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The army of the United States, commanded by
one major general and two brigadiers, consists of
a corps of engineers, an ordnance department,
two regiments of dragoons, one of mounted rifle-
men, four of artillery, and eight of infantry, — in
the whole about 11,000 men, — and is stationed
as follows: —


The Eastern Division, composed of the 1st, 2d,
3d, and 4th Military Departments, comprises the
following states : Maine, New Hampshire, Ver-
mont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut,
New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware,
Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Car-
olina, and Georgia, and the portion of Florida
and Wisconsin E. of a line drawn from Fond du
Lac, Lake Superior, to Cape Sable, Florida.

The Western Division, composed of the 5th,
6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Military Departments, is
situated within the following limits : The country
W. of the line from Fond du Lac to Cape Sa-
ble, (except Oregon and California,) embrac-
ing the part of Wisconsin W. of said line : Min-
nesota; the states of Iowa, Illinois, Missouri,
Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mis-
sissippi, Alabama, and Texas ; the part of Florida
W. of said line; the Indian country W. of the
Mississippi River; and the territory of New

The Pacific Division, composed of the 10th and
11th Military Departments, comprises the terri-
tories of California and Oregon.

The head-quarters of the army are in Wash-

The head-quarters of the Eastern Division are
at Troy, N. Y.

The head-quarters of the Western Division
are at New Orleans, La.

The head-quarters of the Pacific Division are
at Sonoma, Ca.


No. 1. Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Mas-
sachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

No. 2. Michigan, Wisconsin, (F- of the line
from Fond du Lac to Cape Sable,) Ohio, and In-
diana. Head-quarters at Detroit.

No. 3. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania,
Delaware, and Maryland.

The head-quarters of Departments No. 1 and
3 are at Troy, N. Y.

No. 4. Virginia, North Carolina, South Caro-
lina, Georgia, and that part of Florida lying with-
in the Eastern Division. Head-quarters at Fort
Monroe, Va.

No. 5. The portion of Florida within the
Western Division, the states of Alabama, Louis-
iana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky.
Head-quarters at New Orleans.

No. 6. Wisconsin, (W. of the line from Fond
du Lac to Cape Sable,) Iowa, Illinois, and Mis-
souri, above the 37th degree of N. latitude. Head-
quarters at St. Louis.

No. 7. The country W. of the Mississippi, S.
of the 37th degree of N. latitude, N. of Louisiana
and Texas, and E. of Department No. 9. Head-
quarters at--—.

No. 8. That part of Texas lying S. and E. of
a line drawn from a point on the Rio Grande, op-
posite the southernmost limit of the island S. of
El Paso, containing the towns of San Elizario,
Socorra, and Isletta, to the junction of the
nada Choctau
(Choctaw Creek) with the Colorado
or Red River, and down said river to Arkansas.
Head-quarters at San Antonio.

No. 9. New Mexico and the territory N. and
W. of the aforesaid line from the Rio Grande to
and down the Colorado or Red River, formerly
claimed as a part of New Mexico. Head-quarters
at Santa Fe.

No. 10. The territory of California. Head-
quarters at Monterey.

No. 11. The territory of Oregon.


Total Annual Pay. Major general, $4512;
brigadier general, $2958; colonels of engineers
and cavalry, $2196; colonels of artillery and in-
fantry, $1992; lieutenant colonels of engineers
and cavalry, $1944; lieutenant colonels of artsil-
ery and infantry, $1740; majors of engineers
and cavalry, $1692 ; majors of artillery and in-
fantry, $1548 ; captains of engineers and cavalry
$1278; captains of artillery and infantry, $954;
first and second lieutenants of engineers and!
cavalry, $968; first lieutenants of artillery and
infantry, $834; second do., $774; paymaster
general, $2500; deputy paymaster general,.
$1944; paymasters, $1500; surgeon general,
$2500; surgeons, from $982 to $1788, according
to length of service. Privates, engineers, andl
cavalry, $198 ; artillery and infantry, $186.

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain

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