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at the mouth of Charleston harbor, N. E. from
James Island.



Mother-Kill, Kent co., De. A small stream emp-
tying into Delaware Bay, just below Jones Creek.

Mountain Ridge, N. Y., lies S. of Lake Ontario,
and once, without doubt, formed its S. shore, of
which the Ridge Road, or Alluvial Way, run-
ning parallel with the S. border of the^lake,
and from 6 to 8 miles from it, is an important
proof. Niagara River flows through the ridge.

Mount Daniel, Webster, Ms. Height 785 feet.

Mount Defiance. N. Y., a high eminence, is sit-
uated in the S. part of the town of Ticonderoga,
Essex co., on the W. side of Lake Champlain, and
overlooks the site of old Fort Ticonderoga. Gen-
eral Burgoyne ascended this mountain with some
pieces of artillery in 1777, and obliged the Amer-
icans to evacuate Fort Ticonderoga, which had
been considered almost impregnable. Since then
it has been thought useless as a military station,
and suffered to go to decay. On the summit of
this mountain are still to be seen the remains
of Burgoyne's Block House, which commands a
beautiful and extensive view of Lake Champlain
and the surrounding country.

Mount Desert Sound, Me., lies S. of the Island
of Mt. Desert, from which Mt. Desert Rock lies
about 20 miles S.

Mount Emmons, N. Y. This isolated peak lies
mostly in the town of Gilman, Hamilton co., and
is elevated about 4500 feet above the tide waters
of the Hudson.

Mount Esther, Whately, Ms. Height 995 feet.

Mount Grace, Warwick, Ms. Height 1628 feet.

Mount Hope and Mount Hope Bay. See Bris-
, R. I.

Mount Ida, N. Y. This fine eminence lies
about half a mile E. of Hudson River, within
the city of Troy.

Mount Independence, Vt., lies in the N. W.
corner of the township of Orwell, and about 2
miles S. E. from Ticonderoga Fort. It is inter-
esting on account of its connection with the
earlv history of our country.

Mount Lincoln, Pelham, Ms. Height 1248 feet.

Mount McIntyre, N. Y., a peak of the Adiron-
dack range, lies in Essex co., and is elevated
5183 feet above the tide waters of the Hudson.

Mount Marcy, N. Y., the highest eminence of
the Adirondack range, lies in the town of Keene,
Essex co. It is elevated 5467 feet, or upwards
of a mile, above the tide waters of the Hudson,
and overlooks several other peaks of nearly the
same height. The view of these mountains, cov-
ered with a dense, luxuriant forest, as seen from
Lake Golden, is grand and picturesque in the

Mount Misery, N. Y., lies in the town of Brook-
haven, Suffolk co., on the N. side of Long Island,
and commands a view of Long Island Sound
the surrounding country.

Mount Neho, situated in the town of Middle-
bury, Vt., is sometimes called Chipman's Hill.
It rests on a. base of about 2 miles by 1, and
rises gradually 439 feet above the level of Otter
Creek. A part of the village rests upon its
S. declivity, and it affords some of the best ara-
ble land in the township. The scenery from its
summit is also very fine, commanding an exten-
sive view of Lake Champlain and the surround-
ing country.

Mount Seward, N. Y. A lofty group of the
Adirondack range bears this name. It lies in the

S. E. part of Franklin co., and is elevated 4800
feet above the Atlantic.

Mount Tom, Woodstock, Vt., is an eminence
of some height.

Mount Tom, Northampton, Ms. Height 1214 ft.

Mount Vernon, Fairfax co., Va. This town,
which contains the mansion and tom>b of Gen-
eral Washington, is situated on the W. side of
the Potomac, 6 miles below Alexandria. Many
a pilgrimage has been made to the spot hallowed
by the memory of the father of his country.

Mud Creek, N. Y., rises W. of Canandaigua
Lake, in Ontario co., flows N. E., and unites with
the Canandaigua outlet in Wayne co. The
united streams then take the name of Clyde
River, which flows 20 miles in an E. direction,
and empties into Seneca River.

Mud Creek, N. Y., rises in Yates co., flows S.,
and enters Conhocton River in Steuben co.

Mud Lake, N. Y. This small body of water
lies mostly in the town of Tyrone, Steuben co.

Mud Lakes, Uh. A chain of lakes lying N.
from Pyramid Lake, with which they are con-
nected by outlets.

Muddy Brook, Vt. This stream divides Wil-
liston from Burlington, and falls into Winooski

Muddy Creek, York co., Pa. This stream
drains the S. E. part of the county, and empties
into the Susquehanna River.

Muddy Creek, Is. A branch of the Little Wa-
bash River, which it enters in Clay co.

Muddy River, Ky., a S. tributary of Green
River, rises in Todd and Logan counties, and,
flowing north, forms the boundary between But-
ler and Muhlenburg counties.

Muddy Lake and River, Ma. The lake lies N.
W. from the Minsi Sagaigoning or Mille Lacs,
and the river connects it with the Mississippi.

Mugget Hill, Charlton, Ms. Height 1012 feet.

Mulberry Creek. Ga. A tributary of the Chatta-
hoochee', which it enters in Harris co.

Mulberry Creek, Aa. This is a branch of the
Alabama River, which it enters on the N. side,
after forming the boundary between Autauga and
Dallas counties.

Mulberry Creek, As. A pretty large stream,
which rises in the S. part of Newton co., and flows
S. W. into the Arkansas.

Mullet Island, Hillsboro' co., Fa. Situated at
the mouth of Tampa Bay.

Mullet River, Wn., rises in a small lake in the
E. part of Fond du Lac co., and flows W. across
Sheboygan co. into Sheboygan River.

Mullicas River-, N. J., forms the boundary be-
tween Burlington and Atlantic counties, and en-
ters the Atlantic 9 miles E. of Leeds, through
New Inlet. It is navigable 20 miles for vessels
of 60 tons.

Murderer's Creek, Orange CO., N. Y., flows E.,
and enters the Hudson at the town of New

Murphy Islands, Charleston district, S. C., lie S.
from the mouth of the Santee River.

Muscatauck River, la. The head branches of this
river rise principally in Decatur and Ripley Coun-
ties. Its two largest, called Vernon and Graham's
Fork, unite on the W. border of Scott co. It then
flows W., separating Jackson and Washington
counties, and empties into the E. fork of White

Muscle Fork, Mo. A branch of the Chariton
River, which it enters just below Keytesville.

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