New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 302
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the transept aisles, are all visible; the
screen is a most curious piece of work-
manship, supposed to be of the age of
Henry VI.: the various parts of the
interior of the church, exhibit the same
gradations of the Gothic style, as the
exterior; the eastern window, 75 feet
high and 35 feet wide, is really a won-
der; its date is 1405 ; and it displays a
profusion of monarchs, priests, and
saints, with many of the events re-
corded in the scriptures: whoever wishes
to be diverted by description run mad,
may find entertainment in a work en-
the most delectable, scriptural,
and pious history of the famous and
magnificent great eastern window, ac-
cording to beautiful portraitures in St.
Peter’s Cathedral, York,” by Thomas
Gent. The Chapter House is an ele-
gant structure; its form is an octagon
of 63 feet in diameter ; the roof is sup-
ported by a single pin geometrically
placed in the centre; each alternate
side of the building possesses a win-
dow rich in tracery and figured glass.
The vestry contains several curiosities,
the most ancient of which,, is a large
born, by which the church of York
held lands of great value, in the Saxon
times, from Prince Ulphus: from the
Reformation till the Restoration, this
horn had disappeared, but was pre^
sented again to the Cathedral, 1675,
by Henry Lord Fairfax ; here is also a
large bowl edged with silver, presented
by Archbishop Scrope, to the cord-
wainers company of York; and also a
superb pastoral staff of silver, seven
feet long, which Catherine of Portugal
gave to her confessor, when he was
nominated Archbishop of York, by
James II. The number of persons of
rank and distinction, whose mortal re-
mains are deposited in this venerable
temple, is considerable; but how differ-
ent is the emotion inspired by tread-
ing over the ashes of genius in West-
minster Abbey, to the contemplation
of the last abodes of mere wealth and
greatness. Several appendages formerly
surrounded the cathedral, and were de-
tached from the city by walls closed by
four pair of gates, which were shut
every night; of these buildings were
the Register office, or the Archbishop’s
Prerogative court, the Deanry, St.
William’s College, for the parsons and
chantry priests to reside in; the Bed-
dern, or College of the vicars choral,
and the Hall of Pleas for the liberty of
St. Peter’s; the liberty of St. Peter,
comprehends all those parts of the
city and county of York which belong
to the Cathedral; in the city it contains
Bring Houses, in the parish of St.
Mary Bishop Hill, part of the town-
ship of Clifton, in the parish of St.
Michael le Belfrey, and the Minster
Yard, extra-parochial with the Bed-
dern. In the county, the parish of
Barmby on the Moor, E. R.; the town-
ship of Helperby, in the parish of Braf-
ferton, N.R.; part of the.parish of
Brotherton, W.R.; part of the parish
of Dunnington, E. R.; the parish of
Gate Helmsley, N, R.; parish of Hax-
by, N. R.; part of the parish of Hes-
lington, E.R.; parish of Husthwaite,
N.R.; parish of Ulleskelfe, W. R.;
part of the townships of Norton and
Wombleton, parish of Kirkdale, N. R.;
parish of Newbald, E. R.; parish of
Osbaldwick, N. R.; part of the town-
ship of Skelton, parish of Overton,
N. R.; parish of Salton, N. R.; town-
ship of Faxfleet, parish of South Cave,
E. R.; parish of Stillington, N. R.;
parish of Strensall, N. R.; part of the
parish of Warthill, N. R.; township of
Langwith, parish of Wheldrake, E.R.;
the entire population of the liberty is
9204. The Archbishop of York is
styled Primate of England, in distinc-
tion to the Archbishop of Canterbury,
who is styled Primate of all England;
and to him is attached the honour of
crowning the queen: the great anti-
quity of the archiepiscopal see is un-
doubted ; its present suffragan bishops


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