Gazetteer of the State of Maine, 1882 page 467
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Gazetteer of the State of Maine With Numerous Illustrations, by Geo. J. Varney

BOSTON: PUBLISHED BY B. B. RUSSELL, 57 CORNHILL. 1882. Public domain image from

... PORTLAND.    467

the Treasury, was always a citizen of this town. Hon. George Evans,
another U. S. senator from Maine, was for some time a resident,—
as was also Hon. George T. Davis, a former member of Congress from
Massachusetts, and Hon. Horatio King, acting Postmaster General for
sometime. Other noted citizens were Commodore Edward Preble,
hero of Tripoli; Rear Admiral Alden, who served in the war of 1812,
and in the Mexican war; and Commodore George H. Preble, who has
served long and well. Of literary men who were sons or residents, or
both, are Henry W. Longfellow, N. P. Willis, John Neal, Nathaniel
Deering, Isaac McLellan, Grenville Mellen, Bishop Horatio Southgate,
S. B. Beckett, D. C. Colesworthy, Mrs. E. Oakes Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth
Akers Allen, J. II. Ingraham, Seba Smith, Charles P. Ilsley, Rev.
Elijah Kellogg, George Payson, William Law Symonds, Sarah Payson
Willis (Fanny Fern), Mrs. Samuel Coleman, Mrs. Ann S. Stephens,
Mrs. Elizabeth (Payson) Prentice, Mrs. Clara Barnes Martin, Mrs.

Margaret J. M. Sweat, Prof. Edward S. Morse, Mrs. Abba Goold
Woolson, Rev. Dr. Cyrus Bartol, Rev. Dr. J. W. Chickering, Rev.
Dr. Samuel Deane, Rev. Dr. Thomas Hill, Rev. Dr. Ichabod Nichols,
Rev. Dr. Edward Payson, Rev. Asa Cummings, Rev. W. T. Dwight,
Rev. William B. Hayden, Rev. Jason Whitman, Dr. J. W- Mighells,
Dr. Isaac Ray, Hon. William Goold, Hon. William Willis, Col. Z. A.
Smith, Henry A. S. Dearborn, John A. Poor, William B. Sewall, Wal-
ter Wells, and many others. Of artists, Portland has been the resi-
dence of Charles Cod man, Charles O. Cole, J. R. Tilton, Mrs. Elizabeth
Murray, Charles E. Becket, J. G. Cloudman, Harry B. Brown, Fred-


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