Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 475
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he died. The surface of Westmore-
land is legs varied by mountains,
vales, rivers and ponds-, than the
neighboring towns.

West Newbury, Mass*

Esfeex co. This is a part of the
ancient town of Newbury, and was
taken from it in 1819.

This pleasant town lies on the S.
side of Merrimack river; 33 miles
N. from Boston, 20 E. from Lowell,
and 4 W. from Newburyport. Pop-
ulation, 1837, 1,448.

This is a fine township of land,
and many excellent farms and coun-
try seats are found within its limits.
Asbestos and marble are found

Although most of the inhabitants
of the town are
professional farm-
ers, still there are manufactures of
bar iron, combs,'chaises, leather,
and shoes: annual ‘ value, about

Weston, Me.

Washington co. This town was
incorporated in 1835. It is tbe half
township granted to Hampden
academy. It lies a few miles west
from Grand Lake : it is watered by
Baskahegan river, and is about 90
miles N. E. from Bangor. Popu-
lation, 1837,
21$. Wheat crop,
same year, 4,706 bushels.

Weston, Vt.

Windsor co. West river passes
through this town, and on its banks
are some good land, some manufac-
tures and two pleasant villages. It
was set off from Andover in 1790,
and organized as a town in 1800.

Weston lies 66 miles S. by W.
from Montpelier, and 22 S. W. from
Windsor, Population, 1830, 972.

Weston, Mass.

Middlesex cp. This is a town-
ship of good land with a neat and
flourishing village. It lies 14 miles
W. from Boston, 9 S. by E. from
Concord, and is watered by Stony
brook. Population, 1837, 1,105.

The manufactures of the town
consist of boots, shoes, leather, ma-
chinery, ploughs, chairs, harnesses,
pottery ware, &c. : annual value,
about $60,000. Incorporated, 1712

Weston, Ct.

Fairfield co. Weston was taken
from Fairfield in 1787. It was set-
tled in 1738. The town is watered
by Saugatuck and Mill rivers, and
a pleasant brook, which furnish a
good water power. There are some
valuable mills for manafactures in
the town, but the chief business
of the inhabitants is agricultural.
The soil is a gravelly loam, with an
uneven surface.

Weston is 60 miles S. W. from
Hartford, and is bounded N. W.by
Fairfield. Population, 1830, 2,997.

“ On Monday, the 14th of Decem-
ber, 1S07, at about the break of
day, or a little after, the weather
being moderate, calm, and the at-
mosphere somewhat cloudy and
foggy, a
meteor or fire ball, passiiig
from a northern point, disploded
over the western part of this state,
with a tremendous report. At the
same time several pieces of stony
substance fell oa the earth in Fair-
field county. One mass was driven
against a rock and dashed in small
pieces, a peck of which remained
on the spot. About three miles
distant, in the town of Weston, an-
other large piece fell upon the
earth, of which a mass of about
thirty pounds weight remains en-
tire, and was exhibited the same
day at town meeting. A small
mass has been sent to Yale College,
and examined by a number of gen-
tlemen. It was immediately per-
ceived by Professor Silliman to
contain a metal,, arid on presenting
it to a magnet a powerful attraction
proved it to be iron. This is, we
believe, the first instance in the
United States, in which the sub-
stance of this species of meteor
has been found on the earth, though
it has often been found in Europe.**


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