New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 119
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Hill Top, W. R. (7) a small ham-
let in the township of Shelley, parish of
Kirkburton, wapentake of Agbrigg,
S. E. from Huddersfield.

Hill Top, W. R. (8) a small ham-
let in the township of Kimberworth,
parish of Rotherham, wapentake of
Strafforth and Tickhill,
2 miles W.
from Rotherham.

Hilston, E. R. (6) a parish and
township in the wapentake of Holder-
ness, 13 miles S. from Hornsea; in-
habitants, 39 ; a rectory, value 5/.;
patron, the Rev. C. Sykes. This small
village is situated near the sea coast.

Hilton, N. R. (2) a parish and
township in the wapentake of Lang-
barugh, 4 miles E. from Yarm ; inha-
bitants, 135; a perpetual curacy ; pa-
tron, Lord George Cavendish. This
parish was formerly a chapel of ease
to Rudby.

Hinderskelfe, N. R. (5) a town-
ship, extra-parochial, in the wapentake
of Bulmer,
6 miles W. from Malton;
inhabitants, 159. Here was an old cas-
tle, built in the reign of Edward III.,
which was burnt down, and on its site
has been erected the present magnificent
edifice, Castle Howard, the seat of the
Earl of Carlisle, built by Sir John Van-
burgh, in the year 1714, and which is,
unquestionably, one of the most princely
mansions in the kingdom; it contains a
noble collection of pictures and statues,
amongst which, that chef-d’oeuvre of
Annibal Caracci, the three Marys, is
eminently conspicuous. The park and
pleasure grounds correspond with the
grandeur of the house, and are orna-
mented with several elegant structures.
The family mausoleum is a circular
building, 90 feet in height, and 50 in
diameter; over the vault is a chapel,
surmounted by a dome: in the park is
an obelisk, erected in 1714, to comme-
morate the victories of the Duke of
Marlborough; and at a proper dis-
tance is an appropriate monument to
the memory of a still greater hero,

Nelson, inscribed in letters of gold,
with the immortal names of Aboukir,
Copenhagen, Trafalgar. The victories
of Queen Anne’s general, we have lived
to see surpassed; to the glories of the
naval commander—what rival has ever
approached ?

Hinderwell, N. R. (2) a parish
and township in the wapentake of Lang-
barugh, 14 miles E. from Guisborough;
inhabitants, 1483; a rectory, value 15/.$
patron, Lady Boynton. This parish,
situated on the east, is much exposed
to the depredations of the ocean; it
contains the township of Rousby. En-
tire population, 1719.

Hindlethwaite, N. R. (1) a small
hamlet in the township of Carlton High
Dale, parish of Coverham, wapentake
of Hang West,
6 miles S. W. from Mid-

Hipferholme, W. R. (7) a town-
ship with Brighouse, in the parish of
Halifax, wapentake of Morley, 2 miles
E. from Halifax; inhabitants, 3936.
Here is a free school, founded by Mat-
thew Broadley, in 1647. In this town-
ship are Cliffe Hill, the seat of the Miss
Walkers; Crow Nest, the seat of John
Walker, Esq.; Slead Hall, the seat of
A. F. Macauley, Esq.; and an ancient
mansion, now fallen to decay, called

Hipswell, N. R. (1) a township in
the parish of Catterick, wapentake of
Hang East, 3 miles S. from Richmond;
inhabitants, 273; a chapelry to Cat-
terick. Hipswell Lodge i$ the seat of
Thomas Hutchinson, Esq.

Hive, or Hythe, E. R. (6) a ham-
let in the township of Gilberdike, pa-
rish of Eastrington, wapentake ofHow-
8 miles W. from South Cave.

Hogley, W. R. (7) a hamlet in the
township of Austonley, parish of Al-
mondbury, wapentake of Agbrigg, 7
miles S. from Huddersfield.

Holbeck, W. R. (5) a township in
the parish of Leeds, swapentake of Mor-
ley; inhabitants, 7151 ; a chapelry to.


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