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tiful country, receives several tributaries, and af-
fords excellent water power.

Sebec Pond, Piscataquis co., Me., lies in the
towns of Sebec, Eoxcroft, and Bowerbank; it is
surrounded by a beautiful and heavily timbered
country, is about 10 miles long, and averages
about a mile in width. Its outlet is a millstream
about 10 miles in length.

Sebewa Creek, Eaton and Ionia counties, Mn.,
flows N. into Grand River.

Seboois Lakes and River, Penobscot co., Me.
The lakes are of an irregular form, about 15 miles
in length, and varying from half a mile to a mile
and a half in width. They lie near the Aroostook
and Seboois River. Their outlet flows S. 50
miles into the E. branch of the Penobscot.

Second Lake, Dane co., Wn. Situated between
Third Lake on the N. W., and First Lake on the
S. E., with both of which it is connected by outlets.

Second Embarras River, Ma. It rises in Dead
Fish Lake, flows S. W., and empties into St. Louis

Seneca Fort, Seneca co., 0., situated on the W.
side of Sandusky River, in the town of the same

Seneca Lake, N. Y., is the largest of that series
of beautiful lakes lying in the interior of Western
New York. It is 40 miles long, and varies in
width from 2 to 4 miles. Its elongated diameter
is nearly from N. to S. The elevation of its sur-
face is 431 feet above tide water. About midway,
upon the W. shore, it receives the outlet of
Crooked Lake, which lies about 6 miles to the S.
W., elevated 265 feet above. Its own outlet is at its
N. E. angle, and flows E. about 12 miles to Cayu-
ga Lake, affording a fine water power at Waterloo,
and also at Seneca Falls.. The whole descent, in
12 miles, is about 80 feet. At the falls the water
descends 47 feet over 4 dams. Seneca Lake is
very deep, and consequently is never entirely
frozen over: 12 miles from its outlet, it has been
ascertained to be 560 feet deep. The lands upon
the shores of this lake are very picturesque and
beautiful, being highest and boldest about the S.
end, and towards the N. less elevated, but undu-
lating, and bountifully adorned with the fruits of
cultivation, with here and there a remaining tract
of the primitive forest. The landscape gradually
rises, for several miles from the shores, by broad
natural terraces, or successive ridges, running par-
allel with the lake, over a considerable extent of
country. This lake is connected by a canal with
Crooked Lake. Its outlet is also made navigable
by locks at Waterloo, connecting its commerce
with that of the Erie Canal. It is connected also
by railroad conveyance S. with the Susquehanna
River, at Owego, and with the Delaware River
and the Erie Railroad at Binghampton. Upon
the lake itself steamboats run regularly through
from Geneva, near its foot, to Jefferson, at its
head. It is known that the water of this lake has
a gradual rise and fall, through periods of several
years: but the cause of this has never been as-

Seneca River, N. Y., is the outlet of Seneca
Lake, from the N. end of which it flows E. about
12 miles, to the N. end of Cayuga Lake. Receiv-
ing the waters from this lake, it turns N. until it
meets with a stream formed by the outlet of Can-
andaigua Lake, and other small tributaries coming
from the W.; after which it flows E. again, re-
ceiving other tributaries successively from the
outlets of Owasco, Skaneateles, and Onondaga

Lakes, until it meets that of the Oneida Lake :
where, turning to the N. W., it becomes the Os-
wego River, and flows into Lake Ontario, at Os-
wego. Its course is about 60 miles from Seneca
Lake, across Seneca, Cayuga, and Onondaga coun-
ties, to its confluence with the Oswego. It is ren-
dered navigable by a canal and locks to the great
Erie Canal at Waterloo. There are falls in this
river at the village of Seneca Falls, 10 miles from
the lake, and also at Waterloo, 4 miles higher up,
upon which, especially the former, a great water
power is obtained.

Seneca River, S. C., rises in the Blue Ridge,
N. C., flows S. through Pickens and Anderson
districts, S. C., and enters the Tugaloo. It is about
50 miles long, and has numerous branches.

Sequatchy River, Te. This river rises in the N.
interior of Bledsoe co., flows in a pretty direct S.
W. course, and empties into the Tennessee River in
the S. part of Marion co.

Seven Beaver Lake, Ma. This sheet of water
contains one or two islands, and is the source of
the head branch of St. Louis River.

Seven Mile Brook, Me., rises in Franklin and
Somerset counties, flows about 35 mile3 in a S.
E. direction, affording fine mill privileges to the
towns of Kingfield and New Portland, and enters
the Kennebec at Anson, 40 miles N. E. from Au-

Severn River, Anne Arundel co., Md., rises near
the centre of the county, flow's S. E., and empties
into Chesapeake Bay just below Annapolis city.

Seymore's Hill, Sandisfield, Ms. Height 1698

Seymour Lake, Yt. See Morgan.

Shade Creek, Pa., rises in Somerset co., in the
Alleghany Mts., and falls into Conemaugh River
at Johnstowm.

Shade Mountains, Pa. This ridge of the Al-
leghany chain extends from Bedford co. through
Huntington into Mifflin co., a distance of 40 miles.

Shahwater Cape, On. Situated on the W. coast
S. from Gray's Harbor.

Shallot River and Inlet, Brunswick co., N. C.
The river receives several small tributaries, and
passes through the inlet into the sea.

Shallow Lake, Me. This is one of a chain of
lakes lying in the W. part of Piscataquis co.

Shamokin Creek, Pa., after a course of 30 miles
enters the E. side of the Susquehanna, 2 miles
below Sunbury.

Shamvapquam River, On. A head branch of
the Yakima River.

Shark River, Monmouth co., N. J. A small
stream emptying into the Atlantic through Shark

Sharon Springs. See Mineral Springs.

Sharp's Island, Md. Situated in Chesapeake
Bay, at the mouth of Choptank River.

Sharpshin Point, Yt. A high, rocky point, situ-
ated on the N. side of Burlington Bay, 1 mile and
217 rods from the S. wharf in Burlington.

Shaw's Creek, S. C. A branch of the South
Edisto River, with which it unites in Barnwell

Shawangunk Creek, or River, N. Y. This stream
rises in Orange co., flows N. E., and enters the
Wallkill in Ulster co.

Shawangunk Mountains, N. Y. This range,
which is a continuation of the Alleghany chain,
extends in a N. E. direction through Orange and
Sullivan counties, and terminates at the town of
New Paltz, in Ulster co. The E. declivity is par-

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