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In mineralogy, nearly all the known species are represented by about 4600 specimens. In geology,
there are
9-300 specimens of American, and 4900 specimens of foreign rocks and fossils. In zoology,
there are about
1800 specimens of 350 species of vertebrated animals, 5000 species of articulated
200 species of radiated animals, and 6000 species of shells. The libraries contain about
16,000 volumes.

The philosophical apparatus was purchased chiefly in London, and is one of the most complete in
the country. This college, besides its other endowments, enjoys the benefit of a fund of 50,000 dol-
lars, five sixths of the income of which is appropriated to assist indigent students preparing for the
ministry. The number of students of this class has, consequently, always been large. The faculty
consists of the president, 7 professors, and 4 tutors. Alumni in 1850, 870. Commencement is on the
second Thursday of August.

Accessus.    Succession    of Presidents.    .    Exitus.

1821......Rev. Zephaniah Swift Moore, D. D. .    .    .    .    .    1823.

1823.......Rev. Heman Humphrey, D. D.    ..... 1845.

1845.    .....    Rev. Edward Hitchcock, LL. D.


Founded at Augusta, in 1825. It is under the direction of the Methodists. It had 4 instructors,
and about 50 students in 1850. Yolumes in the library, 2500. Commencement is on the Thurs-
day after the first Wednesday in August. Rev. J. Tomlinson, D. D., is president.


This college was incorporated in 1850. It is located at Huntville, and is in vigorous operation. _

An institution has been started, also, at Independence, in this new state, called Baylor University.
Whether it has been incorporated or not we do not know. It has a small library of 300 volumes.


This    college was founded in 1836, and located at Harrodsburg.    It    has    9    instructors,    and a

library of about 1800 volumes.    The number of students in 1850 was    217,    including    those    in the

primary department. Commencement is in the first week in September. Samuel Hatch, A. M., is


Founded at Baton Rouge, in 1838. Instructors, 4; students in 1850, 45 ; library, about 1000 vol-
umes. Commencement in December. R. H. Ranney, president.


This is an infant institution, established three or four years since, at the flourishing town of
Beloit, near the southern line of the state, on the route from Chicago to Galena. It has a charter from
the legislature, conferring full university powers. One fine college edifice, on a beautiful situation,
has been erected. The college has 3 instructors. No class has yet graduated. Library, 2000
volumgs. Rev. Aaron L. Chapin is president.


This institution was founded in 1840, and is located in Bethany. It had 6 instructors, and 113
students, in 1850. Its commencement is in the first week in July. The president of the faculty is
Alexander Campbell, A. M. The library contains about 3500 volumes.


This institution, first incorporated by the legislature of Massachusetts in 1794, is situated in
Brunswick, Cumberland co., about
25 miles north of Portland, and about 35 miles south of Augusta.
The name of Bowdoin was given to the college in honor of one of the earliest and most distin-
guished governors of Massachusetts; and the institution has since been indebted to members of the
Bowdoin family for liberal benefactions ; especially to the Hon. James Bowdoin, of Boston, who gave
to it
6000 acres of land in the town of Lisbon, and from whose estates a large legacy has, within a
few years, been secured to the college. On the separation of Maine from Massachusetts, the trustees
surrendered its original charter, and received a new one from the State of Maine, with a liberal
annuity in aid of its funds. The legislative government of the college is committed to a board
13 trustees, and a board of overseers of 45 members, their vacancies being filled by the
respective boards, with a negative on the part of the overseers on elections in the other board. “ The
faculty consists of the president and
7 professors. The instruction is given chiefly by permanent
officers. The college buildings are pleasantly situated upon a plain, with a grove of pines in the
rear. Two are occupied as dormitories by the students ; one, recently erected upon a beautiful model,
for a chapel, library room, &c.; and others are occupied for lecture rooms, the Bowdoin gallery of
paintings, and other purposes. The public libraries contain about
25,000 volumes. A flourishing
medical school, with 6 professors and lecturers, is attached to the college. Number of alumni in
1850, 997. Commencement on the first Wednesday in September.

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain

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