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level, and drained by the Missisinewa and its

Grant County, Ky., c. h. at Williamstown.
Bounded N. by Boone and Kenton counties, E. by
Pendleton, S. by Pendleton and Owen, W. by
Owen and Gallatin. Watered by Eagle Creek, a
branch of the Kentucky River.

Grant County, Wn., c. h. at Lancaster. Bound-
ed N. by the Wisconsin River, separating it from
Crawford and Richland counties, E. by Iowa and
La Fayette counties, S. by Illinois, and S. W. and
W. by the Mississippi River, separating it from
Iowa. Drained by Blue, Platte, and Grant Rivers.
The soil is very fertile, and lead ore abundant.

Grantham, N. H., Sullivan co. There are 7 or
8 ponds here, the largest of which is called East-
man's, and contains nearly 300 acres ; another
contains nearly 200. Croydon Mountain is in
this town; on its summit is a natural pond, of
about 80 acres. On the E. side is a medicinal
spring, visited by hundreds in the summer season.
The soil is productive, especially on the W. of
the mountain, and is most favorable for wheat.
First settlers, William Symmes and 63 others.
12 miles S. E. from Dartmouth College, and 40
N. W. from Concord.

Granville, Ms., Hampden co., is quite moun-
tainous. In the valleys are some tracts of good
land for cultivation, and the highlands produce
good pasturage. Valley Branch and Hubbard's
River unite in this town, and form an important
tributary to Farmington River. This township
was sold to James Cornish, in 1686, by Toto, an
Indian chief, for a gun and 16 brass buttons. It
was first settled in 1738. Granville East village
is neatly located on elevated ground, 17 miles W.
S. W. from Springfield, and 115 W. S. W. from

Granville County, N. C., Oxford shire town.
Bounded N. by Va., E. by Warren and Franklin
counties, S. by Wake, and W. by Orange and
Person counties. Drained by Tar, and branches
of Neuse and Roanoke Rivers.

Granville, N. Y., Washington co. Watered by
Pawlet River. The surface is uneven ; soil of
good quality. 16 miles N. from Salem, and 63
N. E. from Albany.

Granville, Pa., Bradford co. 147 miles N. E.
from Harrisburg.

Granville, Pa., Mifflin co.

Granville, Vt., Addison co. White River is
formed here, by the union of several considerable
branches. One of these has a fall of 100 feet.
A considerable part of the surface of the town-
ship is mountainous. The settlement was com-
menced soon after the close of the revolution, by
Reuben King and others. 22 miles S. W. from
Montpelier, and 16 S. E. from Middlebury.

Graves County, Ky., c. h. at Mayfield. Bound-
ed N. by McCraken co., E. by Marshall and Cal-
loway counties, S. by Tennessee, and W. by Hick-
man and Ballard counties. Surface level, and
drained by Mayfield Creek ; soil productive.

Gravesend, N. Y., King's co. Surface level and
marshy, broken near the shore by some barren
sand hills. Coney Island, which forms a part of
the town, is much resorted to for sea bathing and
fishing during the summer. 8 miles S. from
Brooklyn, and 153 from Albany.

Gray, Me., Cumberland co. This is a fine farm-
ing town, watered by branches of North Yarmouth
and Presumpscut Rivers, and containing a large
part of Little Sebago Pond. It lies 17 miles N.


by W. from Portland, and 44 S. W. from Augus-
ta. Incorporated 1778. Gray is a pleasant town,
and a place of considerable trade and some manu-

Grayson County, Ky., c. h. at Mayfield. Bounded
N. by a branch of Green River, separating it from
Breckenbridge co., E. by Hardin, Laurel, and Hart,
S. by Edmonson and Butler, and W. by Ohio co.

Grayson, Ky., c. h. Carter co., lies half a mile
W.from Little Sandy River, and 128 miles E.
from Frankfort.

Grayson County, Ts. On the northern border,
on Red River, opposite the mouth of the Lower

Grayson County, Va., c. h.at Greenville. Bound-
ed N. by Smythe and Wythe counties, E. by Car-
roll co., S. by N. C., and W. by Washington co.
Drained by New River and its branches. Surface
elevated and mountainous.

Grayson, Va., c. h. Grayson co. On the S. bank
of New River, 261 miles S. from Richmond.

Great Barrington, Ms.. Berkshire co. This large
and ancient town was the seat of the county
courts from 1761 to 1787, and was once known by
the name of Housatonnock. It is finely watered
by the Housatonic, Williams, and Green Rivers.
Near the N. W. corner of the town lies Long Pond,
whose outlet, joined with Seeknonk Brook, makes
a good mill stream. The surface is uneven; some
parts are mountainous, and unfit for cultivation.
But the greater part of the township is under cul-
tivation, and its soil is strong and fertile on the
banks of the rivers and brooks. Good iron ore
is found in the town, and beautiful variegated
marble. There are many mountains in this town,
which render its general features highly pic-
turesque and romantic. Monument Mountain has
a greater interest than the rest, on account of a
beautiful Indian maiden having thrown herself
from a cliff t)f it, through the influence of a pas-
sionate love for a cousin, whom the religion of
the natives would not allow her to marry. By
the Housatonic and Western Railroad, it is 50
miles to Albany, and 174 to Boston.

Great Bend, Pa., Susquehanna co. At the junc-
tion of Salt Lick Creek with the Susquehanna
River. 191 miles N. E. of Harrisburg.

Great Crossings, Ky., Scott co. On the S. side
of Elkhorn Creek, 15 miles N. E. from Frankfort.
The Choctaw Academy is here, sustained by the
United States out of the Indian annuities for the
instruction of Indians.

Great Falls, N. H., Strafford co. In the town
of Somersworth. 34 miles E. from Concord. A
large and beautiful manufacturing village. See

Great Valley, N. Y., Cattaraugus co. Watered
by the Alleghany River, and Great Valley and
Tunangwant Creeks. The surface is somewhat
diversified; soil various. Rock City, a great nat-
ural curiosity, is situated in the N. W. part of this
town. It is crossed by the New York and Erie
Railroad. 6 miles S. from Ellieottville, and 299
W. by S. from Albany.

Greece, N. Y., Monroe co. Bounded on the N.
by Lake Ontario, E. by the Genesee River, and
watered by several small streams. The surface
is undulating; soil mostly sandy. 6 miles N.
from the city of Rochester, and 255 N. of W.
from Albany.

Greene County, Aa., c. h. at Eutaw. Bounded
N. by Pickens and Tuscaloosa, E. by Perry, S.
by Marengo co., and W. by the Tombigbee River,

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