New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 188
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the river Wharfe; it was one of the
great Saxon parishes, the parent of se-
veral others, which were separated soon
after the conquest: the manor once
belonged to the see of York, and the
Archbishop has still a civil jurisdiction,
and had formerly a palace here, the
site of which is still denominated the
manor house. At the south-east of
the town, rises a bold and craggy cliff
called Otley Chevin, which hangs ma-
jestically over the high road to Leeds,
and extends to the river Wharfe, at
Pool; from its summit are delightful
views of the vale below, with the river
meandering through it. Otley for-
merly partook of the advantages of the
woollen manufacture, but this has long
since departed for more favourable
situations : the church is spacious, and
contains some ancient tombs and monu-
ments of the families of Fairfax, Fawkes,
Vavasour, Palmer, and Pulleyn. Here
is a grammar school founded by Tho-
mas Cave, in T611 ; the punning motto
of the corporate seal of this founda-
Deum pave, tomo cave, in allu-
sion to the founder’s name, is not very
happily chosen, as the more obvious
translation is, “ Fear God and avoid
your book.” The market in Otley is
well supplied and numerously attended;
vast quantities of corn are brought here
and sold into the manufacturing dis-
tricts, and the fortnight fairs, or rather
markets, have long been famous for
their fat cattle. The parish contains
the townships of Baildon, Bramhope,
Burley, Denton, Hawksworth, Farn-
ley, Lindley, Menston, Newhall with
Clifton, Pool, ancf Little Timble. En-
tire population, 9003.

OttRrburn, W.R. (4) a hamlet
in the township and parish of Kirkby
Malhamdale, wapentake of Staincliffe,
8 miles S. E. from Settle.

Otterington, North, N. R. (2)
a parish and township in the wapentake
of Allertonshire, 3 miles S. from North-
allerton; inhabitants, 44 ; a vicarage,
4l.; patron, Christ Church Col-
lege, Oxford. The parish contains the
townships of Thornton le Beans, and
Thornton le Moor. Entire popula-
tion, 585.

Otterington, South, N. R. (2) a
parish and township in the wapentake
of Allertonshire, 5 miles S. from North-
allerton ; inhabitants, 201 ; a rectory,
value, in two medieties,
7l. 14s. 4%d.
each; patron, the Reverend Joshua

Ottringham, E. R. (9) a parish
and township in the wapentake of Hol-
miles W. from Patring-
; inhabitants, 637 ; a perpetual
curacy ; patron, Francis Watt, Esq.

Ouchthorpe, W.R. (8) a hamlet
in the township of Stanley, parish of
Wakefield, wapentake of Agbrigg, If
mile N. from Wakefield.

.Oughtershaw, W.R. (1) a ham-
let in the township of Buckden, parish
of Arnecliffe, wapentake of Staincliffe,
8 miles N. from Kettlewell.

Oughty Bridge, W. R. (8) a
hamlet in the township of Bradfield,
parish of Ecclesfield, wapentake of
Strafforth and Tickhill, 5§ miles N. W.
from Sheffield.

Oulston, N. R. (5) a towmship in
the parish of Coxwold, wapentake of
3f miles N. from Easing-'
wold ; inhabitants, 225. In this place
is a small catholic chapel.

Oulton,W. R. (8) a township with
Woodlesford, in the parish of Roth well,
wapentake of Agbrigg, 5 miles N. from
Wakefield; inhabitants, 1526. Oulton
House is the seat of JohnBlaydes, Esq.
Here was born,
1661, the eminent
divine and critic, Dr. Richard Bentley,
master of Trinity College, Cambridge;
celebrated for the extent of his learn-
# ing, and his perpetual warfare with the
wits and scholars of his day : his pro-
found erudition is now universally ac-
knowledged ; but his haughty and re-
pulsive address, with a coarseness of
manners, created him many powerful


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