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iron foundery, with several mills and shops,
with various 'kinds of machinery, propelled by
steam power. There are also several establish-
ments for the manufacture of coaches and other
vehicles. Some are very distinguished for their
superior skill and workmanship, and employ a
large amount of labor and capital. In the Con-
cord portion of Fishers ville, near the junction of
the Contoocook River with the Merrimae, six
miles N. of the main village, about half of
which is in Concord and the other half in Bos-
cawen, there are a large cotton factory, various
other manufacturing establishments, and sites
for two other factories equal to the one already
completed. This village, on both sides the Con-
toocook, has grown up rapidly, and is still increas-
ing. It is traversed by the Northern and Clare-
mont Railroads, which afford great facilities for

The W. village, better known as the West Par-
ish, is situated about half way between Fishers-
ville and the main village. Here are manufac-
tured some of the finest flannels and blankets in
the country. The Concord and Claremont Rail-
road passes through this place.

The E. village, situated on the easterly side of
the Merrimae River, distant about 2 miles from the
State House, is a very thrifty and growing place,
connected with the main village by Federal
Bridge; also by the Boston, Concord, and Mon-
treal Railroad.

Concord, N. Y., Erie co. Situated on the N.
side of Cattaraugus Creek, and watered by sev-
eral small streams. The surface is quite hilly,
the soil favorable to the growth of grass. 282
W. from Albany, and 25 S. from Buffalo.

Concord, Pa., Delaware co. Watered by Paint-
er's Creek, which affords good hydraulic power.
20 miles W. from Philadelphia.

Concord, Pa., Franklin co. At the head of
Tuscarora Creek. 12 miles W. from Harrisburg.

Concord, Pa.. Erie co. Watered by branches
of French and Broken Straw Creeks. Surface
hilly, and well suited to grazing.

Concord, Vt., Essex co. Hall's Pond, lying
near the centre of the town, is about a mile long,
and about 100 rods wide. Miles's Pond is about
the same size, and lies near the N. E. corner of
the town. This town is watered by Moose and
Connecticut Rivers, also by several small streams.
The surface is uneven, and in the N. E. parts
very stony. It is an excellent grazing township,
and has some good tillage land. The first set-
tlement was commenced in 1788, by Joseph Ball.
24 miles
S. W. from Guildhall, and 44 N. E. by
E. from Montpelier.

Concordia Parish, La., c. h. at Vidalia, E. part,
between the Washita and the Mississippi. Sur-
face flat, and mostly liable to inundation; soil
extremely fertile, producing large crops of cotton.

Conecuh County, Aa., c. h. at Sparta. On the
S. border. Watered by Conecuh River and its

Conemaugh, Pa., Cambria co. Situated at the
junction of Conemaugh River and Stone Creek.
Hilly; soil of clay and calcareous loam.

Conemaugh, Pa., Indiana co. Watered by Black-
leg's Creek and Conemaugh River. Surface hilly;
soil a rich loam. Salt is found here on the banks
of the Conemaugh.

Coneseus, N. Y., Livingston co. Between Cone-
seus and Hemlock Lakes. Hilly ; the soil hardly
of the medium quality. 221 miles W. from Albany.

Conesville, N. Y., Schoharie co. Drained by
the Manor Kill, a branch of Schoharie Creek.
Hilly; the soil sandy loam. 42 miles S.
W. from

Conewago, Pa. A township of Adams co.

Conewago, Pa. A township of York co.

Conequenessing, Pa., Butler co. Conequenessing,
Breackneck and Yellow Creeks water this town.
Surface undulating; soil clay, gravel, and loam.

Conestoga, Pa., Lancaster co. 5 miles S. from

Conhocton, N. Y., Steuben co. Conhocton River
and some of its branches water this town, the sur-
face of which is hilly, and the soil moist clay
loam, favorable to the growth of grass. 225 miles
W. from Albany.

Conklin, N. Y., Broome co. The Susquehan-
na River flows through this town. The surface
is rather hilly, with the exception of a deep val-
ley on the banks of the river. 5 miles
S. E.
from Binghampton, and 152
S. W. from Albany.

Conneaut, Pa., Erie co. Surface hilly; watered
by Conneaut Lake and Creek; soil loam and

Conneaut, Pa., Crawford co. This town has an
undulating surface and gravelly soil.

Conneaut, 0., Ashtabula co. Township and
town, formerly called Salem. On the shore of
Lake Erie, at the mouth of Conneaut Creek.

ConnellsviUe, Pa., Fayette co. 180 miles W.by
from Harrisburg.

Connemaugh, Pa. A township of Somerset co.

Connersville, la., c. h. Fayette co. On the
W. side of Whitewater River. 60 miles E.
S. E.
from Indianapolis.

Connewango, N. Y., Cattaraugas co. Watered
by Connewango and Little Connewango Creeks.
The surface is high and broken ; the soil fertile.
302 miles W. by
S. from Albany.

Connewango, Pa., Warren co. Bounded on the
S. by the Alleghany River, and drained by Cone-
wago Creek. Surface uneven; soil fertile, es-
pecially in the S. part.

Conquest, N. Y., Cayuga co. On the N. side
of Seneca River, in which is Howland's Island,
belonging to this town. It also contains Duck
Lake. The surface is rolling; the soil sandy
and clay loam. 162 miles N. W. from Albany,
and 15 N. from Auburn.

Constable, N. Y., Franklin co. Trout River
waters this town, which is bounded by Canada
on the N. The surface is level; soil sandy loam.
218 miles N. N.
W from Albany, and 6 N. from

Constantia, N. Y., Oswego co. Watered by
Scriba's Creek and other small streams flowing
into Oneida Lake, which bounds it on the S.
The surface is level; soil sandy. 30 miles S. E.
from Oswego, and 140 N. of W. from Albany.

Constantine, Mn., St Joseph co. On St. Joseph
River, at the mouth of Fall River, 149 miles
W. S. W. from Detroit. A place of extensive
business, having excellent water power. Steam-
boats pass the mouth of the St. Joseph.

Contoocook Village, N. H. In the town of Hop-
kinton, Merrimae co. On Contoocook River,
which affords extensive hydraulic power.
from Concord 10 miles.

Contra Costa County, Ca., c. h. at Martinez.
In the south angle, between San Francisco Bay
and the outlet of the Sacramento.

Conway County, As., c. h. at Lewisburg,
Central. On the N. bank of the Arkansas.

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain image

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