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Moreland, Pa., Lycoming co. Surface hilly,
and watered by Little Muncy Creek. Soil grav-
elly. 94 miles N. from Harrisburg.

Moreland, Pa., Montgomery co. Drained by
Pennypack Creek and its branches. Surface un-
dulating ; soil rich loam. 94 miles N. from Har-

Moretown, Vt., Washington co. Mad Eiver, a
branch of the Winooski, waters this town, and
gives it good mill sites. The surface is moun-
tainous, and a great part of the soil unfit for cul-
tivation. The settlement was commenced about
the year 1790, and the town was organized 3
or 4 years after. 13 miles S. W. from Mont-

Morgan County, Aa., c. h. at Summerville.
Bounded N. by the Tennessee Eiver, separating
it from Limestone and Madison counties, E. by
Marshall co., S. by Blqunt and Walker, and W.
by Lawrence co. Drained by Flint Eiver and
Cotaco Creek and branches.

Morgan County, Ga., c. h. at Madison. Bound-
ed N. E. by a head branch of Oconee Eiver, sep-
arating it from Clarke and Greene counties, S.
E. bv Putnam co., S. W. by Jasper, and N. W.
by Walton co.

Morgan County, Is., c. h. at Jacksonville.
Bounded N. by Cass co., E. by Sangamon, S. by
Macoupin and Greene, S. W. by Scott co., and
W. by the Illinois Eiver, separating it from Pike
and Brown counties. Drained by Indian, Mau-
vaiseterre, Apple, and Sandy Creeks, all mill
Soil very fertile.

Morgan County, la., c. h. at Martinsville.
Bounded N. by Hendricks and Marion, E. by
Johnson, S. by Brown and Monroe, and W. by
Owen and Putnam counties. Drained by the
W. fork of White Eiver and its branches. Sur-
face hilly or undulating; soil of fine quality.

Morgan County, Ky., c. h. at West Liberty.
Bounded N. by Fleming and Carver counties, E.
by Lawrence and Johnson, S. by Floyd and Breat-
hitt, and W. by Montgomery and Bath counties.
Drained by Licking Eiver and its branches.

Morgan County, Mo., c. h. at Versailles. Bound-
ed N. by Cooper, E. by Moniteau and Miller, S.
by Camden, and W. by Benton and Pettis coun-
ties. Watered by the S. fork of La Mine
Eiver, Osage Eiver and its branches, and Moreau
Creek. It contains some minerals, and the soil
is fertile on the borders of the streams.

Morgan County, 0., c. h. at McConnelsville.
Muskingum and Guernsey counties are on the N.,
Monroe and Washington on the E., Washington
and Athens on the S., and Perry on the W. The
land is hilly, and the soil fertile. Muskingum
Eiver runs across the county, and it is also wa-
tered by several creeks which rise here.

Morgan County, Te., c. h. at Montgomery.
Bounded N. by Fentress and Campbell counties,
E. by Anderson, S. by Eoane, Ehea, and Bled-
soe, and W. by White and Putnam counties.
Watered by Emery Eiver and its branches, and
by the head branches of the S. fork of Cumber-
land Eiver. Surface mountainous, being crossed
by the Cumberland range.

Morgan, Te., c. h. Morgan co. On the W. side
of Emery's River. 156 miles E. from Nashville.

Morgan, Vt., Orleans co. The surface of the
town consists of swells and valleys, and is mostly
susceptible of cultivation. Timber, generally
hard wood. Soil good. A head branch of Clyde
Eiver, called Farrand's Eiver, passes through
the E. part of Morgan, and Seymour's Lake, which
is about 4 miles long and nearly 2 wide, lies in
the central part. It discharges its waters to the

S., through Echo Pond, into Clyde Eiver. The
settlement was commenced about the year 1800,
by Nathan Wilcox. 18 miles N. E. from Iras-
burg, and 60 N. E. from Montpelier.

Morgan County, Va., c. h. Bath. Bounded N.
W. and N. E. by the Potomac Eiver, separating
it from Maryland, S. E. by Berkely co., and
W. by Frederick and Hampshire counties.
Drained by Cacapon Eiver and Sleepy Creek,
branches of the Potomac. Surface rough and
rocky ; soil fertile in the valleys.

M.organfield, Ky., c. h. Union co. 10 miles S.
of the Ohio Eiver, and 221 W. S. W. from

Morgantown, Ky., c. h. Butler co. On the S.
side of Green Eiver. 143 miles S. W. by W.
from Frankfort.

Morgantown, N. C., c. h. Burke co. On the S.
side of Catawba Eiver. 197 miles W. from

Morgantown, Va., Monongalia co. On the E.
bank of Monongahela Eiver, at the head of steam-
boat navigation, and 295 miles N. W. from Eich-
mond. The centre of an extensive manufactur-
ing region.

Morris, Is., c. h. Grundy co.

Morris County, N. J., c. h. at Morristown. Bound-
ed N. by Sussex and Passaic counties, E. by Es-
sex, S. by Somerset and Hunterdon, and W. by
Warren co. Watered by Passaic Eiver and its
tributaries, Eockaway and Whippany Eivers,
and by the head branches of Earitan Eiver.
Surface hilly and mountainous in the N. portions,
abounding with magnetic iron ore; soil princi-
pally red shale. The Morris Canal traverses
this county.

Morris, N. J., Morris co. Drained by Whip-
pany Eiver and by small streams flowing into the
Passaic Eiver, which bounds it on the
W. and S.
Surface hilly in the N. and central, but more level
in the S. portions.

Morris, Pa., Tioga co. The surface of this
town is hilly; soil gravel and clay. 133 miles N.
by W. from Harrisburg.

Morrisania, N. Y., Westchester co. On the N.
E. side of Haerlem Eiver.

Morristown, Is., c. h. Henry co. 4 miles S.
from Green Eiver, and 141 N. N. W. from

Morristown, N. J., seat of justice of Morris co.
53 miles N. by E. from Trenton. Situated on an
elevated plain, and commanding a fine view of the
adjacent country. It is one of the most beautiful
villages in the Union. It is regularly laid out.
with streets crossing each other at right angles,
on which are many elegant 'private dwellings,
with tasteful yards and gardens, giving an air of
neatness and comfort. There is in the centre of
the town a large public square, enclosed with a
handsome fence, and ornamented with trees, on
which front many of the stores, hotels, and other
buildings. The Morris County House, located
here, is one of the most magnificent hotels in the
country. The First Presbyterian Church fronts
upon the square, besides which there are four or
five other churches in the village.

There are extensive manufactories of carriages
in Morristown, and a great variety of mechanic
shops. The Speedwell Iron Works are here.
The Morris and Essex Eailroad connects this

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain

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