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Cedar Point Beacon. Entrance of Sandusky-
Bay. . . . Eixed. Height of lantern above the sea,
37 feet. Beacon light on keeper's dwelling.

Western Sister Island. On W. Sister Island,
W. part of Lake Erie.... Fixed.


Fort Gratiot. Half a mile above outlet of Lake
Huron. Lat. 42°
55'. Lon. 82° 22'. Fixed.
Height of lantern above the sea, 74 feet.

Windmill Point. W. side of Detroit River,
near its head. . . . Fixed.

Monroe. W. end of Lake Erie. . .. Fixed.
Height of lantern above the sea, 46 feet.

Bois Blanc. N. side of Bois Blanc Island, near
Mackinaw. .. . Fixed. Height of lantern above
the sea, 112 feet.

St. Joseph's River, (and 1 beacon lamp.) Mouth
of St. Joseph's River, E. side Lake Michigan. .. .
Fixed. Height of lantern above the sea, 65 feet.
And 1 beacon lamp on pier.

Thunder Bay Island. Lake Huron, N. E. of
Saginaw Bay. . .. Fixed. Height of lantern
above the sea, 45 feet.

Gibraltar. Mouth of Detroit River. .. . Fixed.
Grand River. Lake Michigan, E. side. .. .
Fixed. Height of lantern above the sea, 40 feet.

South Manitou Island. N. part Lake Michigan.
. . . Fixed.

New Buffalo, and Beacon. Near S. end, E. side
Lake Michigan. . . . Fixed.

Presque Isle. N. W. shore of Lake Huron... .

Kalamazoo River. S. E. shore of Lake Mich-
igan. ... Fixed. Height of lantern above the sea,
42 feet.

Pottawattamie. Pottawattamie Island, entrance
Green Bay.. .. Fixed. Height of lantern above
the sea, 120 feet.

Saginaw Bay. Mouth Saginaw River, in said
Bay... . Fixed.

Clinton River. Mouth of said river, Lake St.
Clair.... Fixed.

Point aux Barques. On said point, mouth of
Saginaw Bay... .Fixed.

Detour. At Detour, where River Sault Ste.
Marie enters Lake Huron. . .. Fixed.

White Fish Point. On said point, Lake Supe-
rior. ... Fixed.

Copper Harbor. At said harbor, Lake Supe-
rior. . . . Fixed.

Eagle Harbor. In said harbor, Lake Superior.
. .. Fixed.

Manitou Island. On said island, Lake Supe-
rior. . . . Fixed.

Grassy Island Beacon. On Grassy Island, in
Detroit River. . . . Fixed.

Mamajuda Beacon. On Mamajuda Shoals, in
Detroit River. . .. Fixed.

Skillagalee Rock. On Skillagalee Rock, Lake
Michigan. .. . Fixed.

Floating Light. Mackinaw Straits. Ton-
nage 121. At the junction of Lakes Huron and
Michigan, N. W. part of state of Michigan. One
large lamp with 12 cylindrical wicks.


Michigan City. S. end Lake Michigan. .. .
Fixed. Height of lantern above the sea, 60 feet.


Chicago, and JBeacon. S. hank Chicago River,
Lake Michigan, and beacon on pier.. . . Fixed.

Little Fort. In Little Fort Village, S. side of
the river; S. W. shore of Lake Michigan. . . .


Milwaukie, and Beacon. Mouth Milwaukie
River, W. side Lake Michigan.. . . Fixed.

Root River, (Racine.) Mouth Root River, W.
side Lake Michigan. Lat. 42° 49' 33". Lon. 87°
40' 22". Revolving.

Sheboygan. Mouth of said river, W. side Lake
Michigan. ... Fixed.

Manitouwoc. Mouth of Manitouwoc River, W.
side of Lake Michigan. . .. Fixed.

South Port. In South Port, on Warrington
Island. .. . Fixed.

Tail Point. On said point, near mouth of Fox
River, Green Bay. .. . Fixed.

Port Washington. At Port Washington, N. E.
part. ... Fixed.

Port de Mort. On Plumb Island. . . . Fixed.


Floating Light. Galveston Bar. Tonnage
145. On said bar, off Galveston. One lamp
with 9 cylindrical wicks, 35 feet elevation.

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain

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