New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 183
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Nidd, W. R. (4, 5) a river In the
West Riding, which takes its rise about
three miles from Kettlewell; when run-
ning to the east, it enters the famous
chasm of Goyden Pot Hole, at the foot
of a rock, and pursues a subterraneous
course for three miles, when it emerges
near Middlesmoor; pursuing a south-
easterly direction, it passes by Pateley
Bridge, Hamsthwaite, Ripley, Knares-
borough, and Ribston to Walshford;
when turning to the north-east, by a
very serpentine course, it joins the
Ouse at Nun Monkton.

Noblethorpe, W. R. (8) a hamlet
in the^township and parish of Silkston,
wapentake of Staincross;
3 miles N. E.
from Penistone.

Norland, W. R. (7) a township in
the parish of Halifax, wapentake of
Morley, 3ยง miles S.W. from Halifax;
inhabitants, 1665. On the edge of Nor-
land Moor, amongst a large ridge of
rocks, is a very ponderous stone, which
projects over the side Of the hill, and
has a very uncommon appearance; it is
called the Lad stone, but for what rea-
son no very probable conjecture has
yet been given.

Norm an by, N. R, (2) a parish and
township in the wapentake of Rydale,
4 miles S. W. from Pickering ; inhabi-
tants, 191; a rectory, value 9/. 12s. 6c?.;
patron, Richard Hill, Esq. In this place
is a sulphur spa. The parish contains
the township of Thornton Risborough.
Entire population,

Normanby, N. R. (2) a township
in the parish of Ormesby, wapentake of
3 miles S.W. from Guis-
borough ; inhabitants,
122. Normanby
Hall is the seat of W. W. Jackson, Esq.

Normanby, N.R. (3) a hamlet in
the township and parish of Fylingdales,
wapentake of Whitby Strand, 4 miles
S. E. from Whitby.

Normanton, W. R. (8) a parish
and township in the wapentake of Ag-
brigg, 5 miles N. E. from Wakefield;
inhabitants, 296’; a vicarage, value 7/.;

patron, Trinity College, Cambridge.
Here is a grammar school. In the
church was buried, James Torre, Esq.
who had made an extensive collection
of the ecclesiastical antiquities of the
county of York. Newland Park in this
township, is the seat of Sir E. Smith
Dodsworth, Bart. The parish contains
the townships of Altofts, and Snydall.
Entire population, 819.

Northallerton, N.R. (2) a bo-
rough, market town, parish, and town-
ship, in the wapentake of Allerton-
shire, 9 miles N. from Thirsk,32 N.W.
from York, 225 from London ; inhabi-
tants, 2626; a vicarage, value 17/. 10s.;
patron, the Dean and Chapter of Dur-
ham ; market, Wednesday; fairs, Feb-
17 to the 14th, May 5, 6, Sep-
tember 5, 6, October 3, 4, and the se-
cond Wednesday' in October. The
government of this borough is vested in
a bailiff, deputed by the Bishop of Dur-
ham ; it sent two members to parlia-
ment in the 26th of Edward I., but
the privilege lay dormant till the year
1640; twenty years after, Francis Las-
celles, Esq. member for this borough,
was discharged from being a member
of parliament, because he had sitten as
one of the judges on the trial of
Charles I. The right of voting is in
about 200 burgage tenants; the bailiff
is the returning offieer. Here was once
a castle belonging to Hugh Pudsay,
Bishop of Durham, but razed to the
ground by Henry II.: the grammar
school is of ancient but uncertain foun-
dation. Northallerton is pleasantly
situated on a rising ground, sloping
towards the east; it consists chiefly of
a wide street, about half a mile long ;
its manufactures are those of leather
and linen, and it was once famous for
the excellence of its ale. It is termed
North, in contradistinction to Allerton
Mauleverer. Here is the register office
for the North Riding, and here the
bailiff of the Bishop of Durham holds
his manor courts: the quarter sessions


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