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River runs through it on the S., and Mill River
on the E. There are four villages. The township
is broken and uneven, with rather a thin soil.
The Providence and Worcester Railroad passes
through the south-western part of the town.—
39 miles S. W. from Boston, and 13 N. W. from-
Providence, R. I.

Bladen bounty, N. C., c. h. at Elizabeth. In
the S. angle, on both sides of Cape Fear River.

Bladensburg, Md., Prince George co. 34 miles
W. from Annapolis, and 6 N. E. from Washing-
ton. It is a little S. of the railroad from Wash-
ington to Baltimore. Celebrated for the battle
1814, which preceded the capture of Wash-

Blair County, Pa., c. h. at Hollidays burg. A
little S. of the centre of the state, on the eastern
slope of the main chain of the Alleghanies, the
crest of which forms its western boundary.
Watered by the Upper Juniata and its heads.

Blairsville, Ga., c. h. Marion co. 118 miles
N. N. W. of Milledgeville.

Blairsville, Pa., Indiana co., is at the junction
of Black Lick Creek with Kiskiminitas River,
171 miles W. by N. from Harrisburg, on the
Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal.

Blakeley, Aa., c. h. Baldwin co. Opposite to
Mobile. It has a good harbor, and the situation
is healthy and pleasant, but the attempt to make
it rival Mobile has not succeeded.

Blakeley, Ga., c. h. Early co. 203 miles S. W.
from Milledgeville.

Blakely, Pa. A N. E. township of Luzerne co.,
on both sides of the Lackawannoclc River.

Blanchard, Me., Piscataquis co. 116 miles
from Augusta.

Blandford, Ms., Hampden co. A mountainous
township, of good grazing land. Branches of
Westfield River rise here, and give it a good
water power. The Western Railroad passes
through Chester village, at the north part. From
Boston 119 miles, and from Springfield 21 miles.

B/andville, Ky., c. h. Ballard co. 350 miles W.
of S. from Lexington.

Bleecker, N. Y., Fulton co., contains Fish and
Caroga Lakes, and is drained by Caroga Creek
and some small branches of Sacondaga River.
Hilly and mountainous, mostly covered with for-
ests. 55 miles N. W. from Albany.

Blenheim, N. Y., Schoharie co. Drained by
Schoharie Creek, and some of its tributaries.
Hilly and mountainous, and abounds in geologi-
cal curiosities, the most important of which are
the “ Bear's Ladder," composed of globular
masses of graywacke, and Mineral Hill, a large
mass of red sandstone. There is also here an
extensive slate quarry, 53 m. S. W. from Albany.

Bled.so$ County, Te. S. E. central. On the
height of land between the waters of the Cumber-
land and Tennessee. Watered by Sequatchie
River, and has a somewhat mountainous sur-

Blissjield, Mn., Lenawee co. On the N. bank
of Raisin River. 71 miles S. W. from Detroit.
The Erie and Kalamazoo Railroad passes
through it.

Blocldey, Pa. A suburb of Philadelphia.

Bloom, Pa. A central township of Columbia
co.. at the junction of the Susquehanna River and
Fishing Creek. Surface level; soil sandy and
calcareous loam. 80 miles N. by E. from Har-
risburg. It contains the village of Blooms-

Bloomfield, Ct., Hartford co. It was incorpo-
rated into a town in 1825. Has a fine soil, culti-
vated with great industry, producing large crops
of grass and grain, with an abundance of choice
fruit. 6 miles N. by W. from Hartford.

Bloomfield, Me., Somerset co. On Kennebec
River, 33 miles N. from Augusta. A fine town-
ship of land.

Bloomfield, la., c. h. Greene co. On the E.
side of the W. branch of White River, 74 miles
S. W. from Indianapolis.

Bloomfield, Io., c. h. Davis co. 30 miles S. W.
from Iowa city.

Bloomfield, N. J., Essex co. 54 miles N. E.
from Trenton, and 4 N. from Newark.

Bloomfield, Yt., Essex co. The W. and S. parts
are watered bv Bulhegan River. 86 miles N. E.
from Montpelier.

Blooming Grove, N. Y., Orange co. Murderer's
Creek and its branches water this town. The sur-
face is hilly, Scunnevnunk Mountain, a peak of
the Highlands, covering the S. E. part. The soil
is very fertile. 12 miles S. from Newburg, and
about 100 S. from Albany.

Bloomington, Is., c. h. McLean co. 73 miles N.
N. E. from Springfield. Beautifully situated on
the margin of the prairie, with a delightful country
around it.

Bloomington, la., c. h. Monroe co. 49 miles S.
W. from Indianapolis. The seat of the Indiana
University. See

Bloomington, Mo., c. h. Macon co. 90 miles W.
of N. from Jefferson City.

Bloomsburg, N. J., Warren and Huntingdon
counties. On both sides of Musconetcong Creek,
and 43 miles N. N. W. from Trenton.

Bloomsburg, Pa., Columbia co. On the W. side
of the E. branch of the Susquehanna River, at the
junction of Fishing Creek. 87 miles N. by E.
from Harrisburg.

Blossburg, Pa., Tioga co. Situated near the
celebrated Blossburg coal mine, 13-3 miles N. N.
W. from Harrisburg. Connected by railroad with
Corning, N. Y., from which there is lake and ca-
nal navigation to Albany.

Blount County, Aa., c. h. at Blountsville. N.
central. Surface uneven, watered by the head
branches of the Black Warrior River; soil rather

Blount County, Te., c. h. at Marysville, shire
town. On the E. border, between the Tennessee
River and the N. C. line. Surface uneven and
mountainous; soil fertile.

Blountsville, Aa., c. h. Blount co. On the W.
side of the Locust Fork of Black River. 104
miles N. E. from Tuscaloosa.

Blountsville, Te., c. h. Sullivan co. 288 miles
E. by N. from Nashville.

Blue Hill, Me., Hancock co. At the head of a
bay of the same name. 12 miles E. from Cas-
tine. and 78 from Augusta.

Blue Sulphur Springs, Ya., Greenbrier co. 227
miles N. by W. from Richmond. See
able Resorts,

Blufi'ton, la., c. h. Wells co. 90 miles N. E.
from Indianapolis.

Bceuff Prairie, La., c. h. Franklin. 200 ftiiles
W. by N. from Baton Rouge.

Boggs, Pa. A central township of Centre co.
On the main ridge of the Alleghanies. Soil,
slate and gravelly limestone.

Bolivar, As., c. h. Poinsett co. 14 jniles N. E.
from Little Rock.

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain image

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