New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 220
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Scotton, W.R. (5) a township in
the parish of Farnham, wapentake of
Claro, 2 miles N. W. from Knares-
borough ; inhabitants, 297. This place
contains mansions of the ancient fami-
lies of Percy and Pulleine, which have
been converted into farm houses, still
retaining vestiges of their former

Scotton, N. R. (1) a township in
the parish of Catterick, wapentake of
Hang East, 4 miles S. from Richmond;
inhabitants, 128.

Scout Hall, W. R. (7) a 5m all
hamlet in the township of North Ow-
ram, parish of Halifax, wapentake of
Morley, 2 miles N. from Halifax.

Scrafton, Little, N. R. (1) a
hamlet in the township of Caldbergh,
parish of Coverham, wapentake of
Hang West, 3 miles S. W. from Mid-

Scrafton, West, N. R. (1) a
township in the parish of Coverham,
wapentake of Hang East, 5 miles S.W.
from Middleham; inhabitants, 146.

Scraith, W. R. (8) a hamlet in
the township of Brightside Bierlow, pa-
rish of Sheffield, wapentake of Straf-
forth and Tickhill, 3 miles N. from

Scrayingham, E. R. (5) a parish
and township in the wapentake of Buck-
10 miles N. E. from York ; in-
habitants, 157;
a rectory, value 21/.
ID. lOfrf.; patron, the King. This
parish contains the townships of How-
sham and Leppington. Entire popu-

, Sc riven, W. R. (5) a township with
Tentergate, in the parish of Knares-
borough, wapentake of Claro, 1 mile
N. from Knaresborough; inhabitants,
1373. Scriven Park is the seat of Sir
Thos. T. Slingsby, Bart.: in this town-
ship also is Coghill Hall, the seat of
Dr. Harrison; the mansion having been
sold by Sir John Coghill, in 1796, to
the Countess of Conyngham, is some-
times called Conyngham House.

Scruton, N. R. (2) a parish and
township in the wapentake of Hang
East, 4 miles S. W. from Northaller-
ton; inhabitants, 411; a rectory, va-
lue 14/. Os.
5d.; patron, F, L. Coore,
Esq. Scruton Hall is the seat of Mrs.
Mary Gale. In this place was born,
in 1636, Dr. Thomas Gale, Dean of
York ; he was master of Saiqt Paul’s
School, and drew up the inscriptions
which have been engraven on the Mo-
nument in memory of the great fire of
London; these are alluded to by Pope,
not in a very complimentary strain, in
a verse remembered by every body ;
the writings of Dean Gale are numer-
ous, consisting chiefly of re-publica-
tions of classic authors, both Greek
and Latin, and of a collection of Eng-
lish historians, in two volumes folio,
entitled Historise BritannicĀ® et Angli-
canĀ® xx.; he died in 1702, leaving two
sons, Roger and Samuel; the former
published his father’s Comment on the
Itinerary of Antoninus ; his own Dis-
sertation on the Four Roman Roads in
Britain, is to be found in the
6th vo-
lume of Leland’s Itinerary: Samuel
was also an eminent antiquary, but
seems to have been content with col-
lecting without publishing.

Scugdale, N. R. (2) a hamlet in
the township and parish of Whorlton,
wapentake of Langbarugh,
6 miles S.
from Stokesley.

Sculcoates, E. R. (6) a parish
and township in the division of Huns-
ley Beacon,
1 mile N. from Hull; in-
habitants, 10,449 ; a vicarage, value
65. 8rf.; patron, the King. This
place is now so nearly joined to Hull,
that strangers cannot distinguish their
respective limits; indeed, some of the
best streets belonging to Hull are in
this parish. Sculcoates is of greater
antiquity than Hull, it being mentioned
in Domesday Book as one of the lord-
ships of Roger de Mortimer. The an-
cient church of St. Mary was pulled
down in 1761, and re-built with brick ;


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