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The Erie Canal extends e. and w. through the co. It crosses the Irondequoit Yalley upon the.
highest embankment upon the whole canal line. At Rochester it crosses Genesee River upon
an aqueduct built of solid blocks of Onondaga limestone. The Genesee Yalley Canal intersects
the Erie Canal at Rochester, affording water communication s. to near the Penn, line, and opening
into Allegany River at Olean. The New York Central R. R. extends through the co., several of its
branches radiating from Rochester. The direct branch
e. extends along the line of the Erie Canal,
through Brighton, Pittsford, and Perinton, to Syracuse. The Auburn Branch extends
s. E.
through Brighton and Pittsford to Auburn and Syracuse. The Buffalo Branch extends s. w.
through Gates, Chili, and Riga; and the Niagara Falls Branch extends w. through Gates, Greece,
Ogden, and Sweden. The Genesee Yalley R. R. extends s. from Rochester through Brighton,
Henrietta, and Rush; the Canandaigua & Niagara Bridge Branch of the N. Y. C. R. R. extends
through Rush and Mendon; and the Rochester & Charlotte Branch of the N. Y. C. R. R.
extends from Rochester
n. to the lake shore.


The territory now forming Monroe co. formerly constituted a portion of the hunting grounds
of the Seneca Nation, although it contained none of their principal villages. The region was
frequently visited by the French ; but no permanent settlement was made till after the Revolution.

The Daily Sun was published in Rochester a few months in
1840 by Alfred Oakley.

The American Citizen was published at Rochester and Perry
(Wyoming co.) in 1841 by W. L. Chaplin.

The Jeffersonian, daily, was published' in Rochester a short
time about 1842 by Thomas L. Nichols.

The Christian Guardian was published a short time in 1842 by
Rey. J. Whitney.

The MechanicsAdvocate was published a short time in 1843.

The Rochester Daily American was commenced Dec. 23,1844,
by Leonard Jerome
& J. M. Patterson; Alexander
Mann, editor. A tri-weekly and a weekly edition were
also issued. In July, 1845, Lawrence R. Jerome became
a partner, and in 1846 the establishment passed into
the hands of Leonard & Lawrence R. Jerome. In 1846
Dr. Daniel Lee was associated as assistant editor; and
in 1847 Reuben D. Jones was assistant. Dec. 1,1857,
the paper was united with the Rochester Daily Demo¬
crat and issued as the Democrat and American.

The Rochester Herald, daily, was published in 1844 by E. S.

The Voice of Truth and Glad Tidings of the Kingdom at Hand,
(Second Advent,) was commenced at Rochester in 1844
by Elder Joseph Marsh. In 1848 it was changed to

The Advent Harbinger, and in 1849 to

The Advent Harbinger and Bible Advocate. It was subsequently
changed to

Tlie Proplietic Expositor and. Bible Advo¬
under which title it is still issued by the original

The Rochester Temperance Journal was commenced in 1846, and
continued a short time.

The Genesee Evangelist tyas commenced at Rochester
in 1846 by Rev. John E. Roby. It is at present issued
semi-monthly by R. W. Hill.

The Christian Offering was published at Rochester a short
time in 1847 by S. B. Shaw.

The Penny Preacher was published a short time by Erastus

The Genesee Olio, semi-mo., was published in Rochester in 1847
by Franklin Cowdery.

The North Star was published at Rochester in 1847 and ’48.

Algemeen Handeelsbladvfas published at Rochester in 1848.

Frederick Douglass’s Paper was commenced at Ro¬
chester in 1848 by Frederick Douglass, editor and pro¬
prietor, and is still published by him.

The Washingtonian was published at Rochester in 1848, by C.
H. Sedgwick.

The Rochester Germania was published in 1849.

The Groninge Courant was commenced in 1849, and continued a
few months.

The Christian Sentinel was commenced in 1849, and continued a
short time.

Brewster’s Insurance Reporter was published in 1849 by H. A.

