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crosses the state in a S. W. direction, receiving
Eel and Tippecanoe Rivers on the N., and Sala-
manie and Missisinewa Rivers on the S. side, and
a little below Terre Haute it takes a more S.
direction, forming the boundary between la. and
Is., until its entrance into the Ohio, 68 miles
above the mouth of Cumberland River, and 127
miles above the Mississippi. It is the largest N.
tributary of the Ohio, and the second in size in
its whole course. It connects Lake Erie with
the Ohio River by means of the Wabash and
Erie Canal. Steamboats ascend it to Lafayette.

Wabesipinicon River, Io. This large river
rises in the E. part of the neutral ground, flows
S. E. across Buchanan, Linn, Jones, a corner
of Cedar, into Clinton co., and then flows E.,
separating Clinton and Scott counties, until its
entrance into the Mississippi.

Waccamaw Lake, N. C. A small sheet of
water lying in Brunswick and Columbus coun-
ties, and emptying by an outlet into Waccamaw

Waccamaw River, N. and S. C. This river
rises in the S. part of N. C., flows S. W., and
enters Winyaw Bay in Georgetown district, S. C.

Wachita River, As, and La., rises in Hot Spring
co., receives Little Missouri River on the S. bor-
der of Clarke co.. and Saline River on the S.
extremity of Bradley co. It then enters La.,
and, receiving numerous large branches, flows S.
by E., until its junction with Black, a tributary
of Red River.

Wachuset Mountain, Princeton, Ms. Height
2018 feet.

Wading River, Burlington co., N. J. This
stream, with its branches, drains the S. part of the
county, and falls into Little Egg Harbor River.

Wahlah-Waidah River, On. It rises mostly
among the Blue Mts., flows N. W., and empties
intb Columbia River.

Wahsatch Mountains, Uh. A range extending
from Utah River S. S. W. to the head branches
of Virgen River.

Waifs River, Yt. The main branch of this
river rises in Harris's Gore, and runs S. E. along
the W. line of Topsham. Another branch, called
Jail Branch, rises in Washington, and, running
N. E., joins the main branch in the S. W. part
of Topsham. Another stream rises in the N.
part of Topsham, and, running S., unites with
the main stream near the N. E corner of Corinth.
Another stream, called the South Branch, rises
near the middle of Washington, and, pursuing a
S, E. course, joins the river at Bradford. Wait's
River and its branches are lively streams, and
afford a number of very good mill privileges.

Wakasasse Bay, Fa. This curvature extends
nearly the entire length of Levy co., and receives
the waters of several rivers.

Wakasasse River, Fa. A small stream flowing
into the bay of the same name.

Wakatomica River, 0., flows S. E. into the
Muskingum, 13 miles above Zanesville.

Walhonding River, O., formerly called White
Woman River, one of the main branches of the
Muskingum, is formed by the junction of Mo-
hiccan and Vernon Rivers. It receives Kilbuck
Creek from the N, and unites with the Tusca-
rawas opposite Coshocton.

Walker's Lake, Uh., lies S. E. from Pyramid
Lake, and receives the waters of Walker's River
from the N.

Walker's River, Uh. This stream rises among

the Sierra Nevada, takes a semicircular course,
and empties into the N. part of Walker's Lake.

Walnut Creek, O., waters Fairfield co., and
flowing S. W. 30 miles, enters the Sciota 6 miles
above Circleville.

Walnut Hill, Charlemont, Ms. Height 1888 ft.

Wallabout Bay, N. Y., lies in the N. E. part of
the city of Brooklyn. The U. S. navy yard is
situated here. Here were the British prison
ships moored, during the revolutionary war, on
board of which it is said 11.500 American prison-
ers perished, and were buried on the beach near by.

Wallag-as-quegamook Lake, Piscataquis co., Me.,
is one of the numerous lakes through which Al-
liguash River passes.

Wallkill River, N. Y. This large and impor-
tant mill stream rises in N. J., flows in a N. di-
rection into N. Y., crosses Orange and Ulster
counties, and empties into the Rondout, a tribu-
tary of the Hudson.

Walloomsack River, Yt. and N. Y., is a small
stream formed in Bennington, Vt., by the union
of several branches which rise in Glastenbury,
Woodford, and Pownal. It takes a N. W. direc-
tion, leaves the state near the N. W. corner of
Bennington, and unites with the Hoosick nearly
on the line between Washington and Rensselaer
counties, N. Y. Between this stream and the
Hoosick was fought the Bennington battle.

Wal/oostook River, Me., is the W. or main branch
of the St.John's. It rises in the N. part of Som-
erset co., flows N.
E., receiving the waters of many
rivers, lakes, and ponds, and after traversing a
large extent of fertile and heavily-timbered coun-
try, unites with the St. Francois. See
St. John's
under Fundy, Bay.

Wallops Island, Accomac co., Ya., lies at the
S. entrance of Sinepuxent Bay.

Wamdushka River, Ma. A large W. tributary
of the Tchan Sansan, or River a Jaques.

Wananri River, Ma. This large stream flows
E., and empties into the Missouri a little W.
from Bon Homme Island.

Wando River, Charleston district, S. C. This
river receives several small branches, and empties
into Charleston harbor.

Wangombaug Pond, Tolland co., Ct. Situated
in the town of Coventry, and connected by an
outlet on the S. E. with the Willamantic

Wapacan Creek, Is., unites with Mason Creek
in Grundy co., and flow's N. into the Illinois.

Wappinger's Creek, Dutchess co., N. Y., enters
the Hudson below New' Hamburg. It is a large
and important mill stream.

Waraju River, Ma. It rises near the source
of the Moingonan, and flows in an
E. direction
until its entrance into the Minesota or St. Fran-
cis River.

Ware River, Sis. Branches of this powerful
mill stream rise in Hubbardston, Barre, and
Oakham. It passes through Hardwick, New
Braintree, and Ware, and joins the Chicopee at

War Eagle Creek, As., rises in the S. part of
Madison co., flows N. W., and enters White River
in Benton co.

Warner River, N. H. See Warner.

Warsaw Islands and Sound, Ga., lie off Chat-
ham co., between Tybee and Ossabaw Sounds.

Washa, Lake, La. This sheet of water lies S.
from the Mississippi River and from Lake Pon-
chartrain. It receives the waters of several other

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