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miles W. N. W. from Boston, and 41 N. from

Greenfield, N. H., Hillsboro' co. Contoocook
Biver forms part of the W. boundary, and sepa-
rates this town from Hancock. The soil is fer-
tile. The hills afford excellent pasturage; the
valleys and plains are favorable for grain. Hops
are raised in great abundance. Part of Crotched
and Lyndeboro1 Mountains are in this town.
There are 5 ponds: the largest is about 1 mile
in length and half of a mile in width. First set-
tlers, Captain Alexander Parker, Major A. Whit-
temore, Simeon Fletcher, and others, in 1771.
14 miles W. N. W. from Amherst, and 38
S. W.
from Concord.

Greenfield, N. Y., Saratoga co. Drained by
Kayaderosseras Creek. The surface is broken
by ridges of the Kayaderosseras and Palmerton
Mountains. The soil is generally fertile. 10
N. from Ballston Spa, and 40 N. from

Greenfield, 0., Highland co. Situated on ele-
vated land, on the W. bank of Paint Creek, and
is considered a healthy place. Near the town
limestone quarries are found. 17 miles from
Hillsboro', and 55 S. by W. from Columbus.

Greenfidd, Pa., Bedford co. This town is
drained by Bob's and Dunning's Creeks, and the
Frankstown branch of the Juniata River. Sur-
face hilly and broken, having some spurs of the
Alleghany range on the N.E., Dunning's Moun-
tain on the
E., and the Alleghany on the W.
Soil loam and clay. 23 miles N. from Bedford.

Greenfield, Pa., Erie co. Watered by the N.
fork of French Creek. 352 miles N. from Har-

Greenfidd, Pa., Luzerne co. On the S. bank
of the Susquehanna River, and drained by Elk-
wood Brook and the branches of Tunkhannoek
and Lackawannock Rivers. Soil fertile, and
well adapted to grazing. 30 miles N. E. from
W llkesbarre.

Greenland, N. H., Rockingham co. The soil
is remarkably good. The orchards, farms, and
gardens are valuable. 5 miles W.
S. W. from
Portsmouth, and 45 E.
S. E. from Concord. The
Eastern Railroad passes through this town.

Green}wt, N. Y., Suffolk co. It is near the
N. E. end of Long Island. There is a railroad
from this place to Brooklyn, opposite New York.
It has
a good harbor, and is engaged in the
whaling and coasting trade. 246 miles S.
from Albany.

Greenport, N. Y., Columbia co. The Hudson
River waters this town, the surface of which is
hilly, and the soil clay, gravel, and loam. It
partly environs the city of Hudson. 30 miles
from Albany.

Greensboro', Ga., c. h. Greene co. 44 miles N.
by E. from Milledgeville.

Greensboro', la., c. h. Decatur co.

Greensboro', Ky., c. h. Greene co. 89 miles
S. S. W. from Frankfort.

Greendffl'o', La., c. h. St. Helena.

Greensboro', Mi., c. h. Choctaw co. Watered
by a head branch of Big Black River. 110 miles
E. from Jackson.

Greensboro', N. C., Guilford co., lies between
the N. and S. forks of Buffalo Creek. 82 miles
W. N. W. from Raleigh.

Greensburg, Pa., c. h. Westmoreland co. 168
miles W. fiom Harrisburg.

Greensboro', Vt., Orleans co. The surface is
uneven, but the elevations are not generally
abrupt. The land is well timbered ; the soil of
a middling quality. The River Lamoille is formed
by the union of several streams in this town.
Caspian Lake, or Lake Beautiful, lies in the S.
part, and discharges its waters to the E. into the
Lamoille, affording a number of valuable mill
privileges, around wbich has grown up a beauti-
ful little village. This pond is about 3 miles
long and broad. Elligo Pond, lying mostly
in the western part of Greensboro', is about 1
mile long, and forms the head waters of Black
River. These ponds produce abundance of fine
trout. There are several other small ponds in
the north part of the town, which, at present,
form the head waters of the Lamoille. The first
settlement was begun in the spring of 1789, when
Messrs. Ahbel and Aaron Shepard removed,
with their families, from Newbury to this place.
15 miles S. from Irasburg, and 27 N. E. from

Greensville County, Ya., c. h. at Hicksford. In-
corporated from Brunswick co. in 1784. Bounded
N. by Dinwiddie and Sussex counties, E. by
Sussex and Southampton, S. by North Carolina,
and W. by Brunswick co. Watered by Notto-
way, Brunswick, and Meherin Rivers.

Greenup County, Ky., c. h. at Grcenupsburg.
Bounded N. by the Ohio River, separating it from
Ohio, E. by the Big Sandy, separating it from
Virginia, S. by Carter co., and W. by Lewis
co. Surface hilly, and watered by Little Sandy
and Tyger's Creeks. The soil bordering the
streams is fertile, and coal and iron ore abound
among the hills.

Greenup, Ky., c. h. Greenup co.

Greenville, Aa, c. h. Butler co. On the W.
side of Sepulgah River. 141 miles S. S. E. from

Greenville, Ga., c. h. Meriwether co. 102 miles
W. from Milledgeville.

Greenville, Is., c. h. Bond co. On the E. fork
of Shoal Creek. 74 miles S. from Springfield.

Greenville, Ky., c. h. Muhlenburg co. On a
branch of Green River. 105 miles W. S. W.
from Frankfort.

Greenville, Mi., c. h. Washington co.

Greenville, N. C., c. h. Pitt co. On the S. side
of Tar River, 35 miles from its mouth, and 102
miles E. by S. from Raleigh.

Greenville, N. Y., Greene co. Drained by Pro-
vost and Catskill Creeks. The surface is broken
and hilly; soil clay loam, suitable for grass. 15
miles N. W. from Catskill, and 26 S. W. from

Greenville, 0., c. h. Dark co. On a creek of
the same name, just below its junction with Mud
Creek, on the site of old Fort Greenville; where
General Wayne concluded the Indian treaty of
August 3,1795, which insured tranquillity on the
western frontier. It is 93 miles W. from Colum-
bus, and 75 N. from Cincinnati.

Greenville, S. C., c. h. Greenville district, lies
near the source of Reedy River. 107 miles W.
N. W. from Columbia.

Greenville District, S. C. N. W. part. Drained
by branches of the Saluda, which washes it on
the W. It contains the sources of many of the
north-western tributaries of the Congaree. Soil
undulating and fertile.

Greenville, Te., c. h. Greene co., is the seat of
Greenville College, and lies 258 miles E. from
Nashville. See

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain

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