Gazetteer of New York, 1860 & 1861 page 745
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boy become the robust and enduring youth, able to sustain continued application and to perform in
after life an amount of intellectual labor that only a sound and vigorous development could make possible.
In connection with the



The infantry and artillery drills; and, while these receive a minuteness of attention not often given to
them, and are so used as to produce physically a permanent effect, they have no tendency to create a desire,
as experience has shown, for a military life. The system, as here arranged, has been chosen for the great
benefits that result from it. But, although a military school, the institution, it must be distinctly under¬
stood, is not for the training of those who are vicious or unmanageable under any other system. Should
any of this class, by accident or misrepresentation, ever be received, they will, on the manifestation of
such character, be at once returned to their parents. The feelings of the principals, not less than their
intimate relations with their pupils, look to other associations and other results. Confidence, patience,
and kindness on their part, truthfulness, honor, and generous sentiment on the pupil’s, are the basis
and the bond of union between them. No boy who is insensible to considerations of this kind is desired
in the school, nor can he long remain connected with it.

Pupils are received whenever a vacancy occurs; but, as the number is limited and places are usually
filled in advance, applications, to prevent disappointment, should be made as early as possible.

Further information may be obtained from the gentlemen named as references, or by addressing the


The Faculties of Williams College,

Harvard College,

Yale College,

Columbia College,

Union College,    '

N. Y. University,

College of New Jersey,

Military Academy, West Point,
and also to the following gentlemen :—

Hon. A. Bruyn Hasbrouck, LL.D., late President
Rutgers College, New York City,

Rev. R. W. Dickinson, D.D., New York City,
Samuel Jaudon, Esq., New York City,

S. C. Paxon, Esq., New York City,

George Barrell, Esq., New York City,

Willard Parker, M.D., New York City,

B. R. Winthrop, Esq., New York City,

Doct. E. E. Marcy*, New York City,'

Rev. John Krebbs, D.D., New York City,

Francis Skiddy, Esq., New York City,

Henry Leverich, Esq., New York City,

Charles Day, Esq., New York City,

Chas. Rockwell, Esq., New York City,

Joseph Bento, Esq., New York City,

D. N. Barney, Esq,, New York City,

Rev. J. P. Thompson, D.D., New York City,
& Wood, Com. Agency, New York City,
John H. Brower, Esq., Brooklyn, L. I.,

H. K. Corning, Esq., Brooklyn, L. I.,

George S. Puffer, Esq., Brooklyn, L. L,

John Schenek, Esq., Brooklyn, L. I.,

Rev. R. S. Storrs, D.D., Brooklyn, L. I,,

Doct. W. Swift, U.S.N., Brooklyn, L. I.,

Doct. McLellan, Brooklyn, L. I.,

Hon. Aaron Ward, Sing-Sing,

Rev. Wilson Phraner, Sing-Sing,

Thomas Smull, Esq., Sing-Sing,

Maj. E. Backus, U.S.A., Governors Island,

Charles L. Schlater, Esq., Ogdensburgh, N. Y.,

Capt. James McIntosh, U.S.N., Sackets Harbor,

Hon. D. B. St. John, Albany,

0. Bronson, M.D., Hudson,

Marcus L. Ward, Esq., Newark,

Cortlandt Parker, Esq., Newark,

Prof. John S. Hart, LL.D., late Principal of High
School, Philadelphia, Pa.,    •

Jacob Sharp, Esq., Philadelphia, Pa.,

Rodolphus Kent, Esq., Philadelphia, Pa.,

Prof. J. Henry, LL.D., Smithsonian Institution, Wash¬

Brig. G. S. Churchill, U.S.A., Washington,

Thomas Higham, Jr., Esq., Charleston, S. C.,'

J. Izard Pringle, Esq., Georgetown, D. C.,

W. Blake, Esq., Combahee, S. C.,

George Gordon, Esq., Savannah, Ga.,

•Henry Roser, Esq., Savannah, Ga.,

G. W. Ludlum, Esq., Rondout,

CoL.W. J. Hardee, U.S.A., West Point.

G. T. Hodges, Esq., Rutland, Yt.,

Col. Thomas Williams, Detroit, Mich.,

Wm. Neyle Habersham, Esq., Savannah, Ga.,
Francis Sorrell, Esq., Savannah, Ga.,

J. Clay King, Esq., Waynesville,

J. Emmanuel, Esq., Mobile, Ala.,

R. G. Mays, M.D., Orange Mills, F.A.,

Hon. Thomas Slidell, New Orleans, La.,

J. W. Zacharie, Esq., New Orleans, La.,

Mrs. Clifford Neff, Cincinnati, 0.,

R. A. Clay, Esq., Cincinnati, 0.,

H. Emerson, Esq., South Reading, Mass.,

Rev. A. Woods, D.D., Providence, R. I.,

P. Hall, Esq., Providence, R. I.,

Edward Pearce, Esq., Providence, R. I.,

Hon. W. C. Gibbs, Newport, R.T.,

Calvin Williams, Esq., Stonington, Conn.,

Giles F. Ward, Esq., Saybrook, Conn.,

Hon. P. D. Yroom, Trenton, N. J.,

Com. Thomas A. Conover, U.S.N., Princeton, N. J.,
Com. Lawrence Kearney, U.S.N., Perth Amboy,

Rev. David Magie, D.D., Elizabethtown.



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