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of San Miguel River, flows S. E., and empties
into Espiritu Santo Bay.

Sand Bay, Houghton co., Mn. Situated on
the N. W. coast of Keewaiwona Point, E. from
the mouth of Eagle River.

Sand Creek, Marshall co., Is., enters the Illinois
River a little above Macon.

Sandeham River, On. An E. tributary of the

Sand Hill River, Ma., flows W., and empties
into North Red, a little above Goose River.

Sand Key, Fa. A long, narrow island, lying
off the coast of Hillsboro' co.

Sand Point River, Ma., flows N. of E., and
empties into Lake Pepin.

Sandusky Bay, 0., lies in Ottowa, Sandusky,
and Erie counties. It is 23 miles in length,
with an average width of about 3 miles. San-
dusky River flows into it on the W., and on the
E. it communicates with Lake Erie through a
narrow strait.

Sandusky River, 0., rises in Richland and
Crawford counties, flows N., 90 miles, through a
fertile country, and empties into Sandusky
A portage of 4 miles connects it with Sciota
River, and though a rapid stream, it affords good
navigation at high water.

Sandy Creek rises in Orleans co., N. Y., flows
N. W., and enters Lake Ontario in the town of
Clarkson, Monroe co.

Sandy Creek, N. Y., rises in. Lewis co., flows
W., and enters Lake Ontario in the town of
Ellisburg, in Jefferson co.

Sandy Creek, Little, N. Y., rises in Jefferson co.,
S. W. into Oswego co., where it enters
Lake Ontario, through Sandy Creek Bay, at the
town of the same name.

Sandy Hook, Middletown, Monmouth co., N. J.
This is a sandy beach from half a mile to a mile
wide, extending N. from Old Shrewsbury Inlet,
and the S. extremity of the highlands of Never-
sink, for a distance of 6 miles. It encloses Sandy
Hook Bay, which is 7 miles long and 6 wide. As
the sand accumulates and extends the point N.,
a new light house has been erected on Flynn's
Knoll, half a mile N. of a former one.

Sandy Inlet, N. C. A passage among the
islands on the S. E. coast of New Hanover co.

Sandy Lake, Ma. This is an irregular sheet
of water, situated N. from Minsi Sagaigoning or
Mille Lacs, and connected by an outlet on the
N. W. with Mississippi River.

Sandy River, Me., rises near Saddleback
Mountain, in Franklin co., flows in a winding
S. E. direction into Somerset co., where it enters
the Kennebec at Starks, 37 miles above Au-
gusta. It has a number of branches, is about 45
miles in length, and affords excellent water

San Francisco Bay, Ca. This large bay re-
ceives the waters of Sacramento, San Joaquin,
and other rivers, and is connected with the ocean
by a narrow strait.

San Francisco River, Ca. A large stream
S. into Salt River.

Sangamon River, Is., rises in Vermilion co.,
in a small lake, flows
S. W., then N. W., and
finally W., until its junction with Illinois
River, between Cass and Mason counties. This
river and its numerous tributaries water the
most fertile and pleasant parts of the state. It
is navigable to the junction of the N. and S. forks
for small steamboats.

San Jacinto River, Ts. This small river flows
S. E. into Galveston Bay.

San Joaquin River, Ca. It has its. source in
Tulares Lake, and the Sierra Nevada, flows in a
N. W. direction through a fine valley, and empties
into San Francisco Bay.

San Lewis Bar, or West Pass, Ts. The pas-
sage between Galveston Island and the main land.

San Marcos River, Ts. The head stream of
Guadaloupe River.

San Miguel River, Ts. A large E. branch of
Nueces River.

Sanpoila River, On. A small stream flowing
S. into Clarke Fork of Columbia River.

San Saba River, Ts. A W. branch of Colora-
do River, which it enters just below Pecan Creek.

Santa Clara River, Ca. A small stream rising
among the Wahshatch Mts, and flowing S. into
Virgin River.

Santa Fe River, Fa. This river is formed by
the junction of New and Sampson Rivers, flows
in a winding W. direction, and, uniting with the
Euchtuckne, enters the Suwannee.

Santa Rosa Island, Santa Rosa co., Fa. This
long, narrow island extends from Choctawhatchee
Bay on the
E. to Pensacola Bay on the W.

Santee River, S. C. This large river is formed
by the junction of the Congaree and Wataree,
and, flowing S.
E., enters the sea by two mouths,
about 20 miles below Georgetown. Navigable
at some seasons nearly 300 miles.

Sanybel Island, Hillsboro' co., Fa. Situated S.
from Pine Island, at the mouth of Carlosahatchee

Sapelo Island, McIntosh co., Ga. Situated in
Sapelo Sound, which also contains Black Bear
and some other islands.

Saranac Lake, Lower, N. Y., lying in the S.
part of Franklin co., is 7 miles long, 2 or 3 wide,
and is connected on the W. with Round Lake
and several other lakes and ponds. Its waters
abound with fine fish.

Saranac Lake, Upper, Hamilton co., N. Y.
This lake, which lies 3 or 4 miles W. of Lower
Saranac Lake, is 10 miles long, from 2 to 3 wide,
and is surrounded by numerous other lakes and
ponds, which are the head sources of Saranac
and Rapid Rivers. The lakes and outlets are
boatable to a considerable extent, and are well
stocked with the fish peculiar to this part of the

Saranac River, N. Y., rises in the Saranac
Lakes, in the S. part of Franklin co., flows N. E.
across the corner of Essex co., and enters Lake
Champlain at Plattsburg, in Clinton co. This
river rises within a mile of Racket River, and
might be rendered boatable a considerable por-
tion of its length. It has been computed-that
by excavations and locks a continuous line of
navigation. 210 miles in length, might be formed
through these two rivers.

Saratoga Lake, Saratoga co., N. Y. This beau-
tiful sheet of water is situated 4 miles S. E. of
Saratoga Springs village, and 5 miles E. of
Ballston Spa. It is 9 miles long, and about 2
wide. It is much resorted to by pleasure parties,
during the summer months, as the lake is abun-
dantly stocked with fish of various kinds, and its
shores abound with wild game.

Saratoga Springs, N. Y. See Fashionable Resorts.

Sassafras River, Md., forms the boundary be-
tween Cecil and Kent counties, and empties into
Chesapeake Bay.

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain

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