New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 168
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May, or Bay Hall, W. R* (7) a
small hamlet in the township and parish
of Huddersfield, division of Agbrigg, 1
mile N. from Huddersfield.

May Royd, W. R. (7) a small ham-
let in the township of Wadsworth, pa-
rish of Halifax, division of Morley,
miles W. from Halifax.

May Thorpe, W. R. (8) a hamlet
in the township and parish of Kirk-
burton, division of Agbrigg,
6 miles
N. W. from Penistone.

Mean Wood, W. R. (5) a hamlet
In the township of Chapel Allerton,
parish of Leeds, wapentake of Sky-
rack, 3 miles N.W. from Leeds. Mean
Wood Hall is the seat of Christopher
Beckett, Esq.

Meaux, E. R. (6) a township in
the parish of Wawm, wapentake of
Holderness, 7 miles N. from Hull; in-
habitants, 74. This lordship was given
by William the Conqueror, to one of
his officers named Gamel, who peopled
it with inhabitants from Meaux, in
Normandy, whence it obtained its
name. An abbey tvas founded here in
1136, by William le Gros, Earl of Albe-
marle, not a vestige of which remains,
but the site can easily be traced.

Meer Beck, or Meer Syke, W.R.

(4) a small hamlet in the township of
Settle, parish of Giggleswick, wapen-
take of Staincliffe, 3 miles S. from

Melbecks, N. R. (1) a township
in the parish of Grinton, wapentake of
Gilling West, 4 miles W. from Reeth ;
inhabitants, 1726. Melbecks is not a
village, but a mountainous district, con-
taining several hamlets on the north
side of the Swale; near the river is
Park Hall, now occupied by a farmer,
built by the Marquis of Wharton,

Melbourne, E. R. (5) a township
in the parish of Thornton, division of
Holme Beacon, 5 miles S. W. from
Pocklington; inhabitants, 437. Mel-
bourne Hall is the seat of Sir Henry

M. M. Vavasour, Bart. Melbourne
Lodge is the seat of General Wharton.

Melmerby, N. R. (2) a township
in the parish of Wath, wapentake of
Haliikeld, 5 miles N. from Ripon ; in-
habitants, 258. In this township is
York Gate Inn, a place of meeting for
the magistrates of the wapentake.

Melmerby, N. R. (1) a township
in the parish of Coverham, wapentake
of Hang West, 4 miles S.W. from Mid-
dleham; inhabitants,

Mel son by, N. R. (2) a parish and
township in the wapentake of Gilling
6 miles N. from Richmond;
inhabitants, 440 ; a rectory, value
2.9. 1L/.; patron, University Col-
lege, Oxford. In this pleasant agricul-
tural village, is a public house called
Hang Bank, a noted repository for

Meltham, W.R. (7) a township
in the parish of Almondbury, division
of Agbrigg,
5 miles S.W. from Hud-
dersfield ; inhabitants,
2000 ; a cha-
pelry to Almondbury; in this town-
ship is Thick Hollings, the seat of
J. G. Armitage, Esq. Here was born
1608, Abraham Woodhead, an able con-
troversial writer on the side of the Ca-
tholics ; but like most theological dis-
putations, his works have long since
quietly subsided into oblivion.

Melton, E.R. (9) a township in
the parish of Welton, wapentake of
Howdenshire, 9 miles W. from Hull;
inhabitants, 118. In this pleasant vil-
lage, are the seats of Henry Sykes, Esq.
of Henry Thomson, Esq. and Melton
Hill, the seat of Mrs. Wilson.

Melton on the Hill, W. R. (8)
a parish and township in the wapen-
take of Strafforth and Tickhill,
miles W. from Doncaster; inhabitants,
137; a perpetual curacy; patron, Rich-
ard Fountavne Wilson, Esq. In the
church are several monuments of the
Fountayne family, and in a window of
painted glass, is a portrait of William
de Melton, Archbishop of York, 1315,


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