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318    COUNTIES,    CITIES,    TOWNS,    VILLAGES,    &c.,

several small lakes, from which flow the head
waters of Croton River. Surface hilly; soil very
fertile. 106 miles S. from Albany,

Carmi, la., c. h. White co. On the W. bank of
Little Wabash River. 181 miles S. E. from

Carnesville, Ga., c. k. Franklin co. On Ste-
phen's Creek. Ill miles N.from Milledgeville.

Caroline County, Md., c. h. at Denton On the
E. shore, bordering on Delaware. The Chop-
tank River waters this county, the W. branch
forming its W. boundary.

Caroline, N. Y., Tompkins co. West Owego
and Six Mile Creeks water this town, the surface
of which is hilly, and the soil gravelly and calca-
reous loam. 12 miles S. E. from Ithaca, and 156
S. W. from Albany.

Caroline County, Va., c. h. at Bowling Green.
E. part between the Rappahannock and the
North River. Watered by the Mattapony and its
branches. Surface hilly and broken; soil diver-

Carroll County, As., c. h. at Carrollton, shire
town. In the N. W. corner bordering on Mis-
souri. Watered by branches of the White and
Little Red Rivers.

Carroll County, Ga., c. h. at Carrollton. On
the W. border, extending from the Alabama line
to the Chattahoochee. Watered by the head
branches of the Tallapoosa River. Surface high
and broken.

Carroll County, Is., c. h. at Savanna. In the N.
W. angle on the Mississippi. Surface undulating,
and drained by Plum and Rush Creeks; soil pro-

Carroll County, la., c. h. at Delphi. N. W.
central. It is traversed by the Wabash River and
Rock, Deer, and Wildcat Creek, and also by
the Wabash and Erie Canal. Surface mostly

Carroll County, Ky., c. h. at Carrollton, shire
town. N. part on the Mississippi, at the mouth
of Carroll River. The surface is level, and the
soil very rich.

Carroll Parish, La., c. h. at Providence. In the
N. E. corner. Traversed by Bayou Bceuff, Bayou
Macon, and the Tensas River.

Carroll, Me., Penobscot co.

Carroll County, Md., c. h. at Westminster.
Bounded N. by Pa., E. by Baltimore cq., S'. by
Ann, and W. by Frederick co. It has a fertile
soil. Watered by Patapsco and Monococy

Carroll County, Mi., c. h. at Carrollton. N.
W. central. Between the upper waters of the
Big Black and the Yallabusha Fork of the
Yazoo. *

Carroll County, Mo., c. h. at Carrollton. N.
W. central. In the W. angle between the Grand
River and the Missouri.

Carroll County, N. H., c. h. at Ossipee. E- central.
On the N. side of Winnipiseogee Lake, and pre-
sents very beautiful scenery. The surface and
soil, and its hydraulic power, are much the same
as those of -Belknap co.

Carroll, N. H. A township in'Coos co., lying
at the base of the White Mountains. Its surface
is uneven, and its appearance dreary. This town-
ship was granted in 1772 to Sir Thomas Went-
worth, Rev. Samuel Langdon, and 81 others.
120 miles N. from Concord, and 18 S. E. from

Carroll, N. Y., Chautauque co. Watered by

Connewango and Stillwater Creeks. Surface hil-
ly ; soil sandy. 336 miles W. by S. from Albany.

Carroll County, 0., c. h. at Carrollton. E. part.
On the height of land between the Muskingum
and Ohio. The canal, from Bolivar to the Ohio
River, passes through its N. W. corner.

Carroll, Pa. A township of Cambria co.

Carroll, Pa. A township of Perry co.

Carroll, Pa. A township of Washington co.

Carroll, Pa. A township of York co.

Carroll County, Te., c. h. at Huntingdon. W.
part, on the height of land between the Tennessee
and Mississippi.

Carroll County, Va. New; taken from Grayson.
On the S. W. border, in the valley between the
Blue Ridge and the Iron Mountain.

Carrollton, Aa., c. h. Pickens co. On the W.
bank of Lubbub Creek. 42 miles W.' from Tus-

Carrollton, Ga., c. h. Carroll co. On the S.
fork of Tallapoosa River. 131 miles W. N. W.
from Milledgeville.

Carrollton, Is., c. h. Greene co. On the borders
of Spring Prairie. 69 miles S. W. from Spring-
field. Steam power is applied to operate flouring
mills and saw mills. The surrounding country
is beautiful.

Carrollton, Kv., c. h. Carroll co. On the S.
bank of the Ohio, at the mouth of Kentucky
River. 46 miles N. N. W. from Frankfort.

Carrollton, Mo., c. h. Carroll co. On Waeonda
Creek. 6 miles N. of Missouri River, and 124 N.
W. from Jefferson, City.

Carrollton, Mi., c. h. Carroll co. On the S. side
of Big Sandy Creek. 92 miles N. by E. from

Carrollton, N. Y., Cattaraugus co. On the
Pennsylvania border.

Carrollton, 0., c. h. Carroll co. 125 miles N. E.
from Columbus.

Carter County, Ky., c. h. at Grayson. N. E.
part. Drained by the Little Sandy and Tygart's
Creek. Hilly.

Carter County, Te., c. h. at Elizabethtown. In
the N. E. corner. Mountainous. Drained by
the Watoga and the S. fork of Hoalston.

Carteret County, N. C., c. h. at Beaufort. On
the coast, S. of Pamlico Sound. It comprises
several islands, on one of which is Cape Lookout.
Soil sandy and marshy.

Carthage, Is., c. b. Hancock co. Situated be-
tween Bear and Long Creeks. 9 miles from the
Mississippi River, and 106 W. N. W. from
Springfield. There is coal in abundance in the

Carthage, Mi., c. h. Leake co. 60 miles N. E.
from Jackson.

Carthage, Mo., c. h. Jasper co. 160 miles S. W.
from Jefferson City.

Carthage, Me., Franklin co. Incorporated 1826.
46 miles from Augusta, and 73 from Portland.
Barnard, Me.

Carthage, N. C., c. h. Moore co. 70 miles S.
W. from Raleigh.

Carthage, N. Y., Jefferson eo. On the Black
River, i 52 miles N.W. from Albany. There is
extensive water power on the Long Falls, com-
mencing at this place, below which the river is not
navigable. Above, boats run up 40 miles, to High
Falls, where the Black River Canal begins.
There are large iron works at this place.

Carthage, O., Hamilton co. 8 miles N. from
Cincinnati, and 116 S. W. from Columbus.

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain image

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