The Rochester Daily Magnet was published in 1849 by Lawrence
& Winants,—C. H. McDonald & Co., proprietors. It was
discontinued in 1850.

The Wool Grower and Stock Register, mo., was commenced in
July, 1849. While in the hands of T. C. Peters, as editor,

1    and    D. D. T. Moore, it was merged in the Rural New


The Investigator was published a short time in 1850.

The Medical Truth Teller was published a few months in 18—
by Dr. J. Gates.

The Annunciator was published in 1850.

The Cygnet was published in 1850 by the Young Men’s Temper¬
ance Association.

The Flag of Freedom was published in 1850 by Calvin H. Chase.

The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, semi-mo., was com¬
menced in Nov. 1850, by James White. In connection
with it was published

The Youth’s Instructor.

Moore’s Rural New Yorker was commenced in 1850
by D. D. T. Moore, its present publisher.

The Western Luminary was commenced at Rochester by Rev.

G. M. Cook. It was afterward removed to Buffalo.

The Rochester Daily Herald was commenced in 1850; L. K.

Falkner, editor. In a few months it passed into the
hands of Geo. G. Cooper, who changed its name to

The Rochester Daily Times, C. Hughson, editor.' It was dis¬
continued in 1851.

Anzeiger des Nor dens, w. and tri-w., was commenced
in 1852 by Kraneer & Eelix,—Louis Hurtz, editor,—
and is still published.

The Youth’s Temperance Banner, mo., was published a short
time in 18— by a committee of the Temperance Society.

The Evening News was issued about 3 months in 1852 by R,
& Co.

The National Reformer was published a short time about

Beobachter am Genesee was commenced in 1852 by
Adolphe Nolte, its present editor and proprietor.

The Rochester Daily Union was commenced Aug. 16, 1852, at
Rochester; O. Turner, editor. In December following
Isaac Butts became editor. In Sept. 1858, it was united
with the Rochester Daily Advertiser. A weekly and a
tri-weekly edition were issued from the same office.

The Rochester Daily Tribune was issued in 1855-56, by Snow &

The Rochester Daily Free Press, a campaign paper, was issued
in 1856 by John N. Ingersoll.

The Mercantile Journal was issued for 6 months in 1856 by C.

H. McDonnell.

The Evening American, a campaign paper, was issued in 1858,
A. H. St. Germaine, editor.

The Rochester Daily Times was commenced Jan. 24,1859, by
Charles W. Hebard, editor and proprietor. It was dis¬
continued in April following, and revived in June as

The Dally Express, by C. W. Hebard & Co., and is still
published by C. D. Tracy & Co.

The Journal of the Home, mo., connected with the
Home for the Friendless, is published in Rochester.
Mrs. N. S. Barnes, editress.

The Brockport Recorder was commenced in 1828 by Abiathai
M. Harris: it was published about 2 years.

The Brockport Free Press was published in 1831 by Harris &
Hyatt, and in 1832 by Thos. H. Hyatt.    

The Western, Star was published at Brockport in 1832 by Justin

The Monroe Chronicle and Brockport Advertiser was published
in 1833.

The Atlas was published at Brockport in 1835 by D. D. Wait.

The Brockport Watchman was published in 1844 by E. F. Bridges,

The Brockport Weekly Journal was commenced in Sept. 1852, by
Wm. Gardiner & Co. It was published about 1 year.

The Brockport Gazette was commenced Oct. 1, 1855, by Wm.
Haskell, and continued about 3 months.

The Daily Advertiser was commenced in Oct. 1856, by
Wm. H. Smith. It is circulated gratuitously, deriving
I its support from advertisements.

The Brockport Republican was commenced in Jan.
1857,—H. W. Beach, editor,—and is still published.

The Jeffersonian was published in Clarkson in 1830 by ——

The Honeoye Standard was published at Honeoye Falls in 1839
by Garry A. Hough, and afterward by Morris
& Vedder.

The School Visitor, mo., is published at Spencerport.


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