New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 109
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soon after the conquest, and which
seems to have been in good preserva-
tion till dilapidated by the civil wars of
the seventeenth century; but the great
object of attraction here, is Harewood
House, the seat of the Earl of Hare-
wood ; equally magnificent and com-
modious ; the mansion was erected, in
1760, by Adams and Carr, and the
grounds laid out in great taste by
Capability Brown: this princely domain,
says Dr. Whitaker, is a fortunate place,
blessed with much natural beauty and
fertility, and uniting in the compass of
a country village, a dismantled and pic-
turesque castle, a modern palace, and
a parish church filled with unmutilated
sculptures of the 14th and 15th centu-
ries. ' The parish contains the town-
ships of Alwoodley, Dun Keswick,
East Keswick, Weardley, Weeton, and
Wigton. Entire population, 2209.

Harker, W. R. (4) a small hamlet
in the township and parish of Slaid-
burn, wapentake of Staincliffe, 2§ miles
N. from Slaidburn.

Harkerside, N. R. (1) a hamlet
in the township and parish of Grinton,
wapentake of Hang West, 1 mile S.
from Reeth. On the summit of Har-
ker, commanding an extensive view of
Swaledale, is an encampment supposed
to be British, of a nearly circular form,
with wide and deep ditches; near a long
avenue is a barrow of stones and gravel,
and some other supposed druidical re-

Harlethorpe, E. R. (5) a town-
ship in the parish of Bubwith, division
of Holme Beacon, 5 miles N. from
Howden; inhabitants, 53.

Harlington, W. R. (8) a hamlet
in the township and parish of Barn-
brough, wapentake of Strafforth and
6 miles W. from Doncaster.

Harlow, W.R. (8) a hamlet in
the township of Wentworth, parish of
Wath upon Dearn, wapentake of Straf-
forth and Tickhill, 7 miles N.W. from

Harlsey, East, N.R. (2) a pa-
rish and township in the wapentake of
6$ miles N. E. from North-
allerton ; inhabitants, 420 ; a perpetual
curacy; patron, John Charles May-
nard, Esq. At Mount Grace, in this
township, are the picturesque remains
of a priory of Carthusian monks,
founded in the 14th century. The
walls of the church are yet standing,
with a perfect tower rising from the
centre. A part of the monastery has
been converted into a farm house.
Harlsey Hall is the seat of J. C. May-
nard, Esq.

Harlsey, West, N. R. (2) a town-
ship in the parish of Osmotherley, wa-
pentake of Allertonshire,
6 miles N. E*
from Northallerton; inhabitants, 51.

Harm by, N. R. (1) a township in
the parish of Spennithorne, wapentake
of Hang West,
2 miles S. E. from Ley-
burn ; inhabitants, 194.

Harpham, E.R. (6) a parish and
township in the wapentake of Dicker-
6 miles N. E. from Driffield; in-
habitants, 251; a chapelry to Burton
Agnes ; the chapel is the burying place
of the very ancient family of St. Quin-
tin. In this village, St. John of Be-
verley, a Saxon saint of great reputa-
tion in the eighth century, is reported
to have been born; he was the fifth
Archbishop of York.

Harriot Air, N.R. (2) a small
hamlet in the township of Rievalx, pa-
rish of Helmsley, wapentake of Rydale,
2§ miles N. W. from Helmsley.

Harrogate, High, W. R. (5) a
township with Bilton, in the parish of
Knaresborough, wapentake of Claro,
3 miles S. W. from Knaresborough;
inhabitants, 1934 ; a chapelry to Knares-
borougb. Harrogate, though generally
spoken of as a single place, consists of
two villages, High and Low Harrogate,
half a mile distant; the first distin-
guished by its chalybeate, the latter by
its sulphureous springs; the situation
is on a dreary moor, bu t High Harrogate


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