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224    MOUNTAINS, El VERS, LAKES, &c.,

across the N. E. corner of Dane co., then turns
to the N. E.. crossing the N. W. corner of Jeffer-
son co.. and empties into the
W. branch of Rock
River, in Dodge co.

Na.vid.ad River, Ts. The E. fork of La Bacca
River, which it enters at the town of Texana.

Navisoto River, Ts. A small stream flowing S.
into Brazos River.

Nawizi River, Ma. This river runs W. of the
Wananri. and nearly parallel to it, and empties
into the Missouri.

Neal's Brook, Vt. It rises in several branches
in Lunenburg, and, flowing S., falls into a pond
of the same name, which lies near the centre of
Lunenburg, and is about one mile long and half a
mile wide. The stream then continues its course

S., meets a W. branch, and after running about
half a mile farther, falls into Connecticut River
by a mouth nearly two rods wide.

Nebish Island, Mn. Situated in St. Mary's
Straits, S. from Sugar Island.

Neches River, Ts. This river flows in a S. S. E.
direction, and empties into Sabine Lake near the
mouth of Sabine River.

Neddock, Cape, Me., is a rocky bluff, situated
about 3 miles N. of York harbor, and inhabited
by a few fishermen.

Neepeeskunk Lake, Wn., lies in Winnebago and
Fond du Lac counties, and communicates on the
N. with Neenah or Eox River.

Neil's Creek, Steuben co., N. Y., flows E. into
Conhocton River.

Nekomenon River, Marquette co., Mn., flows E.
into Lake Superior.

Nemasket River, Ms. A fine mill stream. See

Nenelau River, Mn. It rises in Oscoda and
Alcona counties, flows
N.E. across Alpena co.,
in Thunder Bay River.

Neosho River, In. Ter. This river rises in the
dividing ridge between Arkansas and Kansas
Rivers, runs
S. E. and E. through the Osage and
Cherokee lands, and enters the Arkansas 3 or 4
S. of Fort Gibson. Its length is 240 miles.

Neponset River, Ms. This is a noble mill stream,
rising in Canton, Stoughton, and Sharon. It
receives Mother Brook, a tributary of Charles
River, and meets the tide water at Milton Mills ;
and after meandering 4 or 5 miles through beau-
tiful meadow land, it meets Dorchester Bay at
the delightful villages of Neponset and Commer-
cial Point, about 5 miles S. from Boston. This
river is navigable for large vessels to the Lower
Falls in Dorchester and Milton.

Nescopeck Greek, Luzerne co., Pa., rises in the
town of Hanover, and empties into the Susque-
hanna at Nescopeck Village, after a W. and
N. W. course of 30 miles.

Nescopeck Mountain, Luzerne co., Pa. This
mountain is about
850 feet in height and 20 miles
in length, running parallel to Wyoming Mt., on
the N. side of Nescopeck Creek.

Neshaming River, Pa., has its source in Hill-
town, Bucks co., and after a winding course of
35 miles, crossed by several fine bridges, enters
the Delaware 3 miles below Bristol.

Nesaquake River, N. Y., rises in Smithtown,
Suffolk co., and runs N. into Long Island Sound.
The tide ascends it 5 miles, and it is navigable
that distance.

Neuse River, N. C. This river rises in Person
and Orange counties, and after a course of about
300 miles, falls into a large estuary, connected
with Pamlico Sound. It is boatable 200 miles,
and navigable for vessels 12 miles above Newbern.

Neversink Highlands, Monmouth co., N. J
These highlands lie near the ocean, and afe about
300 or 400 feet high. They are mostly covered
with wood, and, lying in a low country, although
their height is not great, they have become a
noted landmark for sailors.

Neversink River, N. Y. This fine mill stream
rises in Ulster co., flows through Sullivan co.,
and empties into the Delaware at the village of
Port Jervis, Orange co.

New Inlet, N. C. The passage between Federal
Point and Smith's Island.

New Rive)', Va., rises in the N. part of N. C.,
and flowing into Va., is called the Great Kana-
wha, after passing through Peter's Mountain.

New River, N. C., falls into New River Inlet, on
the coast of the Atlantic, 45 miles
W. S. W. of
Cape Lookout.

New River, Beaufort district, S, C. This river
runs nearly parallel with the Savannah, and enters
Tybee Sound by several mouths.

New River, Ga. A small branch of the Chat-
tahoochee, which it enters in Heard co.

New River, La., rises in Ascension co., between
Mississippi and Amite counties, and empties into
Lake Maurepas.

Newaggen, Cape, Me. This cape extends from
the town of Boothbay about 5 miles into the
sea, and forms the E. boundary of Sheepscot Bay.

Newfound Pond, N. H. See Bristol.

Newfound River, N. H. See Bristol.

Newichaioannock River, N. H. See Piscataqua.

New Point Comfort, Va. The S. E. extremity
of Matthews co., between Chesapeake and Mob
Jack Bays.

Newport Rivers, Ga. The N. River is naviga-
ble to Riceboro', 20 miles. Its length is 25 miles.
The S. River, a smaller stream, empties into St.
Catharine's Sound.

Newtown Creek, N. Y. rises in Newtown,
Queen's co., flows
W., and enters East River,
opposite the city of N. Y.

Newtown Creek, N. Y., a fine, rapid mill
stream, rises in Erin, Chenango co., and enters
Chemung River, at the village of Elmira.

New Topsail Inlet, New Hanover co., N. C.
Situated N. E. from Sandy Inlet.

Nickojack Creek, Ga., issues from a remarkable
cave, situated in the N.
W. extremity of the
state. The cave is in Lookout Mt., is about 80
feet \vide, 50 feet high, and l.| miles in length.
The creek is a powerful stream, being 60 feet
wide at the mouth of the cave.

Niagara River discharges the waters of the
great upper lakes, Superior, Michigan, Huron,
and Erie, into Lake Ontario. It forms part of
the boundary of the United States and of the
state of New York, and is about 35 miles in
length. It partakes more of the character of a
strait, perhaps, than of a river. As it flow's from
Lake Erie, it is about three fourths of a mile
wide, and from 20 to 40 feet deep. Its current
for 3 miles is rapid, after which it becomes
smooth and placid, resembling a prolongation of
the lake, interspersed with low, wooded islands
until it reaches the rapids, about 20 miles be-
low Lake Erie, and three fourths of a mile
above the falls. Five miles below Lake Erie,
the river begins to expand, or, perhaps, more
properly, to divide, flowing, in about equal vol-
ume, upon each side of Grand Island, which

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