Gazetteer of the State of Maine, 1882 page 355
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Gazetteer of the State of Maine With Numerous Illustrations, by Geo. J. Varney

BOSTON: PUBLISHED BY B. B. RUSSELL, 57 CORNHILL. 1882. Public domain image from

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the middle. In settling upon the boundary line between the United
States and the dominions of Great Britain, the commissioners under
the treaty of Ghent caused trees to be felled and a spot cleared on
each of the peaks ; and their astronomers and surveyors ascertained
that the south peak wras 1,519 feet, and the north one, 1,370 feet above
the tide waters of the St. Lawrence. The western part of the town
is drained by Presque Isle Stream and its branches. The north-eastern
part is drained by the small stream of the River Gasquill, and the
*    south-eastern, hy Young Brook. The manufactories consist of two

saw-mills for long and short lumber, two starch factories, etc.

Mars Hill was organized as a plantation in 1866, and incorporated
as a town, Feb. 21, 1867. The Congregationalists have a society in
the town, and sustain stated meetings, with jrreaching a portion of the
time. The number of public schoolhouses is seven; and the total
school property is valued at $1,600. The valuation of estates in 1870
was $45,811. In 1880 it was $71,577. The population in 1870 was
399. In 1880 it was 716.

Martinsville, a post-office in Knox County.

Masardis, in Aroostook County, is situated on Aroostook
River, 50 miles north-west of Houlton. The stage-route from Patten
to Ashland passes through it. Ashland bounds it on the north, and
Oxbow Plantation meets it angularly at the south-west. Other town-
-•    ships surrounding are unnamed. The Aroostook Rivef winds through

the midst of the town, entering through Oxbow Plantation. The other
streams are Shields, Squa-pan, and Black Water brooks, and St. Croix
Stream. An extensive heath lies west of the center of the town. Most
of the streams connect with ponds, forming large reservoirs, which
could readily be increased by dams. There are now a small saw-mill
and a furniture factory in the town.

Masardis was incorporated March 21, 1839, having previously been
No. 10 of Range 5. The first settler was Thomas Goss, of Danville, in
1833; followed in 1835 by John Knowlen. In 1838-9 several families
moved in from Oldtown. The first lot of merchandise was brought in
by Joseph Pollard from Oldtown in 1838, when he hauled five tons a
distance of 20 miles on handsleds. No roads were completed until
1841. Roswell T. Knowlen was the first child born in the town.

Masardis has two public schoolhouses; and the school property, in-
cluding these, has a value of $800. The valuation of estates in 1870
was $39,479. In 1880 it was $42,304. The population in 1870 was
169. In 1880 it was 212.


Mason is a small, mountainous town in the western part of
Oxford County, a .few miles south of the‘Androscoggin River. The
settlements are on Pleasant River and its branches, in the central and
eastern parts of the town. West Bethel Depot, on the Grand Trunk
Railroad, is about 3£ miles north-east of the centre of the settlements.
The first of these were made in 1826. The town was incorporated
Feb. 3, 1843, being formed from parts of Fryeburg Academy, Bachel-
der’s and all of Davis’s Grant. The nearest post-office is West Bethel.
There is one lumber-mill and one bobbin and spool-stock mill.


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