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KaatersJdll, N. Y. This river rises in Hunter,
Greene co., among the Catskill Mts., flows N. W.,
and enters Catskill Creek in the town of Catskill.
It is formed by the outlets of two little lakes
about a mile and a half in circumference. At
Pine Orchard, near the Mountain House, are a
series of beautiful falls, which are much visited
by travellers. The water falls perpendicularly
175 feet, and, after resting a moment on a ledge
of rock, falls 85 feet more, making a total descent
of 260 feet. It then rushes through a dark ravine
into the valley of the Catskill.

Kaatsberg Mountains. * See Catskill Mountains.

Kabitawi River, Ma. This river rises in two
forks S. W. from the source of Rum River, flows
S. W. for some distance, and then turning to the
S. E., empties into the Mississippi.

Kadikomeg Lake, Ma. Situated N. E. from
Gayashk Lake, and connected through Pine River
with the Mississippi.

Kagino Lake, La Pointe co., Wn. Situated
near the centre of the county, at the head of one
of the main branches of Bad River.

Kalamazoo River, Mn. This river rises in
Hillsdale co., and after a winding W. N. W. course
of 200 miles, through Calhoun, Kalamazoo, and
Allegan counties, enters Lake Michigan 41 miles
N. of St. Joseph River, and 29 S. of Grand River.
Its average depth for 8 miles from its mouth is
12 feet. At low water the bar at its mouth has
but 6 or 7 feet. It is navigable 38 miles, to Alle-
gan, for boats of 50 tons. The water power of
the river and its branches is extensive.

Kandiotta Lake, Ma. One of the principal
sources of the Psihu or Wild Rice River.

Kanhawa River, N. C. and Ya. The Great
Kanhawa River has its most remote sources in
Ashe co.. N. C., between the Blue Ridge and the
main Appalachian chain, there denominated the
Iron Mountain, though the river is not known aa
the Kanhawa until after it leaves this state and
traverses several counties in Virginia, having in
its course broken through the Iron Mountain, and
also the Western chain of the Alleghanies, and
received from the N. E. the two important tribu-
taries, the Green Brier and Gauley Rivers. Above
the Gauley, which enters in Nicholas co., the river
is known as New River, and below as the Great
Kanhawa. Its course in N. C., and, so long as it
continues to traverse the region of the mountains,
in Ya., is, in the main, N. and N. E. In Mont-
gomery co. it turns to the N. W., and, breaking
through the western chain of the Alleghany
Mts., continues this general, course to its conflu-
ence with the Ohio. Besides the tributaries that
have been mentioned above, it receives the Elk
River from the N. and Coal River from the S.,
both entering it in Kanhawa co. It falls into the
Ohio at Point Pleasant, in Mason co., lat. 38° 52;
N. The entire length of the valley of the Great
Kanhawa, from the point in the Alleghany Mts.
where the river turns towards the Ohio, to its
mouth, is about 200 miles. The greatest breadth
from the sources of New River to those of Green
Brier is about 180 miles, and the mean breadth
about 60, giving an area drained by this river of
about 10,800 square miles. The whole length of
the river from its sources in Ashe co., N. C., by
comparative courses, is about 300 miles, and its
width, at its mouth, 500 yards. Eollowing all the
windings of the stream, its length, of course, is
considerably greater than that here given. The
comparative elevation of the valley of the Great

Kanhawa, as a physical section of the country,
is its most remarkable feature, having an altitude,
at the mouth of the river, of 525 feet above the
tide waters of the Atlantic, at the foot of the
mountains of 1585 feet, and at the sources of
New River of about 2500 feet. The valley of
the Great Kanhawa, proper, below the confluence
of the Gauley, lies between that of the Little
Kanhawa on the N. E. and that of Guyandot on
the S. The most important enterprise of inter-
nal improvement in Ya. is that undertaken by
the James River Navigation Company, first char-
tered in 1784, on the line of the James and Kan-
hawa Rivers, and the intervening space, with a
view to connect the commerce of the Ohio with
the Atlantic. A portion of their outlay has been
expended upon the Kanhawa, but the principal
part upon the more eastern sections of the route,
while much more remains to be done to complete
all the improvements projected.

Kankakee River, Is. This stream rises in the
N. part of la., and, entering Is. in Will co., it re-
ceives Iroquois Creek from the S., and unites
with the Des Plaines to form Illinois River at

Kanranzi River rises in Ma., flows S. of W.,
and empties into the Inyan Rekah, or River of
the Rock.

Kansas River, In. Ter., has its source between
the Platte and Arkansas Rivers, near the Rocky
Mts., and, receiving several large branches on the
N. side, it enters the Missouri at the W. boundary
of the state of Mo. It is 340 yards wide at its
mouth. Its whole length is about 1200 miles, and
it is navigable 900.

Kaskaskia River, Is. This large branch rises in
Champaign co., and enters the Mississippi 7 miles
below Kaskaskia village, after a S. S. W. course
of 300 miles. It is navigable to Vandalia, 150
miles from its mouth, at high water.

Katahdin Mountain, Me., is situated in the E.
part of Piscataquis co.

Kauwemin River, Pond du Lac co., Wn. A
head branch of Milwaukie co.

Kawakomik, or Clear Water River, Ma. A W.
tributary of the Mississippi, which it enters above
Crow River.

Kayaderosseras Creek, N. Y., an important
mill stream, rises among the Kayaderosseras
Mts., in Saratoga co., and flows S. E. into Sara-
toga Lake.

Kayaderosseras Mountains, N. Y., extend 60
miles in a S. W. direction, through Warren,
Saratoga, and Pulton counties. The height of
this range between the Schroon branch of the
Hudson and Lake George is from 800 to 1200 feet,
in Saratoga co. from 500 to 800 feet, and as it
approaches the Mohawk, it gradually diminishes.

Kearsarge Mountain, Merrimack co., N. H., lies
between the towns of Sutton and Salisbury,
extending into both towns. It is elevated 2461
feet above the level of the sea, and is the highest
mountain in the county. Its summits are a bare
mass of granite, but the sides are thickly wooded.
The prospect from this mountain is, in a clear
sky, very extensive and beautiful.

Keewaiwona Bay, Mn. This is a long, pointed
bay, extending nearly to the S. border of Hough-
ton co., between Point Abbaye on the E. and
Keewaiwona Point on the W.

Keewaiwona Point, Houghton co., Mn. A bold
promontory extending into Lake Superior W.
from Keewaiwona Bay. It is drained by many

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

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