 1794, 1795. Nathaniel
Chipman, 1796. Israel Smith, 1797. Enoch Woodbridge, 1798—1800.
Jonathan Robinson, 1801—1806. Royal Tyler, 1807—1812. Nathaniel
Chipman, 1813, 1814. Asa Aldis, 1815. Richard Skinner, 1816. Dud-
ley Chase, 1817—1820. C. P. Van Ness, 1821, 1822. Richard Skinner,
1823—1828. Samuel Prentiss, 1829. Titus Hutchinson, 1830—1833,
Charles K. Williams, 1834—

The state is bounded N. by Lower Canada, E. by Connecticut river, S.
by Massachusetts, and W. by New York. Situated between 42° 44' and
45°N.Latitude,and 73° 16' and71° 20f W. Longitude.

Vermont is divided into 14 counties, to wit: Bennington, Windham,
‘Rutland, Windsor, Addison, Orange, Chittenden, Washington, Caledonia,
Franklin, Orleans, Lamoille, Essex and Grand Isle. The population of
the state in 1790, was 85,539; 1800, 154,465; 1810,217,895; 1820, 235,-
764; 1830, 2S0,657. This state contains an area of about 10,212 square
miles.. Population to a square mile, in 1830, was 27^. The number
of sheep in the state,-in 1S37, was 1,099,011.

The important enterprise of a rail road from Boston to the outlet of the
great lakes, on St. Lawrence river, will doubtless be accomplished. An
enterprise of this kind, well worthy the consideration of the intelligent
citizens and capitalists of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont,
will greatly benefit those states, and make the capital of New England a
powerful competitor with New York, fora large portion of the immense
northern and western trade.


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