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N. E. corner of the state, on the southern shore
of Lake Erie. The soil is various, but generally
good. Grand River, Ashtabula, and Conneaut
Creeks are the most important streams; these
afford a valuable water power. They flow north-
westwardly into Lake Erie; the land, which is
mostly level, descends in that direction. The
first settlers of this county emigrated from New
England, and they and their descendants are re-
markable for thrift and intelligence.

Ashtabula, 0. Township and borough, Ashta-
bula co., on Ashtabula River, near its mouth,
and 191 miles N. E. from Columbus.

Ashville, Aa., c. h. St. Clair co. On the S. E.
side of Canoe Creek, 90 miles N. E. from Tus-

Ashville, N. C., c. h. Buncombe co. On French
Broad River, 256 miles W. from Raleigh.

Assumption Parish, La., c. h. at Assumption.
S. central, on the S. side of the Mississippi. The
Bayou La Fourche runs S. through it.

Assumption, La., c. h. Assumption Parish. On
Bayou La Fourche, 89 miles W. from New

Astoria, N. Y., Queen's co., lies at Hallett's
Cove, 'just below Hurl Gate. It contains a fe-
male seminary, ‘and manufactories of carpets,
turpentine, and other articles. It is connected
with New York by a ferry. It is distant 6 miles
N. E.

Asylum. Pa., Bradford co. Watered by the
Susquehanna River, on which are the Wyalusing
Falls, and fby Duval's, Sugar, and Tonawanda
145 miles N. from Harrisburg.

Atchison County, Mo., c. ii. at Linden. In the
N. W. corner
of the state. Watered by sev-
eral confluents
of the Missouri, which flow S.
through it.

Athens, Aa., c. h. Limestone co. About 1 mile
W. from Swan Creek, and 154 miles N. by E.
from Tuscaloosa.

Athens, Ga., c. h. Clarke co. Situated on the
W. bank of the Oconee River, the seat of the
Georgia University.
(See Colleges.) 75 miles N.
by W. from Milledgeville; connected with Au-
gusta by railroad.

Athens, Ky., Fayette co. On a small branch of
Kentucky River, 34 miles
S. E. from Frankfort.

Athens, Me., Somerset co. Watered by a branch
of Kennebec River. 18 miles N. N. E. from Nor-
ridgewock, 45 miles N. from Augusta.

Athens, N. Y., Greene co. On the Hudson
River, opposite the city of Hudson. The surface
in the W. part is hilly, but it becomes more level
near the Hudson. Soil generally fertile, being a
mixture of clay, sand, and loam. There is in
this town a quarry of graywacke slate, from which
large quantities of flagging stone are sent to
market. It is 29 miles S. from Albany, and 5
N. from Catskill village.

Athens County, 0., c. h. at Athens. On the S.
E. it touches the Ohio River, and the Hock-
ing flows through it from N. W. to S. E. This
county is very irregular in its form. Its mean
breadth from N. E. to S. W. is about 20 miles,
and its length, upon the longest line that can be
drawn over it, is 40 miles. It contains an area
of 740 square miles. The surface is broken and
hilly, but the soil is good. Lime, freestone, and
clay for brick, furnish abundant materials for
building. The county contains bituminous coal
in abundance," and in several localities iron ore
is found. Salt of an excellent quality has been


manufactured from the water of wells sunk deep
into the earth for that purpose. The Hocking
River enters the county at its extreme north-
western angle, and flows S. E. diagonally over
the whole territory, falling into the Ohio River
at its extreme south-western angle. The south-
ern border declines to the southward, and is
watered by several creeks which run into the
Ohio. There are many good mill sites on the
Hocking River and its branches. Two town-
ships in this county, containing 46,080 acres,
were granted by the United States Congress for
the endowment of a state university, which has
since been established at Athens, the chief town
*of the County.

Athens, 0., c. h. Athens co. 72 miles S. E.
from Columbus. Situated on a peninsula formed
by a curve in the Hockliocking River. It is well
built, generally of brick, and presents a neat and
picturesque appearance. The Ohio University
is located here, the buildings of which are on a
slight eminence in the south part of the village.
Colleges.) There is likewise an academy in
the place. The township to which it belongs is
the northernmost of the two granted by Congress
for the support of the university. There are in
the place a number of stores and mechanical es-
tablishments, and an active business is done.

Athens, Pa., Bradford cp. Beautifully situated
at the junction of the Chemung and Susquehan-
na Rivers. Surface a gently-undulating plain,
environed by mountains.

Athens, Pa. An eastern township of Craw-
ford co.

Athens, Te., e. h. McMinn co. On Eastanalla
Creek, 15 miles from its entrance into the Ten-
nessee, and 154 S. E. from Nashville.

Athens, Yt., Windham co. A good township
of land, particularly for grazing. 10 miles from
Bellows Falls, and 98 S. from Montpelier.

Athol, Ms., Worcester co. On Miller's River,
a fine stream which affords great water power.
The surface is uneven; soil strong and produc-
tive. There are a number of handsome villages
in the town, and many large farms. 70 miles
W. N. W. from Boston, and 28. N? W. from
Worcester. The Vermont and Massachusetts
Railroad passes through the principal village.

Athol, N. Y., Warren co. A large township
on the head waters of the Hudson River, watered
by several of its tributaries. The W. part is
sterile, and chiefly valuable for its timber. 71
miles N. from Albany.

Atkinson, Me., Piscataquis co. On Piscataquis
River. 132 miles N. E. from Portland.

Atkinson, N. H., Rockingham co. It has an
uneven surface, but superior soil. The apple
has been much cultivated, and the finest fruit is
produced. One of the oldest academies in the
state is here. 30 miles S. W. from Portsmouth,
and 36 S. E. from Concord.

Atlantic County, N. J., c. h. at May's Landing,
S. E. part. It embraces numerous islands, and
its sea-shore is indented by many bays. Soil
chiefly light and sandy.

Attala County, Mi., c. h. at Kosciusko. Central.
Watered by the Big Black, which separates it
from Holmes co., and by head branches of Pearl
River. Surface level; soil tolerably good.

Atica, N. Y., Wyoming co. Watered by Ton-
awanda Creek and its tributaries. Surface un-
dulating ; soil well adapted to the growth of
grass and grain. 250 miles W. from Albany.

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain image

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