New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 251
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Sutton, W. R. (8) a township in
the parish of Brotherton, wapentake of
Barkston Ash, 3 miles N. E. from Pon-
tefract; inhabitants, 74.

Sutton, W. R. (4) a township in
the parish of Kildwick, wapentake of
Staincliffe, 5 miles N. W. from Keigh-
ley; inhabitants, 1092.

Sutton, W. R. (8) a township in
the parishes of Camp sail, and Burgh-
wallis, wapentake of Osgoldcross, 7
miles N. from Doncaster; inhabi-
tants, 145.

Sutton, E. R. (6) a parish and
township in the wapentake of Holder-
ness, 2 miles N. E. from Hull; inha-
bitants, 3658; a perpetual curacy;
patron, Henry Broadley, Esq. This
village is pleasantly situated, and con-
tains various residences of the mer-
chants and opulent traders of Hull :
here is a hospital, rebuilt in 1800,
founded by the will of Leonard Cham-
berlain, for 8 poor widows and 2
widowers; another establishment for
poor widows and daughters of deceased
clergymen, was erected in 18L9, by the
trustees of Mrs. Watson. In the time
of Edward I., a house for Carmelites,
or White Friars, was founded here.

Sutton, E. R. (5) a township in
the parish of Norton, wapentake of
Buckrose, 1 mile S. from Malton; in-
habitants, 87.

Sutton Full, E. R. (5) a parish
and township in the division of Wilton
5 miles N. W. from Pockling-
ton ; inhabitants/ 125; a rectory, va-
lue 10/. 12s.
bid.; patron, John Simp-
son, Esq. The church here is extremely
ancient, and is supposed to have been
a chantry to the priory of Watton, near

Sutton Howgrave, N.R. (5). See

Sutton on the Forest, N. R. (5)
a parish and township in the wapentake
of Bulmer, 8 miles N. from York,
inhabitants, 443; a vicarage, value
17/. 35.4 c?.; patron, the Archbishop of
York. Here is the seat of Lady Hoare

Harland. Lawrence Sterne was vicar
of this parish, but upon the destruc-
tion of the parsonage house by fire, he
removed to Coxwold. The village was
formerly surrounded by the forest of
Galtres, whence its appellation. The
parish contains the township of Huby.
Entire population, 940.

Sutton* Pen, N. R. (1) a hamlet
in the township of Healey, parish of
Masham, wapentake of Hang East, 5
miles S. E. from Middleham.

Sutton under WhiTestone
N.R. (2) a township in the
parish of Feliskirk, wapentake of Bird-
forth, 3 miles E. from Thirsk; inha-
bitants, 325. Sutton Hall is the seat of
Captain Thrush.

Sutton upon Derwent, E. R.

(5) a parish and township in the divi-
sion of Wilton Beacon, 6 miles S.E.
from York; inhabitants, 400; a rec-
tory, value 14/. 145.
7d.; patron, Sir
Thomas Clarges, Bart.

Swainby, N.R. (2) a hamlet in
the township and parish of Whorlton,
wapentake of Langbarugh, 5 miles
S. W. from Stokesley.

Swainby, N.R. (2) a township with
Allerthorpe, in the parish of Pickhill,
wapentake of Hallikeld, 6 miles E. from
Bedale ; inhabitants, 33. Here was
once a priory for Canons of the Pre-
monstratentian order, founded in the
reign of Henry II.; not a vestige of the
building remains.

Swaithe, W. R. (8) a hamlet in
the township of Worsborough, parish
of Darfield, wapentake of Staincross, 2
miles S. E. from Barnsley.

Swale, N.R. (1) a river which
rises at Hollow Mill Cross, near the
borders of Westmoreland, and taking
an eastern course through the romantic
track called Swale Dale, famous for
its lead mines, divides the wapentakes
of Gilling West and Hang West; arriv-
ing at Richmond and Catterick, it runs
more southerly, and receives the Wiske
below Northallerton; continuing the
same course through Topcliffe, it falls


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