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The soil of these plains is good, and might be
made fertile by cultivation.

Henderson Lake, N. Y., one of the head sources
©f the Hudson, lies in the town of Newcomb,
Essex co., near the Adirondack Iron Works. It
is elevated 1936 feet above the tide waters of the

Henderson's River, Is. This river rises in the
N. W. part of Knox co., flows S. W., and empties
into the Mississippi in Henderson co.

Henlopen, Cape, De., is the S. W. extremity, at
the entrance of Delaware Bay. It is 18 miles S.
W. of Cape May, the opposite point in N. lat.
36° 47', and
W. Ion. 75° 6'. There is a light-
house on it.

Henry, Cape, Va., is on the S. side of the
entrance into Chesapeake Bay, 12 miles S. Cape
Charles, in 36° 58' N. lat., and 76° 21' W. Ion.

Henry's Fork, On. It rises among the Rocky
Mts., flows S. S. W., and empties into Lewis Fork
of Columbia River.

Henry's River, N. C., rises in Burke co., flows
E., and unites with Jacob's River to form the
Little Catawba.

Herring Bay, Md., sets up from Chesapeake
Bay, between Ann Arundel and Calvert counties.

Hickman Creek, Ky., rises in Fayette co., and
S. W. through Jessamine co., into the Ken-
tucky River.

Hickory Creek, Will co., Is., flows W., and emp-
ties into Des Plaines River a little below Juliet.

Hidden Wood River. Ma. An E. branch of the
Inyan Realtah, or River of the Rock.

Higgins's Lake, Roscommon co., Mn., lies N.
from Houghton's Lake, with which it is connected
by an outlet.

High Falls, Lewis co., N. Y., occur in the Black
River just before it is entered by Black River
Canal. They are so called in distinction from
Long Falls, which occur in the same river, 40
miles below, in Jefferson co. The river has a
descent of 60 or 70 feet, and is well worthy a
visit from the lovers of the picturesque.

Highlands, Matteawan or Fishkill Mts., N. Y.
These mountains lie in the counties of Rockland,
Orange, Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess,
and are probably connected with the Alleghanies,
as indicated by their geological formation. They
are 16 or 18 miles in breadth, and extend in a
N. E. and S. W. direction about 25 miles. They
present some of the most romantic features of
the scenery upon the North River, which is here
contracted to a narrow space, by its passage
through the mountain pass. Anthony's Nose,
one of their lofty elevations on the eastern shore,
is a pile of rock rising to the height of 1128 feet
above the level of the river which washes its base.
Two miles above is the Sugar Loaf Mountain,
which rears its summit to the height of 860 feet.
Crow's Nest and Butter •Hill are on the W. side
of the river. They rise abruptly from the water's
edge, the latter 1520 feet, and the former nearly
as high. Beacon Hill, on the E. side, sometimes
called the “ Grand Sachem," is the highest peak
of the Highlands, being elevated 1685 feet above
the Hudson. Several of the eminences in view
from the river are celebrated in history for being
the scenes of stirring events during the struggle
for American independence. The sites of Forts
Clinton and Montgomery are on the W. side of
the river, from whence chevaux-de-frise, boom,
and chains, were stretched across to the base of
Anthony's Nose, in 1777. These forts, which
were garrisoned by six hundred men, were at-
tacked Oct.
6, 1777, by a British force three thou-
sand strong, under Sir Henry Clinton, and cap-
tured during the night. At the base of Sugar
Loaf Mountain, on ..the
E. side of the river, is
seen the site of the house where the traitor Arnold
lived. About a mile farther up, the garden and
monument of Kosciusko are distinctly seen.
The historical interest associated with West Point
is familiar to every reader.

Highland Creek, Ky. This stream forms the
boundary between Union and Henderson coun-
ties. and empties into the Ohio River.

High Ridge, Williamsburg, Ms. Height 1480 ft.

Hilliard's Knob, Rochester, Ms. Height 1120 ft,

Hillsboro' Inlet, Fa. A long, narrow inlet, ex-
tending from the mouth of Hillsboro' River some
distance into St. Lucie co.

Hillsboro' River, Fa., rises in the E. part of Or-
ange co., flows S. W., and enters Tampa Bay at
the town of Tampa.

Hitchcock's Hill, Wales, Ms. Height 1190 feet.

Hockhocking River, O., rises in Fairfield co.,
winds through a hilly country
80 miles, in a S. E.
direction, and enters the Ohio at Troy, 25 miles
below Marietta. It is boatable
70 miles, except
the lower falls and some mill dams. It has a fall
near its source of
40 feet.

Hog Island, N. Y., is situated in Hempstead
Bay, Long Island.

Hog Island, or Neck, in Oyster Bay, Queen's
co., N. Y., is connected to Long Island by Oak

Hog Island, Northampton co., Ya., lies in the
Atlantic, N.
E. from Prout's Island.

Hog Island, Surry co., Ya. A small island ly-
ing in James River.

Hog Island, Mn. Situated in the N. part of
Lake Michigan, E. from Garden Island.

Hog Neck, N. Y. See Great Hog Neck.

Holeb Pond, Me., is a considerable body of wa-
ter lying in Franklin and Somerset counties.

Hollow Creek, Barnwell district, S. C., enters
the Savannah River at the S. E. corner of Edge-
field district.

Holland Islands, Md., lie in Chesapeake Bay,
N. from Smith Island and W. from Fishing Bay.

Hollinger's Creek, Baldwin co., Aa. A tributary
of Perdido River.

Holston River, Te. This river unites with the
Clinch, in Roane co., to form the Tennessee.
With the exception of a fall of
7 feet, it is navi-
70 miles. There are valuable salt works
near its source also a fall of water of
40 feet.

Holt's Hill, Andover, Ms. Height 423 feet.

Homochitto River, Mi. It runs S. W., and falls
into the Mississippi above Fort Adams, between
Adams and Wilkinson counties.

Iloneoye Creek, N. Y., an important mill stream,
is formed by the outlets of Honeove, Canadice,
and Hemlock Lakes. It flows S. W., and enters
Genesee River in Monroe co.

Honeoye Lake, N. Y. This beautiful sheet of
water lies mostly in the town of Richmond,
Ontario co. It is
5 miles long and 1 mile wide,
and abounds in fine fish.

Honey Greek, Sauk co., Wn. A small tribu-
tary of Wisconsin River.

Honey Island, Holmes-co., Mi. This is a large
island formed by an outlet of the Yazoo River.

Hoosick River, N. Y., a large and important
mill stream, rises in Ms. and Yt., flows
E., and
enters the Hudson in Rensselaer co.

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