Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 476
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Westport, Me.

Lincoln co. ■ This town is sur-
rounded by the waters of Sheepscot
river'and bay, and is bounded N.
by Wiscasset, E. by Edgecomb and
Boothbay, and S. and W. by Sheep-
Scot’s bay and Georgetown. It is 29
miles Si by E. from Augusta. Pop-
ulation, 1837, 580, Incorporated
in 1828.

Westport, Mass.

Bristol co. This -town is pleas-
antly situated on Acoakset river,
near the mouth of Buzzard’s bay,
on the line of Rhode Island; 18
miles N. N. E. from Newport, 25
S. from Taunton, 10 S. by ‘E.
from Fall River, 10 S. W. from
New Bedford, and 60 S. from, Bos-
ton. Five vessels belong to this
place, engaged in the whaling bu-
siness, and a number of small ves-
sels are. employed, in coasting and

The value of whale oil imported
into Westport, the year ending
1, 1837, was $53,670. The
value of the manufactures of this
town, the same year, was $69,375;
they consisted of cotton yarn, salt
and hoes. The number of sheep
sheared that year, was 2,392; val-
ue of the wool, $2,551. This town
was incorporated in 1787. Popula-
tion, in 1837,2,618.

Westport, Ct.

Fairfield cO. This pleasant town
was called Saugatuck, the name of
a river that passes through it, un-
til 1835. It was taken from the towns
of ^airfield, Norwalk and Weston.
It is about 5 miles in length from
north to south, and is bounded E. by
Fairfield, S. by Long Island Sound,
and W. by Norwalk. Population,
1835, 1,800.

There are in the town, 2 or 3 cot-
ton mills,
2 carriage factories, and
manufactures of shoes, hats and va-
rious other articles. The village is
quite a business place, and
mands considerable trade.

The Saugatuck is navigable for
vessels of 7 feet draught of water
to tbe village, which is
6 1-2 miles
W. from Fairfield, 3 1-2 N. E. from
Norwalk, and 27 S. W. from New

About 2 1-2 miles south of the
village of Westport, is a smooth and
beautiful elevation, called
It was at this place that the British
troops landed in April, 1777, when
on. their expedition to Danbury .
They also returned to this place
when they embarked on board of
their shipping. Seven or eight
men were killed in the vicinity of
the Congregational church in West-
Ball .Mountain, a conical
eminence, covered with large trees
from its base to its summit, is situa-
ted a little south of the village, and
is a striking feature in the landscape.

West Quoddy Head, He.

See Quoddy Head.

West River, Vt.

This river rises in Weston, in the
county of Windsor, and passing S.
through the towns of Londonder-
ry, Jamaica, Wardsborough, and
Newfane, in the county of Wind-
ham, it falls into the Connecticut at
the north part of Brattleborough.
This river receives many branches
in its course, which are good mill
streams : the main river is rather
sluggish, and fertilizes large tracts
of meadow. West river traverses
a distance of about 50 miles, and
waters a basin of 440 square miles.

West River Mountain, N. H.

See Chesterfield aT^flinsdale.

West Springfield; Mass.

Hampden co. This town is beau-
tifully situated on both sides of
Westfield river, at its confluence
with the Connecticut, opposite to


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