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tially cultivated, but the W. is rocky and precipi-
tous. They contain a fine lead mine.

Sheboygan River, Wn., rises near Lake Winne'-
bago, in Fond du Lac co., and passing through a
small lake in the N. W. part of Sheboygan co., it
proceeds by a winding E. course to Lake Michigan.

Sheepseot River, Me., rises in the town of Pa-
lermo, Waldo co., flows about 35 miles in a S.
direction, and falls into Sheepseot Bay. This
river is navigable, and affords valuable mill priv-
ileges. The tide meets it between Wiscasset and

Sheepseot Bay, Me., extends inland about 10
miles between the towns of Boothbay and George-
town. Its mouth is 3 miles wide, and bears N. E.
6 miles from Seguin light, at the mouth of the

Shegg's Creek, Ky. A small stream flowing
through Barren co. into the Big Barren River.

Shelburne Bay, Vt. See Shelburne.

Shell Lake, St. Croix co., Wn. Situated in the
N. E. part cf the county, at the head of Clam

Shenandoah River, Ya. This river is formed in
Warren co, by the junction of two branches.
The N. branch rises in Rockingham co., and the
S. branch in Augusta co. The latter flows along
the W. side of Blue Ridge, and nearly parallel
with it, until its union with the N. branch, whence
the main stream flows N. E. to its entrance into
the Potomac at Harper's Ferry, just before its
passage through the Blue Ridge.

Shepaug River, Ct. This stream rises in Go-
shen, Litchfield co., flows S. through the towns
of Washington and Roxbury, and enters the
Housatonic at Southburv. It receives several
branches, and affords good water power.

Shetek Lake, Chippewa co., Wn. This is the
most N. of a chain of lakes supplying the head
waters of Red Cedar River.

Shetek Lake, Ma. This is one of a cluster of
lakes supplying the head waters of Moingonan

Shetucket River, Ct., rises by several branches
in Tolland and Windham counties. It passes
between the towns of Lisbon and Franklin, and
joining the Quinnebaug at Norwich, flows into
the Thames. It receives several branches, the
pn ecipal of which are the Natchang and Willi-
mantic, and affords fine mill privileges.

Shickskinny Mountain, Pa., extends along the
W. side of Susquehanna River, which it crosses
in Luzerne co.

Shinnecock Bay, Suffolk co., N. Y., is a beautiful
body of water, lying in the town of Southamp-
ton. It is 10 miles long, and from 3 to 4 wide.
A narrow sand beach, evidently formed by the
waves, separates it from the ocean. This bay
has long been celebrated for its shell fish. Clams
of a superior quality are found here in great
abundance, affording employment to a great many

Shishib Lake, La Pointe co., Wn. Situated in
the S. E. part of the county, between Weyekwa
and Manitosawin Lakes.

Shitticoolc River, Aroostook co., Me., is the
largest N.
E. branch of the Matawamkeag.

Shoal Creek, Is., a tributary of Kaskaskia Riv-
er, rises in Montgomery co.

Shoal River, Fa. One of the principal branch-'
es of the Yellow Water River, with which it joins
in Santa Rosa co.

Sholey's Fork, Ca. It flows S. into the Rio Gila.

Shooting Creek, Cherokee co., N. C., flows W.
into the Hiawassee River.

Shrewsbury River, Shrewsbury town, Monmouth
co., N. J., a continuation of Sandy Hook Bay,
flows about 5 miles, partly through a salt marsh,
and averages about a mile and a half in width.
It receives Shrewsbury River proper, a stream 6
or 7 miles long.

Sibley Lake, Ma., lies N. from Gayashk Lake,
with which it is connected.

Sideling Creek, Md. A small branch of the
Potomac, running on the E. side of Sideling Mt.

Sideling Mountains. This range traverses Hunt-
ington and Bedford counties, Pa., and Alleghany
co., Md.

Siegas River, Me., flows S., and enters the St.
John's W. of Grand River.

Sierra Nevada, Ca. This large chain of moun-
tains extends through the W. part of Ca., and
contains some of the highest land in the Union.
It is the source of many large rivers, the princi-
pal of which are the Rio Sacramento and Rio
San Joaquin.

Silliman Lake, Ma. The most S. of a chain
of lakes, connecting by an outlet with North Red

Silver Bluff, S. C. This eminence extends
about 2 miles along the Savannah, is about 1 mile
wide, and is elevated nearly 30 feet above the
opposite shore.

Silver Creek, Chatauque co., N. Y., rises in the
town of Hanover, and flows N. W. into Lake Erie.

Silver Creek, Burke co., N. C., flows N. N. E.,
and empties into the Catawba near Morgan.

Silver Creek, Clarke co., Ia. It flows in a S.
direction, forming part of the boundary between
Clarke and Floyd counties, and empties into the
Ohio River.

Silver Lake, Wyoming co., N. Y., is 3 miles
long and three fourths of a mile wide. It is a
charming sheet of water, and is stocked with bass,
pickerel, muscalonge, and other fish peculiar to
Lake Erie, from whence they were brought.

Silver River, Ca. A small stream flowing S. W.
into St. John's River.

Sims's Stream, N. H., rises from several ponds
and springs among the mountains in the town
of Columbia, and falls into the Connecticut Riv-
er near the N. W. extremity of the town.

Sinepuxent Lnlet, Worcester co., Md., situated
in lat. 38° 10' 30'7 N., is the entrance into Sine-
puxent Bay from the ocean. The bay is long and
narrow, and Asaticque Island separates it from
the Atlantic.

Sinnemahoning River, Pa., enters the W. branch
of the Susquehanna in the S. W. part of Lyco-
ming co.

Sinoogawnock River, N. H. See Lsrael's River.

Sioux River, Ma. This large river rises near
the sources of the Minesota or St. Peter's River,
flows S. S. E., forming the boundary between Io.
and Ma., and empties into the Missouri.

Sipsey River, Aa. This river rises in the W.
part of Walker co., and flows S. S. W. into the

Siselin Lake, Otsego -co., Mn. The waters of
this lake connect by an outlet with a branch of
the Au Sable River.

Six Mile Creek, Tompkins co., N. Y., flows
N. W. to the village of Ithaca, where it enters
Cayuga Lake.

Skaneateles Lake, N. Y. This beautiful and
romantic sheet of water lies partly between Ca-

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