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Muscoot Creek, N. Y., rises in Putnam co., flows

S., and enters Croton River, in Westchester co.

Muskeg River, La Pointe co., Wn. The most
W. branch of Bad River.

Muskeget Island, Nantucket co., Ms. Situated
off the N. W. extremity of Smith's Point.

Muskingum River, 0. This large river is
formed by two main branches, Tuscarawas and
White YYoman's Rivers, which unite at Coshoc-
ton. The Tuscarawas rises in Medina co., and a
portage between them gave name to Portage town
and county. The Muskingum is navigable for
large bateaux to Coshocton, 100 miles. A canal,
with a dam and locks, affording great water
power, is constructed around the falls at Zanes-
ville. There is a slack water navigation from
Zanesville to Dresden, where a channel, 2£ miles
long, connects Muskingum River with the Ohio
Canal. The river is 225 yards wide at its en-
trance into the Ohio, at Marietta.

Musquewoc Lake, Washington co., Wn., lies in
the N. W. interior of the county, at the head of
Mequon River.

Musquito Creek, Io. A small branch of the
Missouri, which it enters below Boyer's River.

Musquito Harbor, Me., lies in the S. part of
Gouldsboro', Hancock co.

Musquito South Lagoon, Fa. Situated in the E.
part of Orange co., between Indian River and the

Mystic River, Ms. The head of this river is at
the beautiful town of Medford, 5 miles N. from
Boston. At the junction of this river with the
Charles, near the city of Charlestown, the British
ships of war lay at the battle of Bunker Hill.

Nahant, Ms. See Fashionable Resorts.

Nahmyoo Bay, Brown co., Wn. Situated on
the E. part of Green, W. from Sturgeon Bay.

Namebin Lake, La Pointe co., Wn., is the source
of one of the main branches of Bad River.

Namejoy Bay, Charles co., Md. This is a small
opening above Port Tobacco, on the E. side of
the Potomac.

Namekegon River, Wn. This river drains the
S. part of La Pointe, and, crossing the N. E. an-
gle of St. Croix co., falls into the St. Croix River,
of which it is a head branch.

NansemondRiver, Va.., has its source in Dismal
Swamp, and enters Hampton Roads by a broad
estuary. It is navigable for vessels of 100 tons
to Suffolk, more than 20 miles.

Nantick River, New London co., Ct., flows in a
S. direction, and empties into Long Island Sound.

Nanticoke Falls, Pa., are occasioned by the
Susquehanna River's piercing a mountain in the
N. part of Newport, 8 miles below Wilkesbarre.
A dam is erected here for feeding the North
Branch Canal, which affords great water power,
and supplies a great quantity of surplus water.

Nanticoke River,.De. and Md. This river rises
in Suffolk co., De., flows S. W., and after entering
Md., receives Marshy Hope River, which rises in
Kent co., Md. The stream then enters, by a
broad estuary, Pishing Bay, a branch of Chesa-
peake Bay.

Nantucket Island, Ms. See Nantucket, county
and town.

Narmarcungawack River, N. H., rises in the town
of Success, and unites with the Androscoggin in

Narraganset Bay, R. I. This delightful bay is
28 miles in length, and from 3 to 12 in breadth,
lying wholly within the state of R. I. It extends
from Point Judith on the W. to Seaconnet Rocks
on the E., and terminates about 6 miles below
Providence, at Bullock's Point. Taunton, Prov-
idence, Pawtuxet, and other rivers flow into it,
and on its borders are Newport, Bristol, Warren,
and other flourishing towns. It contains many
beautiful islands, the principal of which are Con-
nanicut, Prudence, Patience, Block, and Hope.
This bay is accessible at all seasons, is well pro-
tected by forts, and affords some of the best
harbors in the world.

Narraguagus River and Bay, Washington co.,
Me. The river has its source in several ponds in
Beddington, and flowing in a S. S. E. direction,
enters Narraguagus Bay between Harrington and
Steuben. The bay contains a number of islands,
and communicates on the E. with Pleasant Bay,

Narrows, N. Y. This great channel, through
which most of the vessels going or returning
from distant voyages enter the harbor of New
York, lies between Long Island on the E. and
Staten Island on the W. It is 8 miles S. of the
city of N. Y., and communicates with the Lower
Bay, which here contracts to one mile in width
Its shores are bold and commanding, and on them
are situated the principal forts and batteries for
the defence of the harbor and city.

Narrows, or Chimney Narrows, N. Y., situated
on the Chemung River, near the village of Corn-
ing, Steuben co., are formed by rocky cliffs on
the N. side of the river. They derive their name
from the rocks which, left bare by the action of
the water, resemble rude chimneys. A road,
which is not without danger to the traveller, has
been constructed along the narrow pass.

Nashua River, N. H. and Ms. This beautiful
stream rises in Worcester co., Ms., and is formed
of two branches, called the N. and S. branches.
The N. branch is formed of two streams, one
from Ashburnham, the other from Wachuset
Ponds. The S. branch is composed of Still River,
issuing from the E. side of Wachus«rt Mountain,
and a stream from Quinepoxet Pond, in Holden.
These branches unite in Lancaster, whence the
main river proceeds in a N. E. course to Harvard,
Shirley, Groton, and Pepperell. in Ms., and from
thence into N. H., through Hollis, and nearly
through the centre of Nashua, and falls into the
Merrimack on the border of Nashville.

Nash's Stream, N. H., originates in the vicinity
of Stratford, and falls into the Upper Amonoo-
suck, in the N. W. part of the town of Stark.

Nassau River, Pa., after an E. course on the S.
border of Nassau co., enters the Atlantic by
Nassau Inlet.

Natchang River, Ct., is the largest branch of
the Shetucket. It rises in Union and Woodstock,
and enters the Shetucket near the boundary of
Chaplin and Mansfield.

Natural Bridge, Ya. See Fashionable Resorts.

Natural Canal, in the town of Canton, St.
Lawrence co., N. Y., connects the waters of Os-
wegatchie and Grass Rivers. It is very straight,
is 6 miles long, from 10 to 20 rods wide, and
navigable at high water for boats of 10 tons.

Naugatuck River, Ct. This important mill
stream is about 50 miles in length. It rises in
the N. part of Litchfield co., and after traversing
a S. course nearly the whole length of that coun
ty, it crosses the W. part of New Haven co., and
falls into the beautiful Housatonic, at Derby.

Nauneesha River, Wn. This stream flows S. E.


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