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Royalton, N. Y., Niagara co. Bounded on the
S. by Tonawanda Creek. It has an undulating
surface and productive soil. 8 miles E. from
Lockport, and 269 W. from Albany.

Royalton, Vt., Windsor co. The surface is
somewhat broken and hilly, but the soil is good,
particularly along White River and its branches,
where it is of a superior quality. White River
runs through the town, and receives here its first
and second branches. Royalton village is pleas-
antly situated near the centre of the town, on the
bank ®f White River. The first permanent set-
tlement was made in 1771, by Mr. Robert Ha-
vens, who this year moved his family into the
town. 30 miles S. from Montpelier, and 25 N.
N. W. from Windsor. The Central Railroad
passes through this town.

Rumford, Me., Oxford co. On the N. W. bank
of the Androscoggin, with a good water power.
51 miles W. N. W. from Augusta.

Rumney, N. H., Grafton co., is watered by
Baker's River, and a branch of it called Stinson's
Brook, which flows from Stinson's Pond. The
pond is 400 rods long and 280 wide. Part of
Loon Pond is on the E. line of this town. The
principal elevations are Stinson's, Webber's, and
Carr's Mountains; the latter here obtains the
name of Rattlesnake Mountain, on its N. W.
border. David Stinson was killed here by a
party of Indians, and his name was given to a
mountain, pond, and brook. There is much
good land here, and the passage of the Concord
and Montreal Railroad through it will add much
to its value. There is a great variety of splendid
scenery here. First settlers, Captain Jotham
Cummings, Moses Smart, Daniel Brainard,
James Heath, and others, in 1765. 8 miles N.
N. W. from Plymouth, and 51 N. by W. from

Rupert, Vt., Bennington co. A part of this
township is mountainous, but the soil is generally
good for grazing. Rupert is watered by Paulet
River and a branch of the Battenkill, on which
streams are mills of various kinds. The settle-
ment of this town was commenced in 1767. 78
miles S. W. from Montpelier, and 25 N. from

Ruscumb Manor, Pa., Berks co. Bounded N.
and N. W. by Maiden Creek. Surface hilly;
soil rather poor.

Rush County, la., c. li. at Rushville. Incorpo-
rated^ in 1821. Bounded N. by Henry, E. by
Fayette and Franklin, S. by Decatur, and W.
by Shelby and Hancock counties. Watered by
Big and Little Blue Rivers, and Big and Little
Flat Rock Creeks. Surface undulating; soil

Rush, N. Y., Monroe co. Watered by Honeoye
Creek, a branch of the Genesee River, which
bounds it on the W. Surface undulating; soil
fertile, and well adapted to grain. 12 miles S.
from Rochester, and 229 W. from Albany.

Rush, Pa., Dauphin co. Surface mountainous;
soil sterile. Situated 20 miles N. E. from Har-

Rush, Pa., Northumberland co. This is a hilly
and mountainous town.

Rush, Pa., Susquehanna co. Watered by Wy-
alusing, Lake, and Deer Lick Creeks. Surface
hilly ; soil gravelly loam.

Rush County, Ts., c. h. at Henderson. E. part.
Between the Upper Sabine and Upper Neches.

Rushford, N. Y., Alleghany co. Cold Creek
waters this town, the surface of which is undu-
lating, and the soil very favorable to the growth
of grass. 15 miles N. W. from Angelica, and 270
W. from Albany.

Rushville, la., c. h. Rush co. On Big Flat
Rock Creek. 40 miles E. S. E. from Indian-

Russell County, Aa., c. h. at Crawford. Bounded
N. by Chambers co., E. by the Chattahoochee
River, separating it from Georgia, S. by Barbour
co., and
W. by Macon co. Drained by branches
of the Chattahoochee.

Russell County, Ky., c. h. at Jamestown. Bound-
ed N. E. by Casey and Pulaski counties, S. E. by
the Cumberland River, separating it from Wayne
co., S. W. by Clinton and Cumberland, and N.
W. by Adair co. Drained by Cumberland River,
and its tributaries, Wolf and Fish Creeks.

Russell, Ms., Hampden co. This town was
formerly the N. W. part of Westfield, and the S.
W. part of Montgomery. This is a mountainous
township, full of wild and romantic scenery,hav-
ing Westfield River passing rapidly through it.
The surface is more pleasant to the spectator
than to the cultivator; yet the high lands afford
excellent grazing, and along the valleys are tracts
of fertile meadow. Russell possesses an immense
water power, with an abundance of wood and
stone and other building materials, and all with-
in 6 hours' ride of Boston. The Western Rail-
road passes through the town. 18 miles W. N.
W. from Springfield, and 118 W. by S. from

Russell, N. Y., St. Lawrence co. Watered by
Grass River. Surface rather uneven; soil sandy
and clay loam, suitable for grazing. 10 miles S.
from Canton, and 203 N. W. from Albany.

Russell County, Va., c. h. at Lebanon. Bounded
N. W. by Tazewell co., S. E. by Washington, S.
W. by Scott co., and N. W. by Kentucky. Wa-
tered by Clinch River and the sources of the W.
fork of Sandy River. Surface mostly rough and

Russellville, Aa., c. h. Franklin co. On Cedar
Creek, a branch of Bear Creek. Ill miles N. by
W. from Tuscaloosa.

Russellville, Ky., c. h. Logan co. Between
Green and Cumberland Rivers, about 35 miles
from each. 172 miles S. W. from Frankfort.

Russia, N. Y., Herkimer co. Watered by West
Canada Creek. Surface elevated and hilly ; soil
sandy loam and clay, well suited to grass. 16
m. N. from Herkimer, and 94 N. W. from Albany.

Rutherford County, N. C., c. h. at Rutherford-
ton. Bounded N. by McDowell co., E. by Cleave-
land co., S. by South Carolina, and W. by Hen-
derson and Buncombe counties. Drained by the
head branches of Broad River. Soil much

Rutherford County, Te., c h. at Murfreesboro.'
Bounded N. and N. E. by Davidson and Wilson
counties, E. by Cannon, S. by Bedford, and W.
by Williamson co. Drained by Stone's River and
other branches of the Cumberland. Soil very

Rutland, Ms., Worcester co., was bought of the
Indians, in 1686, for £23. Its Indian name was
Naqneag. This town is situated on the height
of land between the sea and Connecticut River,
and is hilly and very uneven. It has no large
stream, but is watered by a branch of Ware
River, which affords power for several mills.
This is a good grazing township. There is fine

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