New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 261
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turesque, the tops and sides of the
rocks being fringed with ivy and other
shrubs. About two miles to the north
is Raven Ree, a rocky promontory,
40 yards in height, and almost covered
with evergreens; and about two miles
further, under the mountain of Grey
Garth, is the curious excavation, called
Yordas Cave : the walls are of black
marble, curiously veined with red and
white; its length is near 60 yards, its
breadth 13 yards, and its height 47
feet; its entrance is through a rude
arched opening, like the gateway of
some ancient castle, which soon ex-
pands into a spacious apartment; small
cascades fall from the roof and sides,
and at the bottom is a small brook.
Here are several petrifactions, form-
ing, according to the fancy of the spec-
tator, a bishop’s throne and an organ; to
the left are some natural closets, called
Yordas chamber, Yordas oven, Ac.;
but the whole cavern, though suffici-
ently curious, will not bear comparison
with that at Castleton, in Derbyshire.
Two miles still further to the north,
and partly in the parish of Sedbergh,
is Whernside, the highest mountain in
England, having an elevation of 2584
feet, situated in the midst of a vast
amphitheatre of hills, and having on its
summit several small tarns or lakes.
The parish of Thornton contains the
township of Burton. Entire popu-
lation, 1281.

Thornton Lodge, W. R. (7). See

Thornton Riseborough, N. R.
2) a township in the parish of Nor-
manby, wapentake of Rydale, 4 miles
W. from Pickering; inhabitants, 32.

Thornton Rust, N. R. (1) a
township in the parish of Aysgarth,
wapentake of Hang West,
2 miles S. E.
from Askrigg ; inhabitants, 135.

Thornton Steward, N. R. (1) a
parish and township in the wapentake
of Hang West,
6 miles S. E. from Ley-
burn ; inhabitants, 265 ; a vicarage,
6/. 13j. 11|</,; patron, the Bi-
shop of C lies ter. This village is plea-'
santly seated in Wensley Dale, on the
north side of the river Ure.

Thornton Watlas, N. R. (2) a
parish and township in the wapentake
of Hang East, 3 miles S. W. from Be-
dale ; inhabitants, 180 ; a rectory, va-
lue 67. 105.
\Qd.; patron, Mark Mil-
bank, Esq. Thornton Hall is the
seat of Sir E. Smith Dodsworth, Bart.
The church is ancient; half way up
the steeple, which appears to have
been used as a watch tower, is a small
room, with a stone floor, and fire-
place, with windows in the sides. The
parish contains the townships of Clif-
ton, Rookwith and Thirn. Entire po-
pulation, 432.

Thornville, W. R. (5) a town-
ship in the parish of Whixley, wapen-
take of Claro, 5 miles N. E. from We-
therby ; inhabitants, 13.

Thornville Royal, W. R. (5).
See Allerton Mauleverer.

Thorodale, N. R. (2) a hamlet
in the township and parish of Hawnby,
wapentake of Birdforth,
8 miles N. W.
from Helmsley.

Thorpe, W. R. (4) a hamlet in
the township and parish of Burnsall,
wapentake of Staincliffe, 9 miles N.
from Skipton. This village, sometimes
Thorpe sub Montem, is so en-
vironed by hills, that at first sight it
seems difficult to see how the waters
escape, and why it is not a lake. Here
is a cave, called Knave Knoll Hole,
in a place difficult of access, in which,
some years ago, a human skeleton was

Thorpe, N. R. (3) a hamlet in the
township and parish of Fylingdales,
wapentake of Whitby Strand,
6 miles
S. E. from Whitby.

Thorpe, E. R. (5) a township in
tire parish of Howden, wapentake of
Howdenshire, 11 miles E. from Selby ;
inhabitants, 53.

Thorpe, W. R. (7). See Sowerby.

Thorpe, or Finthorpe, W. R. (7)
a hamlet in the township and parish of


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