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erses the country east and west. This county
contains the famous Frostburg coal field.

Allegan County, Mn., c. h. at Allegan. S. W.
part of the state, on Lake Michigan. Watered
by Kalamazoo, Black, and Rabbet Rivers. Sur-
face undulating, soil sandy on the borders of the
lake, rich alluvion on the rivers, and elsewhere
a mixture of sand and clay.

Allegan, Mn., c. h. Allegan co. On both sides
of the Kalamazoo River. It has an elevated sur-
face, a dry, sandy soil, and good water power.
161 miles W. by N. from Detroit.

Alleghany County, N. Y., c. h. at Angelica. On
the S. W. border of the state. Watered by
Black, Dike, Caneadea, Cold, and Campen's
Creeks, beside other smaller tributaries of the
Genesee which flows nearly through the centre of
the county. The surface on the E. and W. consists
of ranges of table land, elevated from 1500 to
2500 feet above the tide waters of the Hudson.
The soil in the Genesee valley is very fertile,
and the uplands are well adapted to grazing.
This county contains several beds of bog iron
ore. In the W. part is an oil spring which yields
large quantities of Seneca oil. It is crossed by
the Genesee Valley Canal and the New York
and Erie Railroad.

Alleghany County, Pa., c. h. at Pittsburg The
Alleghany and Monongahela Rivers unite near
the centre of this county, to form the Ohio. Sur-
face hilly, soil fertile. Abounds in coal.

Alleghany, Pa. A southern township of Arm-
strong co.; in the angle between the Alleghany
and the Kiskiminitas. Surface hilly, soil rather

Alleghany, Pa. A northern township of West-
moreland, in the southern angle between the
Alleghany and the Kiskiminitas. The water
power is considerable, and is improved for oper-
ating several flouring mills, saw mills, &c.

Alleghany, Pa., Blair co. Watered by the
Beaverdam, a branch of the Susquehanna River.
Surface mountainous ; soil in the valleys rich.

Alleghany, Pa. An eastern township of Somer-
set co., on the dividing ridge between the waters
of the Susquehanna and Youghiogeny. Surface
very hilly ; soil, gravel.

Alleghany, Pa., a northern township of, Venan-
go co.. on the N. bank of the Alleghany. Sur-
face hilly; soil gravelly.

Alleghany City, Pa. A suburb of Pittsburg;

Alleghany,■ Pa., a central township of Cambria
co., on the height of land between the head
waters of the W. branch of the Susquehanna
and the Kiskiminitas.

Alleghany County, Va., c. h. at Covington. Cen-
tral, in the valley district, bounded W. by the
Alleghany Mountains, which separate it from
Greenbrier co. Watered by Cow Pasture and
Jackson's Rivers, head branches of the James.
The passage of Jackson's River through Waite's
Mountain is a great curiosity. One of its tribu-
taries, also, has a fall of 180 feet in a short dis-
tance. The soil is fertile on. the streams, and on
Rich Patch Mountain; elsewhere the land is
sterile. Surface elevated and mountainous.

Allen County, la., c. h. at Fort Wayne. Wa-
tered by St. Joseph's and St. Mary's Rivers,
which unite at Fort Wayne to form the Maumee.
Surface level, consisting partly of wet prairies;
soil fertile. The Wabash and Erie Canal passes
through this county.















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Allen County, Ky., c. h. at Scottsville. On the
S. border of the state. Watered by the sources
of Big Barren River, a branch of Green River.
Surface level; soil of^a tolerably good quality.

Allen, N. Y., Alleghany co. Several small af-
fluents of the Genesee flow through this town,
the surface of which is undulating, and the soil
clay and sandy loam. 7 miles N. from Angelica,
and 261 S. of W. from Albany.

Allen County, O., c. h. at Lima. On the sum-
mit between the lake and the Ohio River. Very
fertile. The Miami Canal passes through it.

Allen, Pa. A south-east township of Cumber-
land co. 18 miles W. S. W. from Harrisburg.

Allen, Pa. A west township of Northampton
co. The Lehigh River and Canal bound it on
the W.

Allenstown, N. H., Merrimac co. Watered by
Suncook River. The land is mostly ordinary,
though there are some fine forms, also a large
growth of.oak and pine timber. 11 miles S. E.
from Concord, .38 W. from Portsmouth.

Allentown, Pa., (also called Northampton,) c. h.
Lehigh co. 87 miles E. N. E. from Harris-

Alligator, Fa., c. h. Columbia co. 110 miles S.
E. by E. from Tallahassee.

Almond, N. Y. A western township of Alle-
ghany co., on the head branches of Canisteo
River, a tributary of the Susquehanna. The
surface is rather hilly; the soil mostly clay loam,
and good. 14 miles E. from Angelica, and 240
S. of W. from Albany.

Aina, Me., Lincoln co. On Sheepseot River.
10 miles from Wiscasset, 54 N.E. from Portland,
and 20 S. S. E. from Augusta.

Alsace, Pa., Berks co. On the E. side of Schuyl-
kill River; watered also by Roush's Creek. The
surface is mountainous, but the soil, under good
cultivation, is productive.

Alstead, N. H. Cheshire co. Watered by Cold
Rjver, and branches of the Ashuelot. It contains
Warren's and other ponds. 12 miles S. E. from
Charlestown, 56 W. by S. from Concord.

Altamont, Te., c. h. Grundy co.

Alton, 111., city, Madison co. Situated on the
east bank of the Mississippi, 82 miles W. by
from Springfield, the capital of the state. This
place has an excellent steamboat landing, and is
advantageously situated for trade. It extends
along the river about 2 miles; and back, from
half a mile to a mile. The streets, which are
laid out with regularity, are from 60 to 180 feet
wide. The place has had a rapid growth. There
are churches here of the Presbyterian, Baptist,
Methodist, Episcopal, Evangelical, Lutheran, and
Unitarian denominations. Two or three weekly
newspapers are published here. There are sev-
eral large commission houses, a great number of
stores, a flouring mill, a brewery, saw mills, &c.
Quite a number of steamboats doing business on
the Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois Rivers, are
owned here. The surrounding country is rich
in fine timber, limestone, and bituminous coal.

Alton, N. H., Belknap co. On Merrymeeting
Bay of Winnipiseogee Lake. Soil hard and
rocky, but productive if well cultivated. Its
timber, oak, beech, maple, and pine. Principal
elevations, Mount Major and Prospect Hill.
Half Moon Pond, between Alton and Barnstead,
is 300 rods long, 150 wide.

Amoskeag, N. H., Hillsboro' co. A village
in Goffstown, on the Merrimac River, which here

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