New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 116
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Helwick, W.R. (4) a hamlet in
the township and parish of Bingley, wa-
pentake of Skyrack, 5 miles E. from

Helwith, N. R. (1) a hamlet in
the township of New Forest, parish of
Kirkby Ravensworth, wapentake of
Gilling West, 4 miles N. E. from Reeth.

Hemingborough, E. R. (5) a pa-
rish and township in the wapentake of
Ouse and Derwent, 4 miles E. from
Selby; inhabitants, 500;
a vicarage,
value 36/. Is.; patron, the King. This
place, which is the southern point of
the wapentake, is remarkable for the
lofty spire of its church, which rising
42 feet above the battlements of the
steeple, forms
a conspicuous object in
this level country; the church was
made collegiate in 1426, at the request
of the monks and prior of Durham,
but the establishment ceased at the dis-
solution of the monasteries; the edifice
is well built, having three aisles and
transept: the parish is extensive, con-
taining the townships of Barlby, Brock-
enholme with WoodaU, Cliff with Lund,
South Duffield, Menthorpe with Bow-
thorpe and Osgodby. Entire popula-
tion, 1855.

Hemingfield, W.R. (8) a hamlet
in the township of Wombwell, parish of
Darfield, wapentake of Strafforth and
Tickhill, 5 miles S. E. from Barnsley.

Hemlington, N.R. (2) a town-
ship in the parish of Stainton, wapen-
take of Langbarugh, 4 miles N. from
Stokesley; inhabitants, 72,

Hempholme, E.R. (6) a township
in the parish of Leven, wapentake of
8 miles S.E. from Driffield;
inhabitants, 93.

Hemsworth, W.R. (8) a parish
and township in the wapentake of Stain-
cross, 5^ miles S* from Pontefract;
inhabitants, 963; a rectory, value
20/. Is. 0§«/.; patron, William Wright-
son, Esq. Here, the place of his birth,
Archbishop Holgate founded a gram-
mar school in 1546; and also an hos-
pital for ten poor men and ten poor
women, who are not to be under sixty
years of age, when elected: a remark-
able chancery suit, in 1816, restored to
the master of the school, and the pension-
ers, the profits of the estate of which they
had fraudulently been deprived by the
trustees, and thus the latter rose to a state
of great ease and even affluence, enjoy-
ing each not less than
100/. per annum.
This parish contains several pleasant
residences; Hemsworth Hall is the
seat of Sir F.L. Wood, Bart.; Hems-
worth Lane, the seat of John Vincent,
Esq., and Newstead Hall, the seat of
J. Naylor, Esq.

Hensall, W. R. (8) a township in
the parish of Snaith, wapentake of Os-
goldcross, 3 miles W. from Snaith;
inhabitants, 233.

Henwick Hall, E. R. (5) a small
hamlet in the township of Scoreby, pa-
rish of Gate Helmsley, wapentake of
Ouse and Derwent,
6 miles N. E. from

Heptonstall, W. R. (4) a town-
ship in the parish of Halifax, wapen-
take of Morley,
8 miles S. W. from
Bradford; inhabitants, 4543; a cha-
pelry to Halifax, In this township is
Stoneshaw Gate, the seat of Gamaliel
Sutcliffe,Esq. Here is a grammar school
founded by the Rev. C. Greenwood, in
1642. A large part of this town was
burnt, in a skirmish during the civil wars.
Heptonstall Park, formerly a part of
the forest of Hardwick, now disforested
and turned into farms, forms a large
part of the township of Erringden.

Heptonstall Slack, W. R. (4) a
hamlet in the preceding township.

Hepworth, W. R. (7) a township
in the parish of Kirkburton, wapentake
of Agbrigg,
7 miles S. from Hudders-
field ; inhabitants, 1048.

Hermit Hill, W.R. (8) a hamlet
in the township of Wortley, parish of
Tankersley, wapentake of Staincross,

5 miles S. from Barnsley.

Herringthorpe, W. R. (8) a


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