New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 207
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S.W. from Halifax; a chapelry to Hali-
fax. This place is pleasantly situated
in a fertile valley; it is memorable for
a flood that took place May 18, in the
year 1722, when the Riburn, a small
river, suddenly rose seven yards, be-
tween three and five in the afternoon,
and bore down in its course several
mills, bridges, and houses, and occa-
sioned the loss of many lives; part of
the church-yard was washed away, and
the graves laid open; a coffin was lodged
upon a tree at a considerable distance;
the church was so much injured, that
it was obliged to be taken down, and
rebuilt; the church-yard is surrounded
by a curious yew tree hedge, cut into
arches according to the fashion of other
times. In the burial place are several
tomb-stones, cut with great taste by
John Collier, the author of the face-
tious work on the Lancashire dialect,
by Tim Bobbin. The parsonage house
was built by the Rev. John 'Watson,
the historian of Halifax, then minister
of this cbapel.

Risby, E. R. (6) a hamlet in the
township and parish of Rowley, division
of Hunsley Beacon, 4 miles S. from
Beverley. More than half a century
ago, the mansion belonging to the fa-
mily of Ellerker, in this place, was de-
stroyed by fire; the park is now occu-
pied by a farmer.

Rise, E. R. (6) a parish and town-
ship in the wapentake of Holderness,
6 miles S.W. from Hornsea; a rectory,
value 10/. Os.
hd.; patron, the King.
Here is the seat of Richard Bethel!,
Esq.; in the church, which is very
ancient, are several monuments of his

Riseborough, N. R. (2). See
Thornton Riseborough.

Risk forth, W. R. (4) a hamlet in
the township and parish of Bingley,
wapentake of Skyrack, 2 miles N. W.
from Bingley.

Rishworth, W. R. (7) a township
in the parish of Halifax, wapentake of

Morley, Of miles S. W. from Halifax ;
inhabitants, 1588. At this place is a
group of stones, piled upon each other;
tradition relates, that they once would
rock, but that quality is now lost;
they are supposed to be Druidical re-

Risplith, W. R. (5) a hamlet in
the township of Sawley, parish of Ri-
pon, wapentake of Claro, 6 miles S.W.
from Ripon.

Riston, Long, E. R. (6) a parish
and township in the wapentake of Hol-
derness, 6f miles N. E. from Beverley;
inhabitants, 361;
a rectory, held with
the vicarage of Hornsea; patron, the

Roach Grange, W. R. (5) a ham-
let in the township and parish of Kip-
pax, wapentake of Skyrack, 5 miles S.
from Abberford.

Roads Moor, W. R. (8) a hamlet
in the township and parish of Whiston,
wapentake of Strafforth and Tickhill, 3
miles S. E. from Rotherham.

Roaksby, N. R. (2) a township
with Pickhill, in the parish of Pickhill,
wapentake of Haliikeld, 6 miles W. from
Thirsk; inhabitants, 334. This village
adjoins Pickhill.

Robert Town, W. R. (7) a hamlet
in the township of Liversedge, parish of
Birstall, wapentake of Morley, 5f miles
N. E. from Huddersfield.

Robin Hood’s Bay, N. R. (3) a
hamlet in the township and parish of
Fylingdales, wapentake of Whitby
Strand, 6 miles S. E. from Whitby.
This place is a small fishing town, si-
tuated on the north-west part of the
bay, which has been thus named, from
a tradition, not very probable, that it
was the retreat of that famous outlaw,
where he and his followers eluded the
vigilance of their pursuers, by having
the command of small fishing boats,
with which they put to sea in time of
danger. On the heights, above this
place, are some tumuli, which were
long believed to have been thrown up


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