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Reedy Creek, Va., rises in the E. part of Jack-
son co., flows N., and empties into the Little
Kanawha in Wirt co.

Reedy Island lies in the Delaware River, 50
miles below Philadelphia, and 20 miles from Bom-
bay Hook. Length 3 miles, width one fourth of
a mile.

Reedy River, S. C. This stream rises in Green-
ville district, flows S. S. E., and uniting with the
Reaburn, empties into the Saluda River.

Refugio River, Ts. A small stream entering
Espiritu Santo Bay, just above the town of Re-

Rehoboth Bay, Sussex co., De. Situated at the
mouth of Indian River, through which it com-
municates with the Atlantic.

Revel's Island, Va. A small island near the
coast, in Ion. 75° 43' E., and lat. 37° 35' N.

Rhett Lake, Ca. Situated on the N. border of
the territory at the head of Tlamath River.

Riaivaw River and Island, Colleton district,
S. C. This little river is properly an inlet, reach-
ing from Stono Inlet to the mouth of the North
Edisto River. The island lies directly S. from
the river.-

Richland Creek, Te., rises in the W. part of
Dickson co., and flows W. into Tennessee River.

Richland Creek, Knox co., Ky. A small stream
emptying into the Cumberland River at Bar-

Richland Creek, As., rises in the interior of
Madison co., flows W., and enters White River
in Washington co.

Richmond Fort., N. Y. See Staten Island.

Richmond's Island, Cumberland co., Me., is a
part of the town of Cape Elizabeth.

Rifle River, Mn. It rises in the S. part of Os-
coda co., flows S. S. E. through Ogemaw and
Arenac counties, and falls into Saginaw Bay.

Rigolets River or Channel, La., connects Lakes
Ponchartrain and Borgne, and is 8 or 10 miles
in length.

Rio Bosque, Ts. A W. tributary of Brazos

Rio Colorado. This large river rises principally
in On. and Na., flows S. W. across the entire
length of Upper Ca., and empties into the N. part
of the Gulf of California.

Rio de Chama, New Mex., flows S. W. into the
Rio Grande.

Rio de Jemez, New Mex. It rises in the W.
part of the state, and flows S. W. into the Rio

Rio de la Cosumnes, Ca., rises among the Sierra
Nevada, and flows S. W^. into the Rio San Joaquin.

Rio de la Plumas. Ca. This large river rises
in the N. part of the Sierra Nevada, flows S. W.,
and empties into the Rio Sacramento.

Ridge Road, N. Y. See Alluvial Way.

Rio Frio, Ts. It flows S. E. into the San Mig-
uel, a tributary of Nueces River.

Rio Gila. This large river runs on the S. bor-
der of Ca., separating it from Mex., and empties
into the Gulf of California at the mouth of Rio

Rio Grande. This river, which is also called
the Rio del Norte, and Rio Bravo, rises in the
Green Mts. and the Sierra de Anahuac, flows
S. E., separating Ts. from New Mex. and Mexi-
co, and empties into the Gulf of Mexico.

Rio San Bueneventura, Ca. It rises among the
Coast Mts., flows N. W., and empties into the
Pacific just above Monterey.

Rivanna River, Va., flows S. E., and unites with
James River at Columbia. It is boatable more
than 20 miles.

Roanoke River, Va. and N. C. Staunton and
Dan Rivers, two large tributaries, unite near the
S. border of Va. to form this river, which flows
into the W. extremity of Albemarle Sound. It
is navigable for vessels of 45 tons, 75 miles, to
the Great Falls at Halifax. A canal around the
falls opens a boat navigation to the junction of
Staunton and Dan Rivers, which are both navi-
gable some distance for boats.

Robbins's Island, N. Y., belonging to the town
of Southold, Suffolk co., lies in Great Peconic Bay.

Roche Port River, Mo., rises in the S. E. part
of Randolph co., and flows S. into the Missouri.

Rock City, situated in the town of Great Val-
ley, Cattaraugus co., N. Y., about 7 miles S. of
Ellicottville, is a great natural curiosity. It is
approached by a ridge of gradual ascent, extend-
ing from the base to the summit of the hill, and
terminating at an elevation of 690 feet. More
than 100 acres are covered with vast fragments
of rock at this single spot, the imposing grandeur
of which declares them not unaptly named. The
masses of rock, although detached from each
other, approach nearer and nearer towards the
centre, and vary from 15 to 35 feet in height.
Most of them are rectangular; some of them are
separated but a few inches, while others have an
interval of several yards between them. The
removal of large masses from the midst of some
groups has left spaces resembling fine court-

Rockaway Beach, N. Y. See Fashionable Resorts.

Rock Creek, D. C., flows between Georgetown
and Washington city, and falls into the Potomac.

Rock Creek, On. A small S. tributary of Lewis
Fork of Columbia River.

Rock Island. Situated in the Mississippi, near
Rock River Rapids. It is
3h miles long, and
three fourths of a mile wide. The sides are of
perpendicular rock, 20 feet above the greatest
height of water. Fort Armstrong is situated on
the S. border of the island.

Rock Island Rapids commence at Rock Island,
just above the mouth of Rock River, and extend
15 miles up the Mississippi, with a descent of 21
feet 10 inches. Ledges of rock extend across
the river in various places, greatly obstructing
navigation at low -water. The U. S. government
has done something for the improvement of these

Rockland Lake lies in Clarkstown, Rockland
co., N. Y. It is 5 miles in circumference, is ele-
vated nearly 200 feet above the level of the Hud-
son, and surrounded by high hills. Its waters,
which are very pure, abound in fish of various
kinds, and great quantities of ice, procured here
during the winter season, are annually taken to
the New York market.

Rock. Mountain, De Kalb co., Ga. This isolated
peak rises 2226 feet above the stream at its base.
It is about 7 miles in circumference.

Rock River, Vt. This river rises in Franklin,
and runs through Highgate into Missisco Bay.

Rock Paver, Ca. A small W. branch of Green

Rock River, Wn. and Is. This river has its
source in a region of lakes and swamps. One
of its principal heads, the Catfish, rises in a swamp
a few miles S. of Fort Winnebago, and connects
the “ Four Lakes." Rock River receives several

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

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