Gazetteer of the State of Maine, 1882 page 169
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Gazetteer of the State of Maine With Numerous Illustrations, by Geo. J. Varney

BOSTON: PUBLISHED BY B. B. RUSSELL, 57 CORNHILL. 1882. Public domain image from


the plantation which maintains public worship. The number of
children in 1880 of school age was 123, and a school is maintained in
both summer and winter. The valuation of estates in 1880 was $17,379.
The population in 1870 was 67. In 1880 it was 326.

Centerville, in Washington County, lies 15 miles north-west
of Machias. The township is nearly square in form, its dimensions
being between 6 and 7 miles in each direction. Milton and Peaked
Mountains, in the western part of the town, are the principal eleva-
tions. Machias River runs through the eastern part southward, and
Chandler River and its branches drain the western part of the town.
Great Falls, on Machias River, have a descent of 20 feet in 60 rods.
Peaked Mountain Pond is two miles long and half a mile wide.
There is a railroad connection with Machias from Whitneyville for
freight only. The manufactories of the town consist of two shingle-
mills. The soil is mostly clear of rocks, and consists of sandy and
clayey loam. There is a large percentage of intervale. Hay and
potatoes are the chief crops. The usual variety of trees are found-
in the forests.

Centerville was incorporated in 1842. The Methodists sustain
worship a large part of the time. Centerville has one schoolhouse,
kept in good repair; and this, with other school property, is valued at
$1,000. The valuation of the estates in 1870 was $42,091. In 1880 it
was $40,278. The rate of taxation in the latter year was 15 mills on a
dollar. The population in 1870 was 145. In 1880 it was 32.

Chapman Plantation is situated near the middle of

the eastern part of Aroostook County. . It is bounded on the north by
Mapleton, on the east by Presque Isle, and south and west by un-
named townships. The area is about 42 square miles. The surface is
moderately uneven. At the south-west part is one of the eminences
called Horsebacks. The south branch of the Aroostook River drains
the southern and western parts of the town. At the middle of the
western part is a pond of about one mile in length by half a mile in
width. There should be abundance of water-power in the township.
This plantation is N.N.W.of Houlton, and 45 miles distant
via Presque
Isle. It was organized in 1874. The valuation in 1880 was $11,815.
The population in 1870 was 40, including a few in Township 11 Range
4, adjoining on the west. In 1880 it was 166.

Charleston is situated on the south-western part of Penob-
scot County. It is 25 miles north-west of Bangor on a daily stage-
line. The nearest railroad station is at South Sebec, about 6 miles
distant. The town occupies a place on the northern line of the
county, being bounded on tbe north by Atkinson, in Piscataquis
County. The other boundaries, Bradford on the east, Corinth on the
south, and Garland on the west, are in Penobscot County. The ter-
ritory is 6 miles square. The entire surface of the town has a consid-
erable elevation above the sea, but is without high hills, or deep valleys.
There are a few very small ponds, but numerous streams,—all running
south-eastward. In the western part of the town several brooks
unite and form the northern branch of the Kenduskeag; other streams


